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  1. StormChaser

    FSX-SE Compatibility Testing Thread

    Thank you very much for your continuous support, Pete! :Praying: I bought it before.. I'll buy it again! :Applause: Gert
  2. StormChaser

    FSX Steam Released! (80% off sale?)

    Fr. Bill, thank you for your reply and explanation about new memory offsets etc. related to simconnect and FSUIPC. Appreciated much! Makes more sense to me now. Regards, Gert
  3. StormChaser

    FSX Steam Released! (80% off sale?)

    I assume you're right lol! And it's not even illegal or against AVSIM rules.. anyway I give up trying haha.. :rolleyes:
  4. StormChaser

    FSX Steam Released! (80% off sale?)

    When installing in steam you can opt to install on a different drive.. and it will install in a directory, in the root of the drive, called steamlibrary (IIRC). What I'm wondering is though, for back-up purposes, if the original fully patched fsx.exe will work with the steam version. If it does, that opens different opportunities possibly fixing addon installs. And if you can rename steam's fsx.exe (is it called fsx-se.exe in steam?? thought I read that somewhere? I do have the steam version bought but not downloaded it yet..). Because steam doesn't seem to matter it's install location, as is obvious with installing it in steamlibrary. I have more steam games that, installed in steam, but moved out of the steam directory as it doesn't matter about it's location. Of course, this assumes too, that the steam version uses the exact same directory structure as the original fsx (very important!!), but I doubt it's different. What I'm thinking of is this: Install fsx in steam here belongs another line about about fsx in it's new copied location Remove the FSX install from steam (from within steam,which will also remove fsx registery settings) Use the Flight1 registry fix tool to set the new registry settings of the new FSX location You might have to rename the fsx-se.exe file (to fsx.exe, make sure you backup the original file in a secure location first!) (DISCLAIMER: renaming is NOT tampering with files!), or use (copy) the (fully updated!!) original fsx.exe (so that only works if you have the original fsx and addons and fully patched fsx.exe backed-up) uhmm.. profit?? If it doesn't work, just make sure you have the original steam fsx-se.exe (or whatever it's called, can't check as I haven't installed steam fsx yet) being put back in directory, move it back to the location in steam you got it from, tell steam you want to install fsx-- it will than validate the steam fsx install (because it will see the files back in place), which takes few minutes on my machine, it correct the registry settings.. and you have your install of steam back. Disclaimer: use at your own risk if you want to try but in theory it might work. I have a 150 Gig install size of fsx on SSD so, not sure if I am going to try myself but, who knows... If it works I have found a great, maybe even improved version of FSX (and I assume some things (dll's?) are updated) as programs like FSUIPC seems to have to be updated to work with this version. So I might have bought myself an improved (backup) installation FSX program for only 5 bucks.. I'm just thinking out loud so please don't mind me.. but maybe this could fix all addon problems... might be worth a try.. Gert edit: a line is being deleted while I post this and I can't correct it no matter what I try... It's about fsx in it's new copied location.. hope the new line stays..
  5. StormChaser

    What FSX-DX10 should have looked like

    >>I'd like to see a Xbox, or a game like Crysis-- pull off>what FSX does. Only people who believe in fairies believe>that's possible..>>After going on at length about"apples and oranges" comparisons>you then do exactly that. A curious bit of argument indeed.>I guess you understand the meaning of that line a bit wrong and pull it out of context. I wrote that exactly for the sake of the argument that it is silly to compare. It's not possible, by design, for either of the 2 to include for example a FSX PMDG 747-- and even if it was possible, they would not be able to do it while maintaining their visual excellence and framerate-- regardless how excellent the 2 are, or seem to be, in their own respect.Regards,Gert
  6. StormChaser

    What FSX-DX10 should have looked like

    I don't post a lot-- and if I do, I would do my best to keep myself out of discussions and silly comparisons like this. I can't resist this time though, the xxxxxx time of apples and oranges comparison.It's very easy to bash on FSX, based on how it looks-- in comparison to other titles. But there's a huge difference, that sets it apart from those other titles-- something that many seem to forget and simply take for granted. Flight simulator is an open source! An open source with basic stuff programmed in it, which are simple yet very complex in itself. Like for example (just to name a few of the many) air and aerodynamics. I don't see air programmed in Crysis, or seasons, or differences in runway length used depending on circumstances and seasons. Or a full weather simulation. Not even long ago, quite a few would have paid top dollar for just a weather simulation like it is included within flightsim. And ALL need computer strength and cycles. We all take for granted that FSX needs to simulate all that, and at the same time the devs have to keep the sim open for inclusion of some (very complex) add-ons.I see quite a few bashing on FSX, based on how it looks. But boy would we cry if flightsim wasn't the open source like we want it to be. Meaning, no complex aircraft like PMDG or LevelD, no external weather programs like ASX-- no other excellent NOTHING. It's a bit easier, to make a program and just know that what you deliver is JUST that. Sure, Crysis comes with an editor-- but I can already imagine the scenerio of importing a complex plane (that eats more computer power than a Xbox 360 can handle), like a FSX PMDG-- into a game like for example Crysis:tower: PMDG 747 cleared for take-off runway 27, wind 7 knots 89, follow runway heading, 5000PMDG: roger, cleared for take-off0:43 min later (very optimistic)PMDG captain: holy sjit! what was that?PMDG co-pilot: I think we hit something..PMDG captain: Houston, we have a problem!PMDG captain: I think we hit a invisable wall...Houston tower: you hit WHAT???It's really VERY silly to even imagine that a shooter, like Crysis, which looks without doubt very good-- that it is remotely capable of what FSX can do-- and DOES do. The game Crysis itself brings itself already to it's knees, with even the best of the best computers struggling. Now imagine FSX, looking exactly like that-- with a few additional complex add-ons. You gotta be kidding me right???Could FSX look better and perform better? Doubtful, since it's based on a older code which we ALL knew was going to be used. IF it was programmed new from scratch, meaning a new engine-- we would still all be simming with FS9. And prolly quite some time before that new flightsim based on a new engine would see the light. It's not something you pick from trees you know-- it needs some major time involving programming, especially if done from scratch!Does FSX look bad? Well, on my machine, which runs FSX DX10 on a Vista 64 bit platform succesfully-- it looks stunning! No way, that FS9 (or ANY Xbox) can even come close considering what all is being simulated-- and I have ALL major addons for FS9!Are there still problems? Yes, there are-- I get lock-ups and I hope, since it seems very much graphic driver related, a new driver that solves this will show up soon.But I'm flying my PMDG and LvLD, under realistic weather conditions with ASX and FEX, with a big grin on my face-- as long as I don't get a lock-up that is. And it looks and perfoms great!I'd like to see a Xbox, or a game like Crysis-- pull off what FSX does. Only people who believe in fairies believe that's possible..Comparing is just THAT too-- a fairy! Please, get real!Just my 2 cents..Gert
  7. StormChaser


    Like already mentioned, WideFS (registered) makes it possible to connect the computers via network-- you'll also need the registered version of FSUIPC to make that work (I'm sure that's what Bill meant to say too..). Than a program like for example FSCommander (which communicates via FSUIPC/WideFS) makes it possible to see the flightplan visually on the map, both in text as in a drawing, while it centers (follows) itself on your plane (top-down map view).About being a computer guru to set it up-- it's easier in WinXP than Vista (with it's ridiculous protection scheme's). I suggest you go read around a bit here in the forums, there's a lot of great info about how to succesfully set up a network. You can always deside then, if you can do it yourself.. or need to get someone to help you with it.Good luck!Gert
  8. StormChaser

    FSX AI Traffic

    Hi Captain!If you installed FSX in the default directory, you'll find the traffic.bgl file in:C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XSceneryWorldSceneryAny planes should be installed in:C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanesBe advised that importing "older/not FSX native" traffic.bgl files (like FS9 traffic.bgl) could/will have side-effects, like other FSX traffic not showing up-- for example boats. There's a way to fix that (de- and recompile the traffic.bgl with FSX SDK user-made utilities)--if you want to go that route, you best search around here on AVSim ( is another great source)Also some of the older FS9 native traffic planes textures might not show, especially when you installed acceleration (depending also if you run DX9 or DX10).Hope this helps, good luck!Gert
  9. StormChaser

    Wilco Airbus V2

    Looking at their website, pics section, bottom screen/pic, there's a green navigational light.. on the left wing...
  10. Hi,Just a suggestion, since I had something simulair this week when I installed ASX, although on a slaved PC. My weather wouldn't update along route--and changing airports without closing and restarting FSX would not provide me with any weather at all.In my case, I'm sure it's related to a user install error. After checking the ASX logfile, I found out that ASX couldn't find a file. So I checked the ASX registry entries, with guidance of the online manual-- and surely enough only one of the three nessecary entries was created. Again, I'm sure it's an error on my side that caused this to happen. Manually adding the two other registry entries solved my problem perfectly and provides me with weather and updates.Not saying that users that seek for help here have simulair problems with simulair solutions, but before all I would advise to check the ASX registry entries. Info and instructions can be found in the ASX manual.Hope this info can be of some help.Regards,Gert
  11. StormChaser

    Peg Link Mode

    Hi Richard,I'm quite sure it's a typo from your hand, but I thought I'd check on it anyway-- you do mean 10000000 (10 million) right? Because 1 million surely will make it worse, no editing/tweak at all gives you a standard 4000000 (4 million).Another thing to try is tweaking (raising in this case) Fiber Frame Time Fraction. I have mine set at 0.4. But yes, any tweak could (!) introduce/get rid of stutters, lower/raise framerate, bring/fix blurries.Also locking framerate can give good results. I have my 8800 gtx locked at 50 (even though NVidia says it's better to run at unlimited for 8800's, in my case I know they are very wrong..). I've been tweaking since release (for many many hours) and only recently I've found my 'sweet spot". So I know what a pain it can be to get things right..I hope you find your "sweet spot" soon too and can enjoy this fabulous sim to the fullest, we've come such a long way ever since FS1... good luck!Cheers,Gert
  12. StormChaser

    Peg Link Mode

    Hi,I don't have Peglink myself but, a quick google search brought up some info. Have a look at the following url that explains Peglink in more detail: the grey out in FSX-- have you tried raising your bufferpools a bit in the fsx.cfg file? If you don't know what bufferpools is and what it does, and how to change it, please have a search first here on AVSim and also have a look at Phil Taylor's blogposts. There's plenty of info about this setting and when to (or not to) use it.Hope this helps,Gert
  13. Hi Jim,Thanks for checking! No idea what went wrong than, never had a problem before with many online purchases (incl your very own Active Sky release).Thanks for the offer to arrange it via email, I appreciate it but, I'll just do the purchase via simmarket instead again than. It's easier/safer than to keep things tracking/seperated--just in case I get billed still afterwards from your online store... ;) Regards,Gert
  14. Hi,Just bought your Xgraphics/Active Sky X bundle from your HiFi online shop-- or at least, I think i did lol. After submitting my CC details blah blah etc, the page returned with a time out (after a few min) after I pressed the purchase/submit button. Trying to contact you about this from your own site returned an error too: "Something went wrong when the server tried to send your message. This is usually due to a server error, and is probably not your fault. We apologize for any inconvenience caused."So please advise, now what? Got a direct support email address for me? (not sure if the old one still works...)Thanks!Regards,Gert M.
  15. >Currently there isn't a null zone, but>I guess they could offer that in a new release of the>software.>>John.Hi,It is possible to modify the null zone. It's called "Editing Acceleration Curves (Adjusting Speed)". -From the online-manual: "Changing the Acceleration Curve for an Axis allows you to fine-tune the amount of head movement used to control your view, it also be used to create Dead-Zones which help keep the view stable for types of use like Flight Simulation combat."Hope this helps.Gert