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  1. I can't imagine the world without Tom. He's been such a presence in this hobby I've enjoyed for almost 25 years now. I know there are many others who feel the same way about him. Farewell friend.
  2. Cheat sheet: http://www.microsoft.com/Products/Games/FSInsider/news/Pages/Avsim2006.aspx Smile Tom! :-)
  3. >This will always happen until airports in FSX are no longer>"flat".Not necessarily true. Sure, non-flat airports will be great, but mesh vendors can eliminate the plateaus around flat airports if they massage their data appropriately. The default mesh in many places uses 38 meter data and it would certainly show plateaus around airports if we had not smoothed the mesh by interpolating between the airport elevation and the mesh elevation within a kilometer of the airport. It's fairly simple to do with a good GIS software package.-Adam
  4. That's correct. Follow this reference for the details:12. NIMA Technical Report TR8350.2, Department of Defense World Geodetic System 1984, Its Definition and Relationships With Local Geodetic Systems, Third Edition, 4 July 1997. http://earth-info.nga.mil/GandG/publicatio...2/tr8350_2.html-Adam
  5. The modified land class textures have different coloration than the default ones that were used to create the very low resolution imagery of the globe. The low res globe imagery is used to texture the most distant terrain that is visible from high altitude. The only way to "fix" the problem would be to rebuild the globe imagery using the new land class textures, but that's not easy.-Adam
  6. Christian,Why don't you apply? There are open positions on the ACES team right now. For example:http://members.microsoft.com/careers/searc...tCol=DatePosted-Adam
  7. Thanks Chris. I'll have to investigate further once I get my copy of the Horizon scenery.-Adam
  8. Paul,It affects the terrain textures in sceneryworldtexture. It also affects textures loaded by 3D objects like aircraft and autogen. It does not affect photoscenery created for FSX, but it does affect FS9-style photo scenery.-Adam
  9. I stand corrected. The FSX texture file loader is not operating as intended. We are, in fact, reading the entire file contents even when we only want a small portion of the file. We're investigating to see what went wrong and hopefully we can fix it. The fix may not gain as much performance as you might think, however, due to the operating system's file cache, but it certainly won't hurt.-Adam
  10. Jaap,I'm not certain you are the same person, but a document roughly matching the description of your concept was shown to me and a few other FS team members about a month ago. My expectation is that duplicating the files in multiple locations to prevent multi-step searches doesn't really buy that much in terms of performance. The writer of the document I saw even doubted if there was any tangible benefit noting that there was little, if any, measurable performance improvement. Therefore, busy with other things we know will improve performance, we didn't give the document any further thought. I still think that was the right call, notwithstanding the unsubstantiated performance improvements claimed by others in this thread.The reason I take the performance claims made here with a bit of skepticism is because all of our file I/O is performed on a secondary thread. Therefore, it shouldn't cause stutters or frame rate fluctuations unless you are running on a single-core machine, have a horribly fragmented hard drive, or have a disk controller running in PIO mode (CPU intensive). Since the file system caches directory information, the multi-step searches shouldn't be very expensive after the first attempt. One could argue that we shouldn't be doing multi-step file searches at all, and I might be persuaded to agree with them, but that's part of the cost of allowing customizable third-party content.Someone else raised the issue of the file access patterns of photo scenery in this thread. That's something that's being discussed in a different thread. Look here: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...3&page=1#377412-Adam
  11. Chris,The FSX photo scenery file format contains tiles at a range of LODs. This was supposed to improve load times because the lower LOD tiles are prebuilt instead of having to be constructed at load time like is required for FS9 photo scenery. It's possible that the VFR scenery contains tiles at some of the very lowest LODs. If so, then the low LOD data from the VFR files would be loaded when assembling the textures that cover large parts of the globe. That shouldn't be a big deal because the amount of data read from each file should be fairly small. However, this could be a problem if there are a large number of spatially overlapping files with data at the very lowest LODs. How many files come with the VFR scenery? I haven't gotten my hands on the VFR scenery yet.You can see for yourself which LODs are included with the VFR scenery by opening one of the VFR files in the TMFViewer tool that comes with the FSX SDK. Select "Level of Detail" from the View menu and note the range of LODs that are present in the file. Menu items for LODs that are present will be enabled; missing LODs are greyed.-Adam
  12. Scott,I expect that splitting files along QMID 15 (1 km) or even QMID 13 (4 km) boundaries won't make things better. You'll end up with billions of tiny little files that will only increase load time.-Adam
  13. Very nice. If you're concerned about legal issues, then why not switch from Google to Virtual Earth imagery? (See http://dev.live.com/virtualearth/) I can't imagine Microsoft giving you trouble over using their imagery in their simulator. :-) Then again, I'm not a lawyer...-Adam
  14. Nope. FSX reads only the desired mip level from each file; it does not read the whole file at once because that would be wasteful. If it later needs a different mip, it goes back and reads just that portion of the file that it needs. That's why you may see the same file accessed more than once, but FSX is reading different parts of the file each time. There's no doubt that FS9-style photo scenery is very poorly structured for performance due to all the billions of separate texture files. It takes even longer to load FS9-style photo scenery in FSX because FSX has a much larger visible scenery radius than FS9. That's why we adopted a new photo scenery file format for FSX that eliminates the need for separate texture files and needs very few file I/O operations to load. I would strongly discourage anyone from making new scenery for FSX that uses the old FS9 data format. It's simply not going to perform very well compared to the newer stuff.-Adam
  15. Chris,Well, if there are corrupt scenery files on your disk, then all bets are off. That's the only other idea I've got, other than the three possibilities I listed in my previous post. Sounds like none of them apply to you, though.-Adam
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