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  1. Untick with your default aircraft, as I do, and that will solve your problem.Bob
  2. Ultimate Terrain is a must have and it's easy on frames. Also, you might consider Ground Environment Pro and Flight Environment. Both add an extra dimension and are also easy on the frames. I recently added FSGenesis' terrain mesh (I bought the bundle for $29.95, but they also have a lot for free) and I'm very happy with it and, once again, easy on the frames. Note: I don't have a high end system (1 gb of RAM and a NVidea 7600GS card with 256 mb memory), I keep all the sliders full right, and get 25-30 fps.Good luck with your questBob
  3. You might try Chris Arrington's Airport Environment 7. A search here in AVsim should locate it. Good program & easy on frames.Good luck....Bob
  4. Had to install a new C drive, most everything saved. I also had to re-download CS's C-130J, AC-130 expansion packs and 757-200 Block A.Problem: On running, I encounter a black screen with the gauges at the top. Replacing the panels causes landing gear, props (where applicable), etc to disappear. Sometime back, I'd managed to replace the panels, but it required some tinkering and the like. I've forgotten how I did it, so if anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it. I'd successfully used Simshed's panel in the -130s and I want to do it again.Advice is requested; the opinions I've read a hundred times already.Thanks in advanceBob
  5. Interesting how the original question was NEVER answered. Obviously the a really excited user only look for certain 'hot button' words. There are a lot of other forums where a simple question like this will be answered.SheeshBob
  6. Contact the Mods at SOH concerning 'rejected' E-mail addys; they'll set things up for you. Great folks over there. That's my next stop.Bob
  7. FS9. I have FSX installed & will update, then probably move to an external drive. FS9 is all I need or want.Bob
  8. EZ_flyer, open your fs9 config, scroll down to the [RADIOS] section and make sure Com.1 thru Nav.2 have ones and zeros as shown below. That should solve your problem.[RADIOS]// Radio Type=avail?,sby freq?,glide slope?Audio.1= 1Com.1 = 1, 0Com.2 = 1, 0Nav.1 = 1, 0, 1Nav.2 = 1, 0, 0Adf.1 = 1Transponder.1= 1Marker.1= 1Hope this helps,Bob
  9. I bought the 757 as block 'A', made some necessary changes to use another panel, and I'm quite happy with it. Same with the C-130J and the 707. I didn't buy any of those at full price, but they seemed worth trying when CS marked them down. That being said, I prefer POSKY's 757 over CS. The C-130 can't be beat, however. The 707 is great, but being older technology, expect frame rate hits and it's a memory hog. For those reasons, I prefer HJG's 707's (not to mention they're improving their lian all the time).At these prices, go for it. BTW, I've not had any problems with CS customer service, even though I only contacted them twice.Bob
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