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  1. Just to let you all know FSX Steam Edition is on sale. There's an 80% discount. It's now selling for 4,99 euros. DAILY DEAL! Offer ends 15 Aug 7:00pm CEST http://store.steampowered.com/app/314160/?snr=1_620_4__45 Rgds, 'nuff
  2. Hello Maple-syrup, Ah, that's very interesting. I'll see if I can find some vids on Youtube that show this. Thanks for pointing this out.
  3. Do the default FSX ground services (Jetway, pushback, baggage handeling, Fuel truck) work with the PMDG 747-400X? I.e. do they line up correctly with the main doors and cargo doors? Thanks, 'nuff
  4. WILLEMSTAD - Cameraman, photographer, editor, pilot and aviation enthusiast Alex Alberto (67) deceased in the Netherlands on the 5th of Luly, 2013. Alberto, working for some of the Amigoe on Curaçao, in the past had been seriously ill for some time. He was well liked and known in Curaçao, but also far beyond. Through his videos on Youtube and Facebook about the recent history of Curaçao, funny videos of Venezuelan TV stations and aircraft he was able to get. millions of hits Full story: http://translate.google.nl/translate?hl=nl&sl=nl&tl=en&prev=_dd&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kkcuracao.com%2F%3Fp%3D30988 Condolance register: http://www.condoleanceregister.nl/Condoleance-Alex-Alberto.html Homepage: http://www.alexalberto.nl/ One of his many great videos on Youtube. BOEING 747-200 "READY FOR PUSHBACK" AUTOLAND 2 Rest In Peace Alex Alberto
  5. Oh my! Can't wait. Something tells me it won't be an apologetic speech. :Sleepy:
  6. There's no denying... I'm very impressed. One more question, is the scenery actually modeled as our world or is it just a fantasy world? (hope you understand what I'm trying to ask) Thanks UKflyer.
  7. Marvelous shots. Almost felt like I was on that trip.
  8. Sorry Alex. But I'm glad to read you're on the right track getting this solved.
  9. Love your videos, Les. Love the aircraft, too. Don't have the time to watch the entire video now, but will certainly do so later. Thank you.
  10. Beautiful shots, John. Keep 'em coming. I love France.
  11. Hi Alex, My guess (as good as anybody else's) is the problem is in the simprop.dll. I googled simprop.dll and found some interesting results. The first one is from answers.microsoft.com. Seven people found it usefull. Perhaps it's useful to you? http://answers.micro...42-146414087ec5 http://forum.avsim.n...289-simpropdll/ http://forums.vatsim...=53260&start=30 Do you have Acceleration? If so, perhaps you could you try uninstalling that to see if it helps? I can send you a copy of my simprop.dll if you like. Mine is: Created ‎wednesday ‎26 ‎september ‎2007, ‏‎16:08:04 Size = 175 KB (179.776 bytes) Size on disk = 176 KB (180.224 bytes)
  12. Are you using Windows 7? If so, try the reliability monitor.
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