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  1. I noticed that NickN's Inspector settings include "Vertical Sync = Force On" but Ryan's setting is "Vertical Sync = Use the 3D application setting." Is there any significant difference? I am using a brand new EVGA GTX580 card....Phil
  2. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...0&topic_id=1060
  3. I downloaded FS2Crew this past weekend, installed it, and attempted to follow Tutorial #1. I had a couple of major problems:1) Whenever I would complete a "section" such as the "Config" page or "Receiving Aircraft", I would click on the ">" button in order to move onto the next screen. The next page would flash for a second and then disappear. In order to display it, I would have to press the "L" button.2) Additional screens that flash without prompting, such as the "Loadsheets", the FA screens, etc... would also flash for a second and then disappear, never to be seen again. As a result, I could never get past the "Before Start" section. The departure clock would count down to zero but I could never continue as several key screens disappeared without any action or input on my part.How can I recall these "missing" screens or at least get them to appear without immediately disappearing....Frustrated,PhilFlyBoy Phil
  4. Does anybody out there know what is going on with AircraftSimulators.com (formerly AGT) ??? All of a sudden it seems their website has disappeared and has been replaced by a notice that they are "updating" their product offerings. I was planning on buying a set of overhead panels from them...FlyBoy Phil
  5. I installed the A320 over the weekend (FS2004, WIN-XP) and had the following problem:I started a flight, A-319, DEN---> DFW. I am having problems with my Microsoft Sidewinder joystick. It is intermittently responsive. WHen I bring up the "FLT CTL" Status Screen on the lower ECAM and move the joystick around, it indicates that the elevators and ailerons are jumping all over the place. No problem with the throttle however.... BTW, using the same joystick with the A330/340, I had no problems at all.Any ideas????FlyBoy Phil
  6. Why is that?? Is there a conflict with some other key assignment?? Can the "Arm spoliers" function be mapped to another key assignment other that "Shift + /" that does not cause a conflict within the program??PhilFlyBoy Phil
  7. Maybe I missed it in the docs, but I just upgraded to the 800/900 version of the software and I am unable to arm the spoilers using the traditional "Shift+/" command. Additionally, after I armed the spoilers by clicking on the spoiler lever, they did not deploy upon landing. Any ideas guys??Thanks!!!FlyBoy Phil
  8. Dario:I read about the massive power requirements..... Doesn't really bother me though. I have a 480w power supply. Since I only have 1 additional PCI card (Soundblaster Audigy), I'm not too concerned about taking up the additional space. Your info on the new ATI series sounds interesting. I guess I'll wait until both new products hit the market and check out the various enthusiast web sites. I'm sure there will be dozens of comparison tests...Regards,PhilBTW, I live in NY.FlyBoy Phil
  9. Anybody out there know when the new Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra cards are going to hit the street?? I got some mad money saved up for one of those bad boys. I read some reviews on the web and the new cards supposedly offer huge Flight Sim improvements....FlyBoy Phil
  10. Does FS2004 include the Instructor Station add-on that came with FS2002?? It was a great feature that allowed you to set up a networked PC to act as an Instructor Console and change various FS parameters. If not, will the FS2002 Instructor Console work with FS2004??THANKS!!!FlyBoy Phil
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