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  1. Im sorry but there is nothing to discuss.

    The board have made their decision, I simply cannot reverse it.

    I am very sorry

  2. Hello,

    We have discussed this at board level yesterday and unfortunately the answer is no. I am sorry


  3. I think I got it sorted Ok, I must of painted slightly over the edge of a bitmap or something.
  4. Hi,My first time at repainting the LDS this afternoon, was going OK until I hit a small problem.I have now got patches on all the landing gear and a little of the windshield is a little light purpleDoes anyone know which texture I may have messed this up on. ?Thanks in advance.
  5. The price is a little steep, actually a lot steep..It would be interesting to see who may purchase this addon and provide a review on this.For a really advanced freeware helo, try the Bell 412 at hovercontrol.comSteve Ellis
  6. I have owned the "Queen" since it was released but had not taken it up into the air until today.I was one of the people who experienced the CTD when the battery switch was pressed, and I am happy to say that the deletion of the engine state seemed to cure the problem..Well, I today embarked on the 1st leg of the IVAO Tour for 2006, so I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to finally test it out after wading through the manuals last night I was pretty set up for this morning. It was quite hillarious actually, I have flown FS since FS98 and this was the first time I actually felt nervous about taking something up..How SAD... I have flown the POSKY 747 many times but there was something different about this flight. I think the major worry was that I had everything set up correctly.Well to cut a really long story short, I found engaging LNAV a little tricky after take-off but finally got there in the end, and the autoland execution at Charlotte-Douglas was spot on in about 300m vis.The cruise was smooth and it gave me plenty of time to see the systems fully operational and to also read the manual a little more.I know it has been said before but :Thank you PMDG for this wonderful creation, however not that I expected anything different from you guys. I own the 600,700,800 andd 900 and also the B1900 and I am really looking forward to the 747-F now..!!As far as payware is concerned, and to my detriment of my bank balance :-eek I do own quite a few payware products, as far as the aircraft scene is concerned, yourselves and LDS, ( heavy fanatic ) provide the complete package with excellent support to go with it.Keep up the excellent work and release that F and MD11 soon eh..;-)Steve Ellis
  7. Message for John Burgess,Its fixed now but it needed a complete re-install of windows, no worries though as RC4 and a few IVAO tools is all I run on this CPU anyway.I know his does not pinpoint the previous problem as the fix was the most drastic thing you can do.., just to let you know.
  8. Hi Timothy,Many thanks for the quick reply, I have had a look at Reality XP - may take a closer look now.Best RegardsSteve
  9. Hi, PMDGI am thinking of purchasing the B1900.If I do go ahead, do you have to install this before the B737 and B747 as you do have to install the B737 before the Queen or is this a completely separate install. ( if you get what i mean ) :-hmmmCheersStephen Ellis
  10. Is this on the FS computer or the one that RC is running ?
  11. Hi JD,Many thanks for the solution, i'm fine using Regedit, will make the necessary changes..;)
  12. Hello John,Here is my debug log, I can see from it there are no paths selected to my FS9 folderdebug onRC Version 4.0.3675 November 11, 2005C:Program Filesrcv4rcv4.exe fs9path = fs8path = fs7path = fs6path = xpath = del .dataa4.csv cd " "makerwys.execopy r4.csv "C:Program Filesrcv4datar4.csv"
  13. If you need any logs, let me know.Steve Ellis
  14. Hi Michael,Yes, sorry for the garbled message before, we are on the same page..LOL.. No prompt at all.
  15. I have been running RC4 for a while now...great program.I looked at the manual stating about the makerwys file has to be on the fS9 PC, now in the manual it says that it will ask you if this is a wide fs instalation when rebuilding the runways, the problem is that I have had no prompts to this effect. Have I installed this incorrectly ?Thanks.Stephen Ellis
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