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  1. There is only one way my FSNav fails, and that is if I haven't started and ended the plan on a runway. Sometimes, one can miss the tip (end) of the runway before dragging the first and last point to the plan list. The best is to look in the list of points and see if the top listed and bottom listed entries indicate runway numbers.The dll file has to be download separately, and then placed into the Modules folder of FSNav. Otherwise it won't work.What a pitty the FSNav software has come to an end. I wish someone would buy the project over and make it FSX compliant and add things like TCAS / Radar in it, so we can see all the other flights out there.AnthonyCape TownSouth Africa
  2. My question is not answered sufficently, so perhaps the PMDG team can assist.In the real world the autobrake switches automatically click back to the 'off' position after reducing speed to under say 60 knots and applying foot brakes.In the sim, this does not occur, as one has to manually click the autobrakes back to the 'off' position. This is perhaps a modeling / logic oversight by PMDG. I say this because even when one has reveresd power to idle on landing and applied reverse thrust, then slowed down to below 60 knots, the autobrake does not disengage automatically. On my sim the aircraft is still under autobrake control right until dead stop, even after applying joystick braking.
  3. Prior to landing I sometimes deploy the autobrakes to the 2 or 3 settings, depending on the runway length ahead. However, after applying manual braking and slowing down to a stop, these do not disengage and the switch does not flip back to the off position, as it is supposed to.I had a brief discussion with a 737-800 NG and 747-400 rated captain from SAA yesterday, and he told me that if one applies pressure to the brakes manually when the aircraft has slowed down to a safe +/- 60 or 70 knots, the auto brake automatically disengages.This does not occur in the sim on both models, as I always have to do it manually before the airraft slows down to a complete stop half way down the field. Am I doing something wrong, or it this a limitation of the simulated model?A reply would be greatly appreciated.RegardsAnthony ReesCape Town (FACT)South Africa
  4. Slow down!For the die-hard FS Navigator users, there is good news. Some time later this year, a new version will be released for FSX & Vista. Rumour has it that the moving map will also act as a radar and show other traffic.F L I G H T S I M U L A T O R X-----------------------------------FS NAVIGATOR X--------------The present version 4.7 of FSNavigator is for now the endpoint of a development that started with Flight Simulator 98. The same concept was kept through all versions, with continuous adaptations as necessary. Since Flight Simulator kept developing further, FSNavigator and Flight Simulator have not, for some time, worked together harmoniously any more. It has therefore become necessary to rebuild FSNavigator completely. This means not only adding new functions, but also removing functions that have become obsolete. What will remain?FSNavigator will remain an integrated DLL program with docked and undocked window. It will be able to be called up from the Flight Simulator Startup dialog box. The F9 key will be replaced by the 0 key. Map and Flight Planner will remain in improved form.Copied as 'fair use' from. www.fsnavigator.comRegardsAnthony ReesCape TownSouth Africa
  5. Dear Pete,Will you be kind enough to consider painting an SAA (South African Airways) 747-400?This month all SAA 747's will be lost to our skies for ever, as SAA is dropping the entire 747 fleet.I would love to fly a PMDG SAA aircraft into eternity as a fitting tribute to many happy memories onboard.It's quite and easy design.ZS SBK is the last plane still flying. Her name is 'The Great North'. Let PMDG preserve her legacy fo all.See:http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=1260...next_id=1251773http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=1251...ext_id=1251626#RegardsAnthony ReesCape TownSouth Africa
  6. It just goes to prove a point. Never trust a thing politicians say in press statements. Usualkly when politicians have to put out statements, hey are backed into a corner and looking for an easy way out. I personally think the entire SAA 747 grounding issue was a red herring to distract the public from the real issues SAA has with grossly incompetent, over-paid management, driving the gravy train. Or should I say the 'gravy plane'.I have received word that SAA's full motion 747-400 simulator in Johannesburg is hardly utilized anymore, due to the 474 fleet becomming redundant. I have heard via the grape vine that they may open up to accept some enthusiast in-sim flight bookings. I will get to the bottom of it and report back.Anthony ReesCape TownSouth Africa
  7. SA Airways grounds costly Boeing 747 jets------------------------------------------September 19, 2007, 09:00South African Public enterprises minister Alec Erwin says South African Airways (SAA) has grounded its entire fleet of Boeing 747 jets because the cost of running them far outweighs the economic benefits. He was responding to a question in Parliament. Erwin says the decision to ground the jumbo-jets is in line with SAA's restructuring and cost reduction strategy.SAA thinks of retrenching workers---------------------------------October 17, 2007, 14:30South African Airways CEO, Khaya Ngqula, has told Parliament that the company may have to retrench more than 2 000 employees within the next three weeks. Ngqula told Parliament's public enterprises committee that the airline is working out a range of ways to cut costs, including cutting the subsistence and travel allowances of cabin staff and other employees.So far 711 employees have been offered voluntary severance packages.Last year the treasury injected 1.3 billion rand into SAA. Ngqula says the company broke even this year and it is hoping to make a 7.5% profit in the next financial year. But costs remain a challenge. "The restructuring plan is driven by the need to reduce costs, improve revenue and transform SAA into a profitable world-class organisation."The airline has grounded five 747 Boeing aircraft in a bit to cut costs.Ngqula says the negotiators have 20 days to make concessions, including renegotiating conditions of employment. "We are talking to labour ... to give SAA a chance. If we can get rid of the things we can do without, like taking salary cuts ..."However the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union says conditions of employment are not the only consideration. The union's national aviation coordinator, Kenneth Monnana, says the airline has been losing money due to inefficient management.The unions and SAA are meeting tomorrow.copied as fair use from SABC News: http://www.sabcnews.co.za/economy/business...,157646,00.htmlRegardsAnthony ReesCape TownSouth Africa
  8. Thanks Robert and others. SAA is spewing out so many conflicting reports in the media. One never knows what is truly the issue there, except that it seems some idiots have hijacked the airlines operations.RegardsAnthony ReesCape TownSouth Africa
  9. Hi SamI'm not sure I want to even try this. Looks daunting. Will give it a go later and let you know.By the way, please sign your posts in the future.AnthonyCape TownSouth Africa
  10. oops.That file disappeared off the metacafe sever before I could finish posting the above message.Here is a new link: AnthonyCape TownSouth Africa
  11. Try this one in your 737NG for a grueling effort. Definitely NOT suitable for 747's. This airport has received much criticism for being one of the most dangerous in the world due to its proximity to the mountains.See Video: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/746851/what_a_pilot/Airport: Tegucigalpa, Honduras (MHTG)Runway Length: 6132 ftAltitude: 3,297 ftAnthonyCape TownSouth Africa
  12. It's a sad month for South African Airlines, who have now officially grounded all their Boeing 747 type aircraft, and retrenching 80% of it's flight engineering staff.This means SAA will no longer be flying 747's anymore, in terms of their modernization program. Over the last 5 years, SAA has been gradually replacing it's older Boeing fleet with a brand-new Airbus fleet. The 747 has been replaced with A340-600 models. Many older 737's (200/300/400 and 500 series) were gradually replaced a few years back with new 737-800NG models serving the mid-range/regional routes. However, as new aircraft are ordered, smaller Airbus models such as the A319 and A320 are being ordered. It is expected over the next five years to convert the entire fleet to Airbus aircraft.It is reported that SAA's long-haul routes such at Cape Town to London lost about R500 000 000 (five hundred million SA Rand) ($72 000 000 US) a year because of the high operational costs / fuel consumption of the aging 747-200 and 747-400 fleet.Therefore PMDG, I wish you sooth flying with your upcoming projects. I sincerely look forward to your Airbus A320 model on my South African airport ramps in FSX sooner than later. I would also like to modernize my fleet and catch up with global trends.AnthonyCape TownSouth Africa
  13. These sounds rock.Positioned aircraft close up in external view facing me nose to nose and let the engines go from idle to the loudest grrrrrr scream in apartment block at full blast today, and all the neighbours thought there was a real boieng in the block. heheheFlying the 737 is fun again. I think the queen will have to stick to the hanger for a bit, while I fly the renewed 737.AntCape TownSouth Africa
  14. Does anyone know what model 747 this is?Two engines on each wing right next to each other. Never seen this.Great video / Great Car.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTe8VDB40WAAnthonyCape TownSouth Africa
  15. It's a hybrid I am working on.Still working out bug fixes.
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