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  1. Would be also interested in the correct 1:1 zoom value.
  2. In Both cases yes. The new magnetic declination will make the FS Bearings matching more or less the current published ones. + / - 2° of tolerance can be expected due to the fact that state sources (AIPs) are not always adhering to the current magnetic variation. Jan-Paul
  3. But that one is only useful to correct the variation inside the afcad files. It has no influence on the behavior of the aircrafts. The AFCAD variation is used, to determine the bearings for the internal fs map as well as for some external applications like FSNavigator or the MakeRWYs tool from Pete Dowson. If the tool does not correct the variation, you still have the old bearings on the map display (facility information), whereas the aicrafts show the new values according to the magdec.bgl Jan-Paul
  4. Here is the new Link:http://www.aero.sors.fr/index.htmlJan-Paul
  5. Hi, could you please also correct the GPWS Bug at the 744 FS9 Version? Shouldn't be a big problem since it works as it should in FSX (GPWS alitude callouts not inhibited with Gear up). Jan-Paul
  6. Hi, just tried it with the FSX Version. Everything works fine here. Is it possible to fix that issue for the FS9 Version? Jan-Paul
  7. Hi, it seems to be a bug. Look at this video: The gear comes down after the 2500ft callout. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llp3EN-WyukPlease make sure that the MD-11 doesn't have the same bug. Jan-Paul
  8. Hi, I have noticed that the altitude callouts on both 747 and 737, are inhibited when the gear is up. They only sound when the gear is down. Is this a bug or a feature? Jan-Paul
  9. Hi, looks good for a preview picture. Is this FS9 or FSX? Looking forward for an FS9 release also. Jan-Paul
  10. Hi, RTFM: Page 350: "Speed constraints must always be entered in association with in altitude constraint." Jan-Paul
  11. Hi, I found the soloutions!!!1. Way (Best I think) Simply swap the NDB and the VOR entries. The 737 reads the first entry for displaying radials. Should now look like: CALEDONIA CHU NDB 43.586914 -91.490419209.00NPISA PIS VORD 43.677167 10.390611112.10HPISA PIS NDB 43.589222 10.297083379.00NNICE NC NDB 43.590278 7.129444338.00N2. Way: Rename the NDB to PISNB should look like(sytax is very important, no spacing!! between pisnb and ndb: CALEDONIA CHU NDB 43.586914 -91.490419209.00NPISA PISNBNDB 43.589222 10.297083379.00NNICE NC NDB 43.590278 7.129444338.00NAttention: The coordinates should be at the same vertical position when reading down, not as displayed in the thread. Jan-Paul
  12. Hi, maybe it helps to rename the NDB to PISNB in the Nav Database. Richard Stefan has done this (adding "NB") with the SID/STAR Files when NDB's and VOR's use the same identifiers. Jan-Paul
  13. It must have something to do with a corrupted add-on scenery or the magdec.bgl. I had the same Problem some time ago with FS9. Jan-Paul
  14. Hi, I think Ryan wants to say that if you have the -F Add On then the different Air Files and the Engine Displays apply also to the PAX Version. I you don't have the Freighter update, you will only see differences in the visual model and the same FDE's are used for all variants. Jan-Paul
  15. Hi, I have posted the solution for the needles some time ago: http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=135266&page=@Lefteris, could you please add this solution to the PMDG Ops? Jan-Paul
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