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  1. Just a thought for another feature, not massively important so it could wait until a service pack is released! How about linking Ground Operations to the airport jetways so when you start the turnaround it would initiate the docking of the airbridge to the passenger door?! It could work by simulating a 'key press' of whichever key controls jetway docking in fs (default is Shft-J) You could also have an option for which passenger door to open at turnaround e.g door 1L or 2L or both? There could also be a short time delay of about 2-3 mins ( user adjustable ) to allow the airbridge time to dock before the doors open? All controlled through the CDU! Would be interested to know PMDG's thoughts on this idea!? Great work btw on this new 777, it's looking good! Regards Andrew Harrison
  2. Another fictional repaint if you can do it (subject to copyright) would be the FlyLo livery from the BBC comedy 'Come Fly With Me'?! That would be ace! :)
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