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  1. I just want the Alpha 1 to be released
  2. OK just 1 minute ago got an email saying shortly after Nov 8 we will get access to the build. Unless things don't go well then they will notify us by Nov 11. So I can stop checking my email. And Alpha 1 participants will automatically be included in Alpha 2 . SCORE!!!
  3. I think most people are low in their estimates. I have a feeling there might be different versions? However I'm sure there will be expensive DLC aircraft. I am guessing a subscription and initial cost. My guess is also they will release End of 2020 as early access for well over $100. I might even say closer to $200 along with a subscription of like $9.99 per month or something. My strategy is to purchase some large terabyte drives and DL the scenery I fly which is generally California with some other areas like Hawaii and Alaska. Then probably stop the subscription and fly in offline mode. We will see. All speculation at this point. Whatever happens they can take my money. I'm all in as this is the flight sim I have been waiting for all of my life. and I'm old.
  4. I'm wondering how many got picked for Alpha 1. Anyone on here been an Alpha or Beta tester for any other software with an NDA? How does that work to make sure nobody leaks. Seems like all people do now days is leak stuff.
  5. I'm still hopeful that the ones selected for Alpha 1 will get the link to start testing soon. Seems weird to me that they are recruiting for Alpha 2 when nobody has ever started with Alpha 1.
  6. I wanted to check this thread because I have also been accepted. Said to stay tuned for a download link. I have not signed anything yet so I'm sure there is no issue with saying I was accepted. I think each Alpha will be a month in length. So I am expecting the download link around the 1st. From what we have all seen, the sim seems to run pretty good. Will be interesting to see what I can say and share and what problems I find.
  7. I had a question to make sure I'm not missing something with ATC. I seem to have no ATC and it seemed like in the beginning when I first installed X-plane I did. The ATIS still works but there are no communications between aircraft in game and the computer generated ATC voices. Would anyone know if maybe a file I had got deleted or is this a known issue. I have tried a few different AI aircraft programs over the past year and wonder if maybe something there might have conflicted with the game? Thanks for any suggestions
  8. I'm going to add one thing I miss from FSX that is not done well in X-plane and that is Air Traffic Control. ATC. I thought FSX did it well enough for me and it seemed to work pretty well. I hope that is put into a version fairly close to the initial launch. I assume this will be launched as early access for $100+ then updates and DLC and add-on's along the way to probably a complete game in about 12-18 months from initial release. Which is fine with me as that seems to be the roadmap for new games now.
  9. I have all Saitek gear, yoke, rudder and quadrants. The settings have a place where it says change assignments but there is nothing to click there? So my quadrant controls the yoke and my toe brakes control the elevator. Where can I change this? How do I change keyboard assignments as well. Also bonus question. After a flight what is the best way to end it? Esc?? Then??
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