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    A2A Cessna 182 ground handling

    No, never did use EZDOC but thanks for the suggestion. Eric

    A2A Cessna 182 ground handling

    Hi Nick, Actually I did reply. That was 10 minutes ago and included the information that you requested. Eric

    A2A Cessna 182 ground handling

    Hi Ritchie, Thanks for your thoughts. I understand the steering mechanics of a real world 182. My situation precludes that arrangement in the sim but I know that at some point in the past I was able to achieve ground steering through the yoke and using autorudder. Totally unrealistic but it kept me out of the grass. Best, Eric
  4. Hey guys, I am onto this issue again! A couple years ago I had this plane and this issue. I have been away from things for awhile but I just ordered their newest version of the 182 for P3D v.4 and I have the same frigging problem. I think I solved it way back when but of course I cant remember how One complication was/is that I cant use my legs so use auto rudder. Nevertheless I did get ground steering through the yoke but like I said, I do not recall the solution. I vaguely recall someone suggesting an update to 4.2 might do the trick but I have not gone down that again, yet.. If you have any suggestions please pass them along. A2A has been of no help! Thanks, Eric
  5. 2 Saitek quadrants. 1 plugs into yoke with a USB and operates properly. The second plugs into the yoke with a round pin plug (ps2 type connector?) Windows 10 can see it but P3D cannot. I see numerous complaints on this issue but no solutions. I use P3D v.4. Any chance an update might solve it? Regardless do you think that I should update from v.4? Which version is most stable in your opinion. Thanks for your thoughts, Eric
  6. Thanks gents. A wordy question but I’m grateful for your suggestions. Gives me a good start.
  7. Hi everyone. By backwards I mean I am beginning with a curved ultra widescreen monitor and P3d and wanting a system built to support them. I have stopped flying because of vision issues which is the same reason for choice of monitor. Expensive but will work best for me. No longer flying makes the Sim particularly important to me.i I am not a gamer and I don't need a blistering hot system able to push every slider to the peg, run numerous addons and expect 60 fps. It is the realism of the flight model, virtual cockpit rendition, avionics and systems replication that most interest me. A smooth running PMDG 737ngx is a good example of what I am looking for. With all of that in mind, if anyone can suggest a full listing of the components they feel necessary to give to the builder it would ibe a huge help in getting things right the first time! Expense is not the biggest consideration but I also don't need an overbuild that would satisfy a competitive gamer. Thanks for reading this and for any suggestions you might make. Eric

    Piston twins

    Once again many thanks for the outstanding response to my question regarding piston twins. Seems that I am the only person to successfully screw up something that is interfering with the panel and instrument lighting issues. I will uninstall and reinstall using all of your suggestions. Alternative piston suggestions give me lots to check out. Cheers, Eric

    Piston twins

    Thanks for advice and suggestions. Back to the lights issue I am happy for those of you who have lights working. I did read they seemed to be fine in earlier P3D versions but not 4.2. Anyway back to Milviz to see if they can help. If anyone discovers something more on my problem please chime in. Eric

    Piston twins

    Hey guys, Still on the hunt for a decent P3D v.4.2 piston twin. Had high hopes fo new Milviz Cessna 310 r but once again they make a plane where instrument, panel and cockpitlights are not operable so night or marginal light flying is out. This problem goes way back and across many models. I have yet to see a fix. If I have to look to Carenado can anybody recommend a decent piston twin? Not looking for A2Aquality but it would be nice if major systems worked reliably. Thanks, Eric
  11. Hi gents, I am 70 years old so consider accordingly please. To begin this thread a lad wrote, "Last time I looked into this it required buying a TripleHead2Go. Is this still the case, or does this Nvidia Surround thing I've read some stuff about sort of do that for us? If not, what do I plug my three monitors into on the rear of the card? My 580GTX has 2xDVIs that I current use (although not to stretch the FSX view). Am I able to use the HDMI port at the same time as the two DVIs or does that cause problems? The final bit about running 3 monitors from a an Nvidea GTX 580 gets results from "Yes you can" to "No you certainly cannot" My purpose being to stretch the FSX view. If anyone is actually running the GTX 580 with a converter for the HDMI port, to get the 3 monitor setup operating please let me know and for all if the results are satisfactory. If not tell me how high I have to reach to get this setup to play nice. Thanks, Grandpa
  12. Re-flew KBUR.KLAS with full Instument departure and approach with no difficulties. Raised card temp about 6 degrees Cel. when aircraft systems pushed hard but no issues otherwise. I don't know about you but I'm at a loss. If anything else develops I will be back in touch. Eric
  13. Multi Crew/MCE conflict Most current version All enabled Insiderdll OK Windows 7 64 bit English Vistalizator? Never heard of it. USB Sound Drivers up to date-no recent changes No custom checklist Networked - No Ready to go before MCE Just flew VNY 9 departure from KBUR, everything fine until 12 min. into flight when computer froze. Same flight with Citation-no problem...Same flight with just problem. Common variable MCE. Eric
  14. Standby, will sort out the responses then post. Thanks to all for replying. Best, Eric
  15. Loaded PMDG NGX then RC, then MCE. Everything working fine for 5 or 6 minutes then I get a message that "MCE has encountered a problem and is shutting down". No further explanation. Happens repeatedly but so far only with NGX. Any similar difficulties? Thanks, Eric