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  1. >If only some of those who send us strings of obscenities and>death threats could take home a lesson from reading your>message!>That the mother in law hassling you again?Must admit having done software support how nice it is to see praise and apologies, given that what you normally see are the problems and complaints.So, keep up the excellent work, and I look forwards to the MD-11 and future products.
  2. How do you get this to work?I made the cfg files and edited them, but when I try it as soon as I modify any controls it changes it back to 'Standard'[CONTROLS]Controls_Default=StandardControls_Current=Heloturns back to[CONTROLS]Controls_Default=StandardControls_Current=StandardDo you have to make all the config settings and never ever alter any of them after making the cfg file?Are there specific locations where each file should be?I have the Helo.cfg in the FSX folder, and helo.xml in the doc and settings/fsx/controls folder.Any suggestions?
  3. Don't touch the buttons, but scan the checklists from Cold to startup to see if anything got missed out.Helps spot the bits you missed, so you can learn to check for then in the future.
  4. >>>There will most likely be a cutoff date for previous>download>>version 747-400 owners, which will be applied towards the>>discount.>>>>Well, now I can forget about a discount myself, since I bought>both products as soon as they where out...>>Oh well>>Cheers,>>JorgeI think he means that there will be a cutoff date after the release of the FSX version, not when you bought the FS2004 versions.I.e. Buy within XXX months of the release of the FSX version and get the discount.After that you will need to pay full price.I hope so anyway, as I too got them upon release.
  5. Ooo the Finnair Mumintrolls.Nice.
  6. Hiya,Saw this problem in the Just Flight forum, and was so amused I thought I'd share it.Ever tried using FSX to plot a high alt route to Iceland? "Finding Route from Boston (KBOS) to Kelfavik (BIKF). This could take some time..."It sure could. via Alaska, over Greenland to the Orkney's (flying all the way past Iceland in the process), and then on to Iceland.Bravo!Wonder if it is unsure about NAT's and ETOPS?But even then, why fly from Greenland to Scotland right past Iceland.
  7. Hi.Thanks for the information (hope the VA isn't upset).Didn't know BA had sold it's 400F.
  8. Hi,Anybody know what Cargo routes BA uses it's 400F's on?Particularly any European routes.Thanks.
  9. >Here's my first 747-400X livery and of course favorite>airline - LH....>Showing the new FSX features such as bump maps and specular>highlights (btw - the darker area on the fuselage behind door>L3 is the wing casting a shadow, not dirt effect gone wrong>;)) - >>Thats not shadow, thats just lazy cleaning staff trying to pull a fast one on you.Looks nice though.Great work.
  10. >Hey, Gang....>> I've just uploaded my second attempt at a repaint, the>MAAM-SIM DC-3 Passenger in fantasy Texas Department Of>Corrections livery. I think this one turned out rather well,>and I'm learning fast. Hope to be up there with the master>repainters eventually!>> I hope you all enjoy this new skin!>> Larry Grizey>> Here's a screenshot:>> >Looks nice.Just don't let Nicholas Cage onboard...
  11. Thanks for the info chaps.Yep not as simple as FS9, but workable.I'll set them up tonight.
  12. In FS2004 I used the /cfg switch to enable different setups on my controllers (yoke, quadand joystick so plenty of options for setup), e.g. a four engine heavy set up and a single engine setup.I tried this with FSX and it didnt seem to work.Neither does saving and loading settings.I don't knowwhat it saves, but not the controller setup when I tried it.Is there any way of having multiple configs in FSX?
  13. Yep, take it easy and have a rest. Releases are a stressful time at best. So relax for a few days.
  14. >Great picture!:-)>>The graphics quality is superb. I think this should please the>majority of users.>Unfortunately for the "systems purists", RR engine data shown>in the picture is very inaccurate for that flight>condition.:-(..anyway I guess this won't be a concern for most>users as well.>>Tom>I'm curious to know how the data is inaccurate for that flight condition. Not being a trained engineer or trained pilot I can't tell from a glance whether engine parameters are correct or not, but if they aren't that could well be a bug that needs reporting.
  15. Stuntie

    VC Question

    >If there is a quick way to get rid of the VC please let me>know. As soon as you press "S" when switching views and it>passes the VC view, man does it pause and drag down the>system. Thanks!>JackYou can cycle backwards - check the settings in MSFS but hink it's shift-S or Ctrl-S.I have them mapped to my yoke so can go from External to cabin and back.Must say though that Track IR with 6DOF makes fully featured VC's such as the PSS and PMDG ones a pleasure to fly.I find myself spending more and more time in the VC and often just use 2D for FMC work
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