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  1. Are you allowing cookies?Link works OK for me too, but it does want me to accept a cookie (which I did).Just a thought.Rick
  2. My load planner has also now suddenly started doing this. First time I've used it in weeks (have been in the 757!!).Not made any changes at all.PuzzledRick
  3. I think that at best the comments about a 'pizza' may have been ill judged in this instance, and I'm sure Just Flight will do what they can IF they legally can, but ultimately this issue NOT their problem. They, like all of us, are in the same position in that they will no longer get support from PSS unless - as we all sincerely hope - the Phoenix is reborn. Yes they have the master file set and have produced a wrapper that runs from a CD, and they may have developed that wrapper themselves so we can't expect them to give it away.It would be nice if somehow Graham did a deal with JF to get that same 'wrapped' version made available to PSS customers for a 'nominal' cost which covers the CD and postage (no boxed version) by providing a database of all the approved customer base. There will no doubt be issues over confirming that the requests for the CDs come from legitimate customers and it's not from "A N Other" using credentials that belong to someone else.Thought it's very hard, and whenever money is involved opinions can become very heated, I suspect we all have learned hard (and for me distasteful and annoying) lessons and I suspect many of us will no longer buy software assembled and sold in the way PSS did it. Piracy is and will forever be a problem, and there are libraries full of techniques on how to avoid it. PSS's choice was absolutely fine as long as they and their servers remained viable.I don't like the situation either, especially as I will be replacing all of my hardware and migrating to Vista in the next few months and will need to do a full re-install - not something I'm looking forward too but with the help and advice being offered on this forum, I'm certain I can make it work again. It will need manual intervention and a bit of time too. I have complete backups of my complete hard drives to a server but that doesn't help unless restoring back to the same drive.I for one sincerely hope that Graham comes good on his reported comment about ensuring that all of PSS's loyal customers get access to what they have paid for - but I'm not holding my breath. That's not an easy thing to say, but recent events have shown a distinct lack of care and loyalty by those that owned PSS - not the developers or support crew - to their customers and hence my cynicism. I really hope a way will be found to help us (and particularly those who have lost everything), but until Graham and/or JF can come up with the options then if we wish to stay 'legal' we're a bit stuck at present. The other choice has been mentioned and as with life you take your chances.Returning to the JF thread on their forum, I'm not surprised to see it has been closed - and probably rightly. It got off track and overheated from the ill advised 'pizza' reference. But that's just my opinion, and I'm only one voice. Rick
  4. I've just done a complete dummy install onto a 1TB NAS data store with no FS2004 loaded and had no issues at all. I just created a completely new folder called "PSS_Backup" with separate sub-folders for each PSS aircraft so it generates a complete copy of the PSS files for each one, even if there are files common to all, and then told the installer which drive and folder to install it into and off it goes and does it.And it even validated my details correctly so that bit still works too.Will all of my files re-downloaded, and all the manuals too it came to 3.71GB - glad it comes down compressed!! That is now backed up to a separate DVD just in case.Rick
  5. If PSS do go down, how do those of use who have only ever had the downloaded versions of the PSS products from them direct - not JustFlight - get back up copies of what we've paid for so that we can reload onto new hardware when we need to? At present we just re-run the setup files from the server in My Files. Will we have to pay again to get it all from JF, or will we be allowed to take and keep our own copies - licensed and only for our own use?Of course, if there's no problem with PSS, then there's no problem. But doubts are emerging with the loss of their Support person, and complete lack of responses to comments here both here and direct to PSS.Come on Graham, or any of the other people still involved, you must be watching this and should be able to tell us what is going on.Rick
  6. And the shop has been closed for days now. Surely it should not take this long to put a new product/patch/ whatever into the system?We get 4 hours to make these sort of changes on our systems and then get yelled at by our managers and then they get yelled at by the customers - and no I'm not yelling.... :(There's beginning to be way too much silence between news bursts with PSS and it's not the right way to go. I don't like going down the road of bashing them, they have a hard time as it is, but personally I think a bit of soul searching is needed around performance improvement when it comes to customer care - no customers and you have no business.PSS built it's name on wonderful high quality products - and make no mistake they are wonderful - but it's beginning to get another reputation for poor performance with it's customers (just read around this forum and you'll now what I mean) now and that needs to be nipped in the bud very quickly.Richard
  7. Congratulations to all at The Vulcan Operating Company for the beautiful restoration to flight of XH558 which took to the skies again after a complete "ground up" rebuild at Bruntingthorpe Airfield in Leicestershire.XH558 is now the world's only airworthy and flying Vulcan BomberA superb effort - and one which I believe PSS were involved in.Richard
  8. It's kind of telling that PSS feel that they can ignore this one too.A simple question with no query regarding dates etc, just a 'what's this going to mean to the work going on' and it's met with silence...........Thank you so much for your customer care.Rick
  9. I know you folks are still working on the FSX versions, but what impact will the now available FSX SP1 have on this? Is there a massive re-write required again as has happened with other add-ons?The service pack is available from: http://www.fsinsider.com Not certain when it was released though, but 16th May looks likely, and I am assuming it is not a Beta.Rick
  10. Could it be an 'OnAir' comms antenna.The OnAir satellite based service is offered by a number of Asian based operators allowing SMS messaging to all passengers. To me the 'bump' does look like a conformal satellite antenna.I may be jumping to conclusions but as both Korean and Singapore operate in that part of the world it could be the answer.Rick
  11. Gryphon

    PSS Site Down?

    Are you folks doing maintenance, or has summat more serious happened?Rick
  12. I get the same but not every time and usually not until it's up to 8x. Weather changes are the frequent cause.No idea why it does it, but suddenly it's all over the place and then falls out of the sky. It's as if the autopilot goes nuts. Sometimes it happens instantly on going to an accel mode, others it can be after two hours.Rick
  13. 1. A3802. B747-4003. Updates for A330/340Rick
  14. That makes a major difference as an incorrect CoG makes things worse - as it did with V1.Overall V1.1 is much much better (in my personal experience).Rick
  15. Yes but much more rarely than I used to, and again disconnecting the AT resolves it - well at least it has so far.Rick
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