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  1. I have all Saitek gear, yoke, rudder and quadrants. The settings have a place where it says change assignments but there is nothing to click there? So my quadrant controls the yoke and my toe brakes control the elevator. Where can I change this? How do I change keyboard assignments as well. Also bonus question. After a flight what is the best way to end it? Esc?? Then??
  2. Just had this problem and fixed. The exe.xml file.. I had several things not loading.. changed them all to true and no more annoying messages. Switching to SE has been wrought with annoying little situations like this.. gah
  3. I come to Avsim almost every day just to look around. For me it's the best most put together website for flight simulation there is. I've never spoken to you Tom but thank you for all you've done and the legacy you will leave behind in this website. Cancer has taken my sister and touched my wife. I know the devastation it brings. Thank you for the courage you have shown in revealing your situation. Godspeed!!
  4. No wonder they created Bob.. to see all the extra stuff they put in
  5. Merge this with A2A would be the perfect airplane
  6. Is it ZoomPanScalar=1.0 It was in the Model.cfg Under the [CameraDefinition.001]
  7. I can't find the answer anywhere so I am hoping someone can help. Where in the FSX.cfg file do I slow down the rate at which the view moves around when you use the HAT switch. It moves way to quick for me. I remember somewhere in the .CFG file there was a value to adjust. Thanks
  8. Based on what they did to the train sim game it will be DLC's and marketing marketing marketing. Who knows.. wish them luck
  9. Has anyone done a Challenger 604 or variant to that biz jet that is decent payware. Up to at least Caranado standards. I know there was a freeware but it was a little rough compared.
  10. I am accessing the site at around midnight west coast USA time and it said 250 unregistered guests are accessing the site. I don't buy that at all. So this must be a way to force people to register. No biggie except windows 7 doesn't want to save my cookies and my log in information so I have to log in each time. It's not that bad of an issue as I don't come here every day. I have a similar problem with the Xbox one. Have to re-sign in every single time I play. That sucks.
  11. Mega Scenery does make it look awesome and you can fly VFR with real landmarks.. I wish there was some sort of autogen. The US Cities X and ORBX makes the scenery look so amazing which blows my mind as well. I was back on the monochrome versions with simple sticks on an orange screen.
  12. I live in Santa Maria and commute up to MRY quite often. I have the MegaScenery for Cali which is FLAT with no autogen so I wondered what my home airport would look like with ORBX.. Do you have any enhancements to SMX? It looks better than default.
  13. Shivers I noticed you have very negative posts.. Or at the least you don't seem to like people having their own opinions.
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