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  1. Robert, This all makes very good reading and I too am very hopeful for the future. One very slight note of caution though around the 'Sales' comment in your original post. In the UK, retailers very quickly latched opn to the fact that the minimum system specified my Microsoft may in fact have been too low for a viable use of FSX as buyers came back to request refunds because FSX would not work on their systems. This resulted in the retailers refusing to refund wherever FSX did not work on the buyers hardware. This of course left many users - including me - with a copy of FSX that would not run at anything like sensible quality even though my hardware spec did then (and does now on a new system) far exceed the minimum stated hardware requirements. You only have to read the irate tales from FSX purchasers around the globe to know there were problems. Similar actions may have happened elsewhere in the world by other retailers and therefore I suspect there may actually be many thousands of copies of FSX that were bought and have never been put into use and as no refunds were possible, they still count as sales. This will of course skew the real position as MS will always quote the sales figures because they will of course look the best. I wonder what the actual Sales v In use ratio really is. Impossible to establish I suspect, or at least very difficult. Even looking at 'Registered' versions, my comment about 'in use' is still valid.Richard
  2. The latest version (2004) of the charts for Heathrow's Lambourne STAR (LAM3A) that I have shows holds being available at:LOGAN - altitude controlled via ATCSABER - as above but with a max of FL170BRASO - as above with MHA of FL180 with a max of FL240and LAM, again controlled by ATC with a limit of 7,000 and then as directed.All holds are shown left hand circuits (anti-clock).All holds are shown with the message that 'actual altitudes will be as directed by ATC'.Something in the distant parts of my memory tells me that each circuit of the hold included a descent of 1,000 feet, but I may be wrong.Hope this helps.Rick
  3. .............but doesn't using a bigger jet make it more fun though. It's a kind of 'interesting' approach and the passengers would probably be very ill!! Unless of course they are adrenalin junkies like the crew on the flight deck.:9 :9 :9 :-hah :-hah Rick
  4. I got the same message when I reloaded the bird a few weeks back but told the installer to continue anyway and have had no problems.I'm not sure if they ever did make a v1.4, but v1.3 works fine in my case. I don't ever recall seeing a v1.4 being publicly announced. Maybe it was "in the pipeline" when the crunch arrived at PSS a year ago.Rick
  5. Still using mine - FSX/MD11 and my rig don't like each other, so it's back to the tried, trusted and thoroughly enjoyed 'fat lady'on FS9.1.This weekend will be MD11 engineering weekend to see what will play nicely and still provide some realism. And of course I still have to read the manual - all 1100 pages or so. No flying 'til certified.........lolRick
  6. I have the same concerns. Vista 64 brings too many of it's own problems, and not just with FSX, so it is not an option in reality. It affect other areas like printers, cameras, editing systems, servers, NAS and other devices on the LAN here.I am beginning to suspect and fear that I may just have to retire the MD-11 immediately until the next system is built unless I can find something that makes FSX stable and not by turning everything else down to the minimum settings, or by de-stabilising the background hardware.It seems daft that a go faster system still cannot run FSX properly - ok it wasn't built for FSX but even so.....I'll see how it copes with the MD11 in FS9.1 - which runs the PMDG 744 just fine.I'll be tweaking the FSX settings later to see what works. This product looks and sounds great but the hardware/OS keeps faulting when it's run.......grrrrrrrrrrrRick
  7. Edmundo,You beat me to the same question. All the hints and tips refer to Win XP and not Vista 32.The commands used and directories may well be very different and the unwary could have a disaster on their hands - or get very confused.I also thought that SP2 fixed this by default, but I may have misread something.Rick
  8. Sam,>First, you - Must - set the 3G switch for that 32bit op>system. 4Gs of ram and a non-switched 32bit system will OOM in>a heartbeat (Or just go to Vista 64).>++I thought SP2 took care of that problem by defaul? Vista 64 is not currently an option as the software used for the primary system use is not Vista 64 bit compatible (yet).>>No DX10 preview to start. Mine won't even run with DX10. Then>turn down the FSX settings 'til things get stabilized. Mine>crashes in high-slider/low frame rate environments. ++DX10 preview not used, as you say it makes things worse!!>>Looks like yur a clocker. A 400Mhz FSB is plenty. Get your CPU>clock with the multi. Then, if you have that ram cranked out,>crank it back in to "only" 2:1 and default timings. Ram>running at 1600Mhz with default timings is plenty. ++No overclocking - all settings are at default. System was designed to have horsepower without needing steroids too. >>As far as I know, you are the beta for SLI. If all else fails,>break the SLI. Crysis needs it, but it won't help FS. ++Not sure what breaking the SLI is going to do for all the other work that this machine is used for. Oh and a Beta too, wonderful.... ;o) Right, slow taxi trials first then...I will play around with the settings to see what works and let you know.Rick
  9. I think my rig spec far exceeds the minimum, but for the first time with FSX all I am now getting with the MD11X is OOM, System Freezes and CTD errors. I'll have a play around later when I finish work to see what it upsetting the system, but at present it's very frustrating..............System:EVGA 790i w 4GB DDR3 1600 RAMIntel QX9770 @ 3.4GHzDual XFX 1GB 9800GX2 in Quad SLIVista 32 Ultimate SP1FSX SP2Dell 3008WFP @ 1920x1200Dual SATA Samsung 750GB in RAID 1Single SATA Samsung 1TB In windowed mode the program stutters, in Full Screen it will run for a short while and then freezes with the busy icon showing. Using Ctrl+Alt+Del reveals that FSX has crashed.No problems with any other add-ons or scenery. FS9.1 runs fine and so does FSX without the MD11X.Rick
  10. Cheat like I do..............BIG (190W RMS) subwoofer and turn the Bass up!! I have a set of Logitech Z-5500s and they're not bad. Run in Dolby 5.1 Digital Movie mode, 96-24bit, and give it some!!As has been said, it's a known issue with FS. I find it with almost every add-on I have, and every version of FS, but the reversers in the B744 are better than most (in my very humble opinion). It's probably also difficult to get decent sound levels recorded anyway - especially full take-off and full reverse - because they are so loud to start with.Rick ;o)
  11. The system I am using runs FSX OK. The system is probably way over the top for FSX as it was built for primarily working with HD TV video editing/production and very large image editing. Yes a Mac would have done the job, but it won't run FSX as nicely.......even dual boot.System Spec:EVGA 790i Ultimate MoboIntel QX9770 Quad Core CPU @ stock 3.4GHz - no overclocking as the 790 mobo is very twitchy about oc!!Tagan 1100 Watt PSU4GB (2x2GB) Corsair 1600MHz RAMCreative X-Fi Titanium Sound CardDual XFX 1GB 9800GX2 Graphics cards running in Quad SLiVista Ultimate SP1 32-bit (may go to 64-bit later)Twin Samsung 750GB RAID1 System array1TB Samsung Data drive2x Blu-Ray DrivesDell 3008WFP DisplayThis runs FSX just fine (and FS9.1 even better)at 1920 x 1200 but the image is not so good at the full 2560 x 1600 resolution the Dell is capable of, but I guess the game (and the add-ons) isn't really set up to go that high.Richard
  12. Having had PMDG Support tell me there was no option but to uninstall everything FS9 & 9.1 and start from the ground up, I began by trying to do just that only to find my add-ons were now also reporting that uninstall was not possible via Control Panel/Add or Remove.By pure chance - and it is only chance I have UK2000 Scenery and it's uninstaller reported the same problem but offered to find and fix the registry - in for a penny as they say, I'll give it a go. Guess what ....it worked!!The FS Tweak Registry fixer di not work but whatever is buried in Gary's UK2000 installer did and all is now well and NOTHING was uninstalled. Even the PMDG livery issue is solved with about 1 minutes work.It of course begs the question - what does Gary's software do that FS Tweaks "Registry Fix" doesn't (even if it reports that it has added the relevant key)? - but that's for a different forum.All is now well and I did not have to uninstall and it proves it was a Registry error, even though no new add-ons had been added or updates included into FS9.1 the Registry still changed. The cause of that still needs identification. Was is an MS security patch, or an anti-virus update, or.........what that did it?Rick
  13. ..........and another one with the same error message. Again it's a Vista machine with FS9.1I had to un-install the 747-400 for FS9 and now cannot reinstall version 1.1R1 (then will upgrade to 1.2 again) because the installer stops just past the EULA Agree/Disagree page (I agreed, obviously) and tells me FS9 is not installed. I had run the proper uninstall utility from Control Panel. FSX is not installed either and I have tried the Registry Tweak. The application is being run as an Administrator as well. The installer has to be shut down via Task Manager or it just keeps showing the text:"Installation cannot continue. You do not have Flight Simulator installed". Pressing OK just keeps the same message coming back all the time until Task Manager - End Task is used.There are no apparent PMDG entries in the Registry either.I am not using the FS9 default location, but just change the location to D: and the rest is the same.I have also disabled UAC, but to no avail.Seems there might be an common issue here, as more people are reporting similar errors?As an aside, I have used the 737 remover tool and then reinstalled the 737NG 600/700 but cannot add any liveries as the installer says it cannot open the aircraft.cfg file. The presence or otherwise of 737NG has no apparent effect on the 747 install as I have tried both with and without.Rick
  14. Is there really no one who has an answer to this, including from the PMDG Team?Richard
  15. Hi,I have just migrated from an XP based system to a Vista one and although the 737NG 600/700 base programme (and PMDG livery) has installed with no problems, any attempt at installing add-on liveries whether from the original CD or the PMDG website always results in an error report that the exe file has stopped working and that the relevant aircraft.cfg file could not be opened. No additional liveries will install at all.The Vista error code logged for the BMI BABY install (as an example) reports as:ProductPMDG737-600 British Midlands BMI BABY.ExeProblemStopped workingDate29/08/2008 17:17StatusReport SentProblem signatureProblem Event Name: APPCRASHApplication Name: PMDG737-600 British Midlands BMI BABY.ExeApplication Version: Timestamp: 3bd86c3fFault Module Name: GLC97DD.tmpFault Module Version: Module Timestamp: 3d29f04dException Code: c0000005Exception Offset: 00003eabOS Version: 6.0.6001. ID: 2057Additional Information 1: 711aAdditional Information 2: f90cd731da9036c41610b3ab975a8192Additional Information 3: 093dAdditional Information 4: dc8fa42ebec3568a9e7b31f5b8bd8ee6Any ideas? I have uninstalled and re-installed the 737NG 600-700 but it makes no difference (as yet). I also have the current build of the 747 for FS9.1 installed. Anti-virus was also off and the installer "Run as Administrator". FS9.1 is not in the default location on the C drive, but in a matching location on the 'D' drive in order to avoid Vista's well documented issues with programmes accessing the default "Program Files" folder. I point the installer to the correct folder as part of the installation process.Richard
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