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  1. A sad situation for Graham - however, thanks to Antony for stepping in and he will have the full support of the registered PSS users! We all look forward to the future developments!
  2. I have to ask - has anone tried uninstalling their PSS products and copying the installation folders over? Does it all work correctly? Are there not XP/Vista registry entries that need to be created for this?
  3. As far as I remember, the Captain Sim B757 is FSX compatible.
  4. HUGE OUCH!!!!! PSS - care to comment on this??? If PSS still exists that is......
  5. I join the rest of the people in wishing Steven well.Now this does raise a big issue as no one from PSS has come forward to comment on anything since Steven's departure. This is a good time I think for Graham or someone from PSS to put to rest the fears of all in that PSS will still be around. There is a lot still to be answered - where is the FSX version of the 757 being one of the main ones.Step up PSS - it's what your customers need!
  6. Interesting Bryan - I had family from from LHR to JNB on Tuesday night/Wednesday on SBK...and..their return flight to LHR on November 5 is listed as equipment 744.....I'm trying to find some more info out from a pilot source in SAA...
  7. If I remember correctly, Airbus gave a lot more concessions to the SA government and donated more money to projects in SA than Boeing was prepared to give - that's why the ended up with the order. Realistically, the 777 route would have been far better for SAA, particularly with the 200LR and 300ER now, and it could have worked them into the B748 program as well.In talking to some of the pilots, they much preferred the 744's over the Airbus fleet..a couple said the 744 was a dream to fly..
  8. >you reckon they've gone??>>i could get the site to open yesterday (when i first read this>post) and right now.>>the front page said the following yesterday and does so again>today (as i post at 00:54z friday)>>"Site Maintainance >Due to essential maintainance being carried out on our>database system and in preparation for our latest additions,>the pss checkout will be temporarily closed over the next few>days. >>Phoenix Simulation Software would like to apologise for any>inconvenience this may cause and are working hard to restore>normal service as soon as possible. >>Please check back regularly for further updates and>announcements.">>you lads love a good beat-up!That is dated 26 July 2007 - as per the top of the page - more than a few days I think personally.
  9. These are great liveries Pete - a question though - will SAA still feature in the stable??
  10. Are user edits being updated? I've been checking this one every day - but nothing as yet - PSS??
  11. If you didn't receive an automated response from Support, then it's a good bet your email didn't get there. Try sending an email from a free email account like Yahoo or Gmail - if you get an automated response, then you'll get a reply from support as well.
  12. As far as the 737NG is concerned, it will not be updated for FSX - it is going to be a whole brand new aircraft. AS for the 747 - not sure on that - you will probably have to wait for the patch from Aerosoft for that.
  13. CraigIt's taken me quite a while to read through this - I always read before I try - and I have to say a HUGE thank you - that is one of the most comprehensive and in depth laymans tutorials that I have ever come across. A suggestion to the PMDG crew - you might want to put this on the download page or on the Ops pages.Mark
  14. Thanks very much for the update Norman and glad you are on the road to full recovery.
  15. Extremely well put Nick - I'll second you comments!
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