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  1. There are a few companies that make prescriptions lenses that can be inserted into your vr headset. a Google search should provide a good return.
  2. SimBrief and SkyVector allow you to review and insert north atlantic routes (east and west bound). In SimBrief, Click "NATS" about the map area, click on a route, insert it into your plan and generate your flight.
  3. Guess the folks really "hung out to dry" were the poor souls who boarded those planes, trusting that proper safety protocols were followed and in place.
  4. I'm having flashbacks of my Dad telling me to go outside to turn the antenna to improve signal reception. Finally he yells "hold it right there." Unfortunately, holding it right literally meant keeping my hands on the pole because, some how, it provided the best reception! But hey, I loved your point! Flight Siming keeps getting better.
  5. Extremely frustrated with the Microsoft Store too. Every update introduces a new set of challenges.
  6. I tried 3 different 6900xt's but could never get them to work MSFS VR. When it did work it was heaven but almost every flight attempt ended with a CTD. The biggest issue was with the drivers timing out. I follow every clean install/uninstall instruction I could find. To be fair, it could have been my lack of technical ability but I obviously ended up returning all the cards. Recommend a visit to AMD's support forum and MSFS there are several ongoing discussions on the topic.
  7. When an update is this horrific, i wonder if release was rushed by management. Certainly hope it was not done to simply meet the published deadline.
  8. Agree with that but man, they really don't seen to care.
  9. Not defending Captain Sim. I've been burned by them too! But obviously they are looking ahead to FS2020.
  10. I'm not getting the QRC code to scan for NAVIGRAPH activation. The message is stuck on "loading". Anyone else see this and were you able to get it to load?
  11. I am still testing to narrow this down. The one thing i have noted is a couple of crashes that happened after being cleared to land. Two different airports so i'm testing that again to see if i can repeat it. The good news, based on your use, is that the card seems stable in MSFS so i need to keep at it to solve whatever is causing the issue.
  12. Loving the speed and butter smooth VR experience but CTD's are more than annoying! Running AMD's latest drivers (21.4.1). Was wondering if others are having CTD issues or if there's a more stable driver version (previous) available? MSFS 2020 I9 10900, 32G RAM WIN10
  13. Scan runway intersections would add to the emersion. That would be my preference.
  14. This is getting even more exciting! Thanks to both of you.
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