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  1. Wow, v4 and still stutters, that's too bad. Tony
  2. I'm using the latest hot-fix and I'm also seeing AI on final making sharp moves from side to side, porposing, landing flat or on their nose wheel. I also see some AI continuing to climb to altitudes above 60k feet. Tony
  3. Hi Davis and Jaap,That helped narrow it down for me and i thank you both.All The Best,Tony.
  4. Hi,I have been reading you answers to questions for a while now and and you know what you are talking about,i am hoping you could tell me how you would set up the hardware i currently have.Motherboards:evga 680i rev A1 Gigabyte ds3r p35Processor; C2D E6600 arctic freezer 7Hard Drives; WD Raptors 2x74gb 8cache WD Cavair SE16 250gb 16cache 3/gbs? Seagate 250gb 16cache 3/gbsRam: Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 1066x4gbVideo: BFG 8800GTS 640mb Sapphire x850xtpeSound: Creative X-FI Xtreme Gamer Fatal1TY Creative Audigy 2ZSPower: OCZ GameXStream 700WCase: Antec 900 Thermaltake ArmourOS: Win xp 32&64 bitThose are the parts i have,and my biggest problem is the sound/video stutters,i just wonder what parts you would use to make a system,what drivers you would use etc.I hope i am not imposing on you but sure would appreciate any advise.Thank You Tony.
  5. Hello Kendall,The 1066 ram was just what i noticed was on sale,but i think i will look for lower priced ram.I have learned that expensive doesnt equal super performance,at least for me.Thanks for the help,Tony.
  6. Hi,I can get 4gb of this- Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 DDR2 2GB 2X1GB DDR2-1066 CL5-5-5-15 240PIN BL2KIT12864AA1065 -for less than i could get another 2gb of the corsair dominator i have now,i am wondering if this is good ram.thanks,Tony.
  7. Hi again,I should have mentioned earlier that i am using fs9,i have yet to try fsx.Tony.
  8. Hi guys,Well, my 680i is the last thing i can think of as a problem,i have so much video stuttering that i just cannot solve,fs wins the battle and i am defeated.I have tried every driver,bios,updates,winxp 32&64 bit and it is always the same,video stutters when atc talks,takeoff and landing and it doen not matter where the sliders are or if i use addons.I have tested ram etc so the board is the last.But thanks for the advise guys,it really helps me narrow it down.all the best,Tony.
  9. Hi,I am looking at two boards and hope someone can help as to which one might be the better choice:Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R ATX LGA775Asus P5W Dh Deluxe Atx LGA775 975X I guess the chipsets are different,but i know i am done with anything that has nvidia or nforce on it,my current set up is:c2d E6600Evga 680i board (soon to be gone)2gb corsair dominator 8500c5dBFG 8800gts 640mbAudigy xtreme gamerocz 700w power supplyantec nine hundred caseI am going to use all my current gear with the new board,hope someone can help.Thanks,Tony.
  10. Hi,I am wondering if you are experiencing any graphic stutters when when there is speaking,ever since i got my gts the stutters are constant,does not matter where the sliders are or what drivers i am using,i am less than thrilled with my first nvidia card.thanks,TonyC2D E6600 @ 3.38Evga 680i Rev A1 Board P30 BiosCorsair Dominator 8500c5d 2gbOcz 700W Power SupplyBFG 8800GTS 640MBRaptor 74gb 8 cache--Win xp 64bitRaptor 74gb 8 cache--Fs9+ScenerySeagate Barracuda 250gb 16 cache--Page File/StorageCreative Audigy 2 ZSAntec Nine Hundred Case
  11. I figured about the card but was not 100% sure,guess i will start from scratch when i get the new card.thanks for the help,tony.
  12. hi,my system is: e6600,overclocked to 3.2evga 680i mobo2gb corsair dominator ramocz 700w power supplyseagate 250gb 16cache-xp64bit74gb raptor 8cache with fs9 only74gb raptor 8cache for page file and sceneryx850xt 256mb cardStutter,stutter,pause,the same as when i had my amd system so i wonder if the evga 8800gts 640mb i have had my eye on would be a improvement over the ati.any opinions is appreciated
  13. Hi Gary,Thanks for clearing that up.tony.
  14. hi,i noticed via the task manager that the cpu usage on my c2d reached a max of 60%,is this normal or should it be using 100% for fs9.thanks,tony.E6600@3.2Evga 680i rev a1corsair dominator 8500 2gbX850XT250gb seagate hd2x74gb raptorsaudigy2 zs
  15. I also had a amd 4000@2.6,1gb ram,x850xt,which i replaced with a e6600@3.2,2gb corsair dominator 8500, evga 680i rev-a1 and had to use the same x850xt card.for me i have seen hardly any difference,i still have the same stutters,frames are not steady at all and the sliders are not close to the right,i keep thinking maybe it is the video card.thats just my experience so far.regards,tony.
  16. i have been looking at the evga board and also this board- Asus
  17. Hi jim,thanks for the link i will check it out.i have always used ati cards but i notice a lot of people in these forums use nvidia cards.maybe i should get a larger power supply and the dominator ram.then i would only have to get a new video card in the future.regards,tony.
  18. i learned the hard way that i am no good at fooling her,so i will not even try.regards,tony.
  19. hi,yes i know,and it figures that just when i was getting things working pretty good in fs9.i believe i have pushed hard on more than one occassion. maybe this is a good excuse to get the c2d6600,if she will let me. i wonder if it would be safe to use the video card and hard drives in a new mobo&processor or would it be to risky.thanks,tony.
  20. well i got a new psu,i plugged everting in and saw the lights on the mobo were all lit.but when i pressed the power switch-nothing. so after pressing it a dozen or so times the system powered up,bios beep and all.so i shut it down to plug the monitor in and when i plugged the psu back in no mobo lights no nothing. so another psu gone?i do not know what to do now.thanks for any help,tony.
  21. hello buck,i have had this system for 2yrs now,i just dont get why it powerd up by itself,and after reading some info on ps failure everthing might be fried. thanks,tony.
  22. i will post when i get one could be a week.thanks for your help.tony.
  23. hello pat,i guess i will have to just keep replacing parts starting with power and see what happens.it was odd to have it start all by itself though,was working fine last night.thanks,tony.
  24. hi,my fs pc started all by itself,i wasnt touching anything,it was shortly followed by a strong burning smell-like burning rubber. i quickly unplugged from the wall socket and took off the side panel.the power supply was hot and the smell was in the case. so i waited a whine and as soon as i plugged it back in it started again for abot 10sec and everthing went dead,now there is nothing. so,a computer starting by itself,power supply?.and if so is everything fried.i hope someone can help.dfi nf4 sli moboamd 4000 @ 2.6ocz platinum 1gbsapphire x850xtocz 520 power supply2 74gb hard driveswin xp64thanks,tony.
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