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  1. Looks very nice Guenseli. I will try that asap.
  2. Sorry, no other C-130 comes even close to the CS 130. Has been one of my favorite aircraft in FSX. Have you tried installing a separate FS9 and then install the CS 130 ?
  3. Intrance, Any progress on this awesome livery?
  4. Intrance, No rush. I am going on summer holiday today and will be back in two weeks B) Found another picture:
  5. Intrance, Did you notice the 'link' text at the front door on the above picture?
  6. Intrance, Looking forward to this. Best looking livery I have ever had. You are probably right that white nacelles seems to be the right colour, but the black alternative would surely be luxury:
  7. Intrance, Wow awesome repaint :Applause: Exactly what I was hoping for. Should the engine nacelles be black as in this picture of an A320?:
  8. Just wanted to ask if any repainter would take a request for the new Air New Zealand livery in black? Not just the black tail color, but the all-black livery, which I think would look awesome on the J41.
  9. Hodges, First, I would suggest that you get a headset for the ATC sounds as this separates ATC communication from engine sounds. Second, check your sound output device properties (speakers) in the Control Panel and verify that your settings in the tab Communications is like this: Before I had this setting my sound in FSX would fluctuate and act weird. Hope this helps.
  10. Dario, This is a great idea Does anyone know if My Traffix X can be enabled with a shortcut key? This is actually a fix that could be worked into VoxATC standard.
  11. Sean, I take it this a standard FSX texture? If so, could you post the dds file for us?
  12. Excellent job Bryan. I love the transition from button-controlled to voice-controlled versions, will not fly without it :(
  13. mhlarsen

    Military ATC

    Thanks.Does this mean that continuos IFR is not obligatory?Lets say that you have non-VFR conditions in your mission area. Would you still be able to cancel the IFR flightplan? I have read that military aircraft can fly 'Due regard/Operational', but does this still apply in present day with traffic everywhere?If you cancel the flightplan and is in non-VFR conditions, under whose jurisdiction do you belong to?
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