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  1. Often times when Windows gets close to booting or actually does boot and then crashes/reboots it can be a bad stick of ram. Upgrading your VC driver and having a bad ram is certainly quite a coincidence but it's worth a try. Hopefully you know the drill, i.e: remove all but one stick of ram, boot, try again,...etc
  2. chik

    Welcome everyone!

    Hi Ed It seems it is a Shader rendering problem in P3D so let's hope they addressed it in 2.5
  3. chik

    Welcome everyone!

    I am and have been an avid user of SweetFX and cannot enjoy flying without it. I do however have a problem after a major reinstall of P3D 2.4 . SFX works fine as long as I don't access any menus. P3D reverts to default when I use either the menu bar or the right click menu. Your thoughts? Thanks!
  4. chik

    Runtime Error?

    I was getting those as well so....... I stripped everything out and reinstalled P3D 2.4 Still getting the error it must be on the Windows side.............?
  5. chik

    erratic controls

    I'm using Thrustmaster couger. All aircraft are behaving the same way.???
  6. Hello folks I have not had any problems that I can say relate to this problem. When I take off in a payware plane and/or default 747 or a cessna for that matter, the pitch wheel make the plane go straight up. I have seen this problem from others in the past but after 3 hours of research I cannot seem to find any answers. It seems like its a "config" problem but its happening with all m y planes. It even happens when auto-pilot is engaged. I wish I knew what other pertinant information I could provide but I'll start with this. FS9 version.
  7. Hello Don. I should have explained what the solution to my problem was so that others could benefit from it. Sorry for that. In order for Active Sky and Ground Environment Pro 2 (GEP) to work togather you must have the following in place. 1) ASv6 with service update 5 (su5) This product can be found at Install Active sky version 6 and then get the latest update (su5) 2) GEP 2 version 2.1.1 This product can be found at Install GEP (version 2.0.0). Then obtain the update (version 2.1.0) which inludes features for Widefs users (network setup). Lastly install the most current update (version 2.1.1) which is needed to link Active Sky and GEP 2. For features and updates visit the GE Pro website at Be sure to run GEP after each step and verify what version you have by clicking on "about" in the GEP interface. It is not necessary to create texture sets or sky sets untill you are finished. AS for the solution to my original problem: " Ground Environment Pro could not be found which is required to use this feature " The registry path was incorrect. This was probably unique to me because I was on the beta team and many upgades and changes took place which may have led to the problem. I have been assured by members of both teams that by installing to the default path given you should not have any problems. If Your problem persists however, you can verify the path by going to start/run/regedit/ok and make sure that the path does read C/Program Files/Flight One Software. Also be sure you only have one Ground Environment Professional folder. It will be located as such /C/Program Files/Flight One Software/Ground Environment Professional.:-rotor
  8. Hey Jim. I got a hold of Carl and got things figured out. Registry problem. Thanks.
  9. When I click on (GE Pro) on the ASV6 interface I get the following message. " Ground Environment Pro was not found which is required to use this feature " If anyone has had this problem I would like to know how to resolve it. I don't know what other information I can supply that might help track the problem. Thanks. (chik)
  10. chik

    ground environment

    Thats it . Thanks much:-beerchug
  11. chik

    ground environment

    Can someone give me a link to view recent information on ground environment. I would like to see the latest screenshots to see how they are coming along. Thanks much.
  12. chik

    climbing rivers

    sorry folks. This shot was taken around Scar Creek and does not have 38m mesh. Default only. Sorry Justin.
  13. chik

    New Flight Simulator

    $1,000,000,000.00 for you if you can actually wait that long !!!!!!!(lol):-rotor :-lol :-lol :-lol
  14. chik

    climbing rivers

    Hello all. I noticed that my shorelines are climbing up the banks of some rivers and in other instances the river itself meanders up and down the base of mountains. (see attachment). I also cannot seem to get the shorelines to focus sharply even when close up or with the different water detail settings. Somewhat related is the fact that I would like to see distant scenery a little more in focus. I have experimented with the weather settings to draw distance etc to no avail. I have experimented extensively with the fs9 config and cannot find a setting draw distant scenery sharper. Can someone plaese be of assistance. Some items I have are UT, FSGLC, 38m Mesh (Justin Tyme).
  15. I found that with the sim fully loaded ie: mesh, UT, planes, scenery, and your sim settings on high you "Waltm" do not have enough ram. At least that was the solution with me. Good luck.