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  1. Scan runway intersections would add to the emersion. That would be my preference.
  2. This is getting even more exciting! Thanks to both of you.
  3. Or as Scotty of Star Trek fame would say.... Capt, the ship can't take much more. She's about to .........!!!!
  4. I'm buy the new sim but seriously doubt I will leave P3D until VR is available in MSFS. The emersion factor of VR is too big to leave behind.
  5. Just started reading the Reddit topics (HPs too). Will use cable ties on the new one if I don't decide to keep it boxed and sell it. I only using mine in flight sims. Would probably be a nightmare in a shooter/action game. Will need more info on the G2 (cables) design. Will probably wait for first round reporting.
  6. I'm not one to bash a product but I feel compelled to at least provide my personal experience with the HP Reverb (2nd edition). First and foremost, I love the resolution and I've been happy with the overall experience. Unfortunately the weight of the cable on the Reverb, overtime and use, seems to pull on and weaken the connection within the headset. I can actually feel the tug of the cable on my head and neck. There is a clamp that holds the main video cable and headphone cable but I'm not sure it's snug enough to keep tension off the connection inside the headset itself. As a result, the connect weakens over time and use causing the video to blacks out intermittently and introduces video noise (green speckles) flicker within the image. If I move and hold the cable in the right position, the speckles/flickers stop then return when I release the cable. HP has been good about replacing the units, but this is frustrating. At any rate, thought I would share this. If you are thinking to purchase, would recommend to go the HP's site and review other customer feedback on issues with the cable. Edit... the last unit was replaced in Feb 2020 Bill
  7. Peter, all controls should work with FSUIPC. You probably know to disable the controls in P3D. Would also recommend you check for multiple assignments which may be in conflict. one of the things I do most often is use a working base assignment from a setup that is working well. At any rate, good luck.
  8. Recommend you go see Bert Pieke in the Carenado forum. He is the Master of integrating gps gear into Carenado aircraft. He has a mod for the PC12 F1 version and RXP. Bill
  9. Kiek -- will PSXseecon Trafic or ADS-B live work with UTL2?
  10. Buy P3D v5! You have 14 days to return it.
  11. Can't wait for the MD-11.... and to be fair (accurate), the view change crash in the B717 end up being an issue with P3D. LM resolved it in one of the latest 4.5 HF.
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