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  1. "Works nicely on my 512 MB test machine (Pentium 3) running FSX .."Is that right?? I have a P4-2.6, 512 MB RAM, 64 MB GEForce 440MX and FSX will not boot up. Could this be .net Framework 2.0 issue? I have 2.0 installed now, so would FSX demo work now?
  2. Thanks to Christian and Truthan.For FS9 and TileProxy, the problem was lack of .NET 2.0.For some reason the FSX liscence agreement came on. I dont have FSX on my machine - had tried the demo and it did not work so I uninstalled it.Firewall and Antivirus did not pose any problems.It takes a long time to load up the images but it does work.Thanks Christian for this wonderful utility addon.My hardware cannot handle FSX so I'll pass on it for now. But based on pics and videos I've seen thus far, its amazing!How do you turn off the downloading and tell TileProxy to use whatever is in the cache?
  3. So do I need MS framework 2.0 and 3.0. I'd rather not install 3.0 yet if I don't need to right now.I had disabled the antivirus but not the MS firewall. Google earth and Virtual earth run fine with both on right now.If I were to disable both do I need to uninstall TileProxy and reinstall after all of the above?Pardon my ignorance but in the world of computing a question ALWAYS comes up (may be its just me!) where you just don't know how to answer!! Granted the entire "system" setup is to provide the user with the most flexibility and performance but please don't confuse the poor user with the technical stuff.Sorry for the rant - Truthan, I know you are trying to help and it is sincerely appreciated.
  4. Hi Truthan,I have Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 installed but not 2.0. Do I need to install 2.0?Doubleclicking the simmconnect.msi in the Tileproxy folder under FS9 runs the installer showing the progress bar but get no messages whether installation was successful or not.Thank you, Christian and Truthan, for your help.
  5. Win Xp SP2.How do I do all of the other stuff you suggested - pardon me, I am reasonably computer literate, but I am no techie.I can follow instructions if you can give me the directions.If you like, we can chat on Skype or any messenger - pm me your screenname.I really appreciate your help.
  6. I recieved the following response from Christian: "looks like Simconnect.dll didn't install on your machine. Maybe because yourmachine is not capable of having a Side By Side Assemble cache (WinSXS)or maybe because it's missing the .NET framework.then the program would refuse to load stubbornly.Christian"So, Christian, is there a solution? and what do i need to do to correct it?
  7. Hi Christian,Seems like this is an excellent addon - if you can get it to work!!I tried installing and using it on FS9 and getthe following message:"Directory is C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9TileProxy on drive C:ATTACH successful... Instance Name: Tileproxy InstanceThe system cannot execute the specified program.Press any key to continue . . ."This does not tell me - a non-techie - anything. HELP!!!!I have modified the proxyuser.ini per the "primer" thread above but nothing seems to work.Has anyone had much luck with Tile Proxy on FS9?
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