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  1. Well, after the latest update the missing material issue still persists....
  2. Has anyone else (who runs FSX) experienced the transparent main landing gear bay issue on the B model? It only occurs on the B model (all liveries). The A model looks fine. I know that this have been passed on to the team. Are there any news about a fix?
  3. Check the file fuselage.... and remove the "B" from the filename
  4. It is Braathens SAFE. I can remember this aircraft from the late sixties when I grew up living near to the airport. From 1962 to 1973 Braathens operated 7 DC-6B.
  5. First of all thanks for a great model. During testing of a new livery that I am working on, I discovered that I can look through the gear bays of the B model. I checked other liveries (including the house livery), and all appears to have the same issue. I also checked the A model, and all are looking fine. Sim: FSX/acc/Win 7
  6. I did a new test flight this evening. Date set to March 8 (daytime-same area). Now I got a lot of cloud shadows over the snow. More ambient light and more distinct shadows. :smile:
  7. Thanks for answer Steve, and for great addons made for us stuck with FSX. I changded season to summer and afterwards to fall, and shadows appear clearly, both on ground and water. Changed back to winter and I can see shadows (a weak tint of) on snowy ground. Shadows appear clearly on water at all seasons. I was flying in the south-western parts of Norway (Stavanger ENZV - Bergen ENBR), time was about 1 to 2 pm (daytime when the sun is at its highest) and date was January 17. During tests I used several cloud densities all from 2/8 and up to 6/8 (cumulus). And yes, you may be right about FSX logic to determine shadow intensity based on sun heigh...
  8. Are there any reports of issues with snow covered ground? Cloud shadows appears on open water/sea, but little or no shadows are visible on the snow covered ground (lower cloud layer at 3000 ft - flying at 3500 ft) FSX/Acc/DX10 Scenery Fixer 3.28/DX Cloud Shadows V1.5/REX 4 TD/ORBX EU Norway/daytime flying-winter All settings as required in manuals for Fixer and Shadows
  9. Although the paint kit is simplified from the original, it is still a complex paint kit. The kit is most suitable for experienced painters. I have been thinking of further layer simplifications, but I can't do anything to the huge amount of templates that needs to be painted. So, even if I flatten some layers, the kit will still be complex I can definitely recommend Jeansy's repaints, and I hope that more painters will grab the kit and do some nice art work. :Nerd:
  10. Thanks to all who remembered my birthday, and sent me greetings

  11. Hjertelig tusen takk til alle som har husket på bursdagen min, og sendt meg gratulasjoner!

  12. Gratulerer med dagen Ørjan!

  13. Takk til alle som husket på bursdagen min. Takker hjerteligst for alle gratulasjoner!Herzlichen Dank für all die Glückwünsche!

  14. Er endelig i ferd med å våkne fra seiersrusen (bare for å snart sovne igjen...)

  15. Excellent tutorial Bill! :( I guess these basic methodes may be of very good help for both beginners and advanced painters :( You are showing the different steps in a very clear and understandable way.....
  16. Thanks a lot Tom! :-) The problem is solved, and there is no need for reinstall (puuuuh)It was none of the sceneries. The ocean bump file had (by accident) been altered. Replacing it with a backup file made FS run again. And I am happy as it was very close to a reinstall:-erks
  17. The flight loading stops at 68% (adjusting scenery objects) leaving an error message with error signature terrain.dll.The current module has been replaced. FS9.cfg and Scenery.cfg has been rebuilt.Recent installations has been removed in a proper way (Ultimate Terrain Canda/Alaska and My Traffic 2006).But still FS quits while attempting to load a default flight (Cessna 172 at Seattle).Any idea where to start looking for the reason?......:-zhelp (I have FS 9.1 installed)
  18. Thanks for good suggestions George! :D Unfortunately the problem still remain.Looks like I will have to re-install....Gunnar
  19. A sim-friend told me that Microsoft changed the way sound was processed in FSX. This was probably done in SP2. I don't know if this is correct, but the sound issue occured after installing Acc. I have tried to set up my sound output as stereo 2-speaker, but with no luck.The surround sound is definately spoiled - spotview sounds like an old mono radio ;(Seems like re-install will be the only solution - but I am not very keen on that either :-bla
  20. FS9 works great, but after quitting FS I get an annoying error message pointing to the Weather module. I have replaced this module, but with no luck. FS2004 is patched to 9.1. The following two sceenshots shows part of the report (for the weather module).
  21. Barry - do you (like me) run FSX with surround sound equipment?
  22. Thanks Bill!:) I may consider re-install.I removed the FSX.cfg file, and FSX built a new one.This gave some sound improvements - less muted sound, but still only from center and sub :-hmmm
  23. The problems may have occured after installing Acceleration.Moving around the aircraft in spotview (only), the sound is heavily muted. In fact, only the center speaker and sub are active.The sound card is a Realtek ALC888 7.1 HD Audio, with a 5.1 surround config. Drivers updated two days ago.FSX is running under Windows XP - SP1 and Acceleration installed.The sound problems only occurs in spotview - all other views have perfect soundIs this a known issue?..... Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600/2.4 GHz/2048 MB8800GTX EXO 768 MBWindows XPFSX/SP1/Acceleration
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