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  1. I have the same problem. I uninstalled the old version of the 747 V3 since it was not updating from the OC. Rebooted, reinstalled the new version 3.00.9019 with admin rights. Made sure flex net is running and on manual. Still getting the same error. I'll disable the virus scanner and firewall and try again All good now....Please delete my post. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the tips 🙂
  2. Stunning...efis07 would you mind sharing your graphic settings?? Video type ..Nvidia inspector etc
  3. Thank you Captain Randazzo , looking forward for the 747 V2
  4. FS 9 rules so far. FSX? Maybe in a few years when technology is cheaper and faster.
  5. >Try the PMDG 747-400. There is an forum here on avsim and the>website is http://www.precisionmanuals.com/.>Also the Level-D 767 at http://www.leveldsim.com should fit>your needs.>When it comes to the older style ananlogue cockpits have a>look for the Dreamfleet 727 at http://www.dreamfleet2000.com>And not to forget the Flight1 ATR 720-500 at>http://atr.flight1.net>>All of them are the most simulated birds for FS2004.>>Hope this helps>>RonYessir, I have all 4 and you can't go wrong with any of them.They are great birds.
  6. Can anoyone share his Track IR 4 profile? I'm having a hard time too but I love the product. I got a lot of hints from you guys and I really appreciate it.
  7. The demo is not bad at all. The VC was decent and the framerates were good. The FM is also acceptable compared to the 707. I wish CS had done this much effort on the 707. They would have had more customers regardless the price possibly. The 707 is CS Albatros. Till that is not fixed properly, confidence in CS products will be low regardless. Most payware users are old time simmers and will not forget and forgive that easily.
  8. Honestly, get FS2004. It will run much smoother than FS2002. Plus now it does not cost as much.
  9. Great !!! Now we need someone to translate from Russian to English.. I'll try looking at the pics first and figure it out ;)
  10. The DF 727 is one of the best flightsim addon. It is a must for every virtual pilot who likes to fly big jets manually, using old fashioned navigation techniques. I love mine to death !!!! This baby practically flies itself. My hangar will never be complete without it. I hate to say this but Paul (Golding), make the 707 too :D
  11. I'm with Mike on this one. Thanks for your generous offer Bryan but I will decline any CS offer even if it's free.
  12. >Hi Everyone,>>After being left HIGH-AND-DRY with the B707, I'm not touching>this addon aircraft, regardless of the cost!!!.>>You want me back as a customer, FIX the 707!.>>Absolutely !!! I'm 100% with Mike on this one.
  13. >It is a pretty simple decision for me. >>No 707 Update = No more purchases from CS, including the Herc.>>>Their reputation speaks for it's self. A little more effort on>their part to release a patch might have saved it and created>some happy return customers. Too late now! >Too many other high quality add-ons out there to waste time>and money with their beta quality stuff. >>>>I'm 100% with you John. I was a CS 707 victim. CS is the only addon maker that removed it's forum due to user complaints. They decided instead of fixing thier product bugs, to amputate thier customers. And now they innocently market further products??? Come on!!! be real !!!
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