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  1. Hi what helps a bit for me is disabeling lots of scenery in parts of the world I'm actually not flying. Using the program 'filemon' I learned that FS is loading most of all scenery over and over again, while running FS. So disabeling unused scenery gives a bit more cpu cylcles for my actual flying. As a sideeffect it seems that loadingtimes are a bit shorter to. You might try the small utility 'scenery manager 1.4'HermanPS: although I've a pretty good computer my loadingtimes are still about 1-1,5 minute...
  2. Hi,Does anybody has information about projectai.com? Since several days I cannot reach there website anymore.thanksHerman Leusman
  3. no ideas, but in a similar case I had succes by resetting the system (XP) to a former restore point. Perhaps this might cure your problem also?Herman (EHGG)
  4. Hi Edin,when you think there might be a problem with your AI traffic, try the program AITA2005, written by P van der Veen and available at http://aifs.pvdveen.net/. I thought my AI traffic was fine,untill I used this program. Hundreds of fault were found. I corrected them all, mostly by hand, and ctd's are very rare now.Succes, Herman (EHGG)
  5. simply the best you could do! But for IFR flights only. For VFR flights I'm still using the MS ATC. Herman
  6. Hi,I've the same problems. But I'm not familiar with regedit. Anyone who can clear me up here? How can I set the path? I'm getting all the prompts, trying to rebuild the scenery, but no rebuilding takes place..Thanks,Herman leusmanMy logfile says:debug onRC Version 4.0.3737 January11, 2006D:BaseFolderrcv4rcv4.exe fs9path = fs8path = fs7path = fs6path = xpath = del .dataa4.csv cd "
  7. Hey John,just what I needed!! Thanks,Herman
  8. Try Radar Contact. Just like in real life the pilot can ask for another runway (and there or more and more realistic features).Herman
  9. I still don't know how to solve this. Tried other network connections, disabling antivirus, but still 1 out of 10 there's a silent controller (on approach mostly). It might be my computer(s) and not RC. STill it's a pity.Herman
  10. Hi,are there real world pilots out there to answer this question? FLying a Cessna 172 there are several performance schemes in the Aircraftmanual which allow you to calculate your takeoff distance (which take consideration to weight, runway conditions, density altitude etc). I can't imagine these schemes are not available to 747 pilots. And I have to fly to some smaller airports from my Cargoboss...I must be safe!Herman
  11. Hello,I've similar problems MSFS running on the desktop 'main' computer: Laptop (powersave settings disabled) with RC 4.1 and ASV connected with wideFS. Mostly it works fine. But until now I found 'at random' missing instructions (in the flight critique the controller told me to listen better... PFF). I'll try to use only RC 4.1 on the laptop (without ASV).Herman
  12. Hi,same problem here. Departure airport sid is fine. Arrival airports (all of them) don't show up. Never seen this before (until last navdata release)Herman
  13. Hi,OS: windows XP home/ FS installed on a seperate fysical harddrive then RCV4 is but in the same computer. Newest FSUIPC version but the older ones give the same results. Just after a stutter ATC starts talking (I've never ask for a 'say-again' because I can see what's coming :))Herman
  14. Hi,same problems going on here (with this excellent product). But with stutters it's not a fun to use it!HermanIntel 3.2 gHz; ATI800x 256mb; 2 gig RAM
  15. Hi,Thanks for your suggestion. All defaults reset, but still no changes. Can you explain what's FTP?thanksHerman
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