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    I'm a flight instructor with Performance Flight NY (Cirrus-certified) located at Westchester County Airport.<br /><br /><br />I also serve as faculty with Department of Environmental Medicine, New York University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. I teach a graduate level course in clinical research methodology (statistics and study design) in a MS and PhD program.
  1. I think this add-on is absolutely one of the best I've ever seen and for me well worth the very reasonable price. The interior is spectacular, the gauge quality is excellent and very clear, the sounds are immersive, and the flight dynamics are completely convincing. Well done, Carenado.
  2. who is the chief? I can't remember!
  3. I thought Coffs Harbor was quite nice. The documentation lists the custom airports included in the package. Try one of those.
  4. VOZ scenery X 1.0 + FSX = absolutely unbelievable. It's that good. Really. FSX is the best simulator, in my opinion, period. And it just keeps getting better and better.
  5. Rudi

    Captain Sim 757 Users

    Well someone needs to say thank you to Scott for your helpful post and generous offer of time and expertise. It's really special when someone goes out of their way to be helpful to others - thank you Scott!
  6. Rudi

    Never Hat It So Good, so far.

    Me too. Once I unchecked FSX antialiasing and just relied on the NVIDIA card alone man the sucka burns under XP and looks awesome. Count me a FSX Fan-Boy.
  7. Rudi

    FSX SP1 framerate anomoly

    Thanks everyone for your input. It turns out that when I disable anti-aliasing in the FSX settings menu the program begins to react in ways that make sense. That is to say, when I turn down the sliders the program runs faster and when I turn up the settings fps goes down. I don't even need FSX antialiasing since the GeForce Go 7900 driver does a very nice job on its own. It could be that there are special airport-related textures that the GeForce driver chokes on. But now I can successfully make a balance between eye candy and performance. Thanks again everyone for your helpful input and ideas, I appreciate it!Good flying everyone!
  8. Rudi

    FSX SP1 framerate anomoly

    This is useful and helpful, thanks.Did you try taxiing or flying the aircraft in the pattern?Thanks so much.
  9. Rudi

    FSX SP1 framerate anomoly

    I appreciate and understand what you are saying. However, if the sliders for ai traffic, scenery complexity, mesh points, autogen density, etc. are turned down to zero, there should be a corresponding increase in framerates in the presence of multiple airports. That doesn't happen.Even when all of the complexity of scenery is turned down to zero, the presence of more than one airport in the proximity of the airplane causes the framerates to slow down considerably. In other words, merely the presence of more than one (could be two, three etc. it doesn't matter) accounts for the largest proportion of framerate decrease, independent of slider settings. This is an anomoly.Have I expressed myself clearly? Thanks!
  10. Rudi

    FSX SP1 framerate anomoly

    This effect appears to be independent of other factors that affect framerates. When all of the sliders are set to full right (max autogen, etc.) the framerates for the Talkeetna mission stay about 30 fps. At points where more than one airport is in the vincinity of the airplane (~20 miles) then framerates drop to about 6 fps.When all of the sliders are to to full left (no autogen, no traffic, etc.) then framerates for the Talkeetna mission stay about 40 fps. At points where more than one airport is in the vincinity of the airplane (~20 miles) then framerates drop to about 8 - 11 fps.The presence of more than one airport in the vincinity of the airplane has a larger effect on framerates than do terrain, autogen, resolution, traffic, etc. slider settings.That's the anomoly. It's not because of traffic, mesh settings, highways, autogen, complex buildings. It has to do with something with the airport itself, perhaps a bitmap or bgl that is clogging things up. Again, any ideas are welcomed. Thanks.
  11. Here is an interesting observation:1) The framerates are above 30 fps when flying the FSX Talkeetna mission2) In free flight, the framerates drop to below 20. a) in isolated areas where there are very few, and widely spaced airports, the framerate hovers around 20 :( in more congested areas where there are multiple airports clustered together, the framerates drop to about 6 - 10.Could there be some association between the number and type of airports in the proximity of the aircraft and framerate performance?I invite your ideas. Thanks!system: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 256 RAM / Dell 9400 2GB RAM 2 GhZ Core Duoresolution: 1440x900x32 windowed mode: bilinear, antialiasing, lens flare, advanced animationsscenery: medium detail radius; mesh 100%; mesh resolution 38 m; texture resolution 1m; water effects low 2.x; scenery complexity very dense; autogen density dense; ground scenery shadows;
  12. Thank you so much for your helpful information!
  13. Thanks. When I trim for a nose down attitude the plane lurches down and then zooms up. When I trim for nose up attitude the plane climbs, then stalls and falls down.Is that what is supposed to happen?