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  1. Looks very nice Guenseli. I will try that asap.
  2. Sorry, no other C-130 comes even close to the CS 130. Has been one of my favorite aircraft in FSX. Have you tried installing a separate FS9 and then install the CS 130 ?
  3. Intrance, Any progress on this awesome livery?
  4. Intrance, No rush. I am going on summer holiday today and will be back in two weeks B) Found another picture:
  5. Intrance, Did you notice the 'link' text at the front door on the above picture?
  6. Intrance, Looking forward to this. Best looking livery I have ever had. You are probably right that white nacelles seems to be the right colour, but the black alternative would surely be luxury:
  7. Intrance, Wow awesome repaint :Applause: Exactly what I was hoping for. Should the engine nacelles be black as in this picture of an A320?:
  8. Just wanted to ask if any repainter would take a request for the new Air New Zealand livery in black? Not just the black tail color, but the all-black livery, which I think would look awesome on the J41.
  9. Dario, This is a great idea Does anyone know if My Traffix X can be enabled with a shortcut key? This is actually a fix that could be worked into VoxATC standard.
  10. Sean, I take it this a standard FSX texture? If so, could you post the dds file for us?
  11. Excellent job Bryan. I love the transition from button-controlled to voice-controlled versions, will not fly without it :(
  12. mhlarsen

    Military ATC

    Thanks.Does this mean that continuos IFR is not obligatory?Lets say that you have non-VFR conditions in your mission area. Would you still be able to cancel the IFR flightplan? I have read that military aircraft can fly 'Due regard/Operational', but does this still apply in present day with traffic everywhere?If you cancel the flightplan and is in non-VFR conditions, under whose jurisdiction do you belong to?
  13. mhlarsen

    Military ATC

    bt,Thanks for clarifying this.If you are going on a training mission, would you still file a flightplan? Lets say that this is an IFR flightplan and you plan to roam around a bit in the mission area. Would you then start IFR from base, cancel IFR at the mission area, and then take up the IFR flightplan again after mission termination?
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