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  1. Hi Marc. Try also: invisible runways. . .They should "pull" down the image of the highway. If that works, DON'T forget to switch OFF ALL visual effects, in ALL the menus,and ALL nav-aids systems. . . Blue skies.
  2. Hi, virtual and real PICs. Any one has seen the one-hour TV program,about the tests made on the 777 ?The last test was called **The sacrifice**.Really impressive ! Full load, full throttle, up to 220 knots speed,and the plane must be able to brake down, WHILEit is on full throttle, then clear the runway, andsurvive 5 minutes, before firemen begin to work. . .!We know the results, it's in the air, today ! B-) Also: I did not know the test with the tail TOUCHINGthe ground, at take off, was made since the 747.Blue skies.
  3. Hi Brian.>...do I have to fly into a major airport first? like KSEA? I guess your **first** landing must be in a AoE.The airport may be big or small, no matter.==================================== Here's what we did, a friend (the pilot) and I,in a real flight from CYUL to KOSH, this summer. Take off from CYUL, and landed to SAULT STE. MARIEfor gaz AND customs ! It was intentionnal, tocombine gaz/customs. And back to Canada, our first landing in Canadawas SAULT STE. MARIE for Gaz/Customs too.It's unbeleivable, but IT IS the same name on both sides. B-)They are both at the EAST tip of Lake Superior.Blus skies.
  4. Hello admins. If we ask the question in other words,maybe it could be possible. The question is: Is it possible to show 100 message per page,when we click on READ NEW messages, by default ? Thanks.Blue skies.
  5. C-JEAN

    Fouled plugs

    Hi, Pilot533 and all. It happened twice or 3 times, to me. I was lucky that the first time, I waswith my instructor, so I learned what to do. The one or two other times, I was the PICin a Cessna 172N. When that happens, we push the throttle almostto full, and we lean until it back fires.Don't be affraid ! The engine is made of METALs. With high RPM, high cylinder pressures, andhigh air velocity in the cylinders, it'sNOT long that the plugs ARE cleaned. B-) I have 228 hours of real flights:51 first in Cessna 150, and after that,all in Cessna 172N. How about you ? And also, uncountable hours in Flight SimS.I touched: The FS of the VIC-20 by Commodore C=, FS1, FS2, FS4, FS5.0a, FS6-with-ugly-sound-bug,FS2002 for multi-play, and FS2004 to testmy sceneries. Blus skies.
  6. Hi, real and virtual PICs.>Nope its the chicago air and water show 07 HHhho yeahhhhhh ???? Alllll rrrright !That's another thing to add to my **TO DO** list ! This year, I went to Oshkosh in the Van's RV7Aof a friend, sitting in the right seat... B-)Check the ride: CYHU KANJ KOSH visits KOSH CYZE CYHU ! ! MAJOR TRIP ! VERY fun !!Blue skies.
  7. Hi, airshow fans.[ Does Chicago means Oshkosh ? ] Anyway, what I wanted to comment about is: WOW WOW ! With that kind of moves, imagine whatthe Raptor would do to a "normal" jet,in a dog fight !He would circle around it and eat it in one bite !Blue skies.
  8. Hi Kadanwari. Try to run the programs as an Administrator. Run as. . .Blue skies.
  9. Hi, detective PICs ! > called the strobe effect, where it just looks like> the rotor's are standing still. . . .LOOKS like. . . Exactly. And the proof that the big rotor ISrotating is: The small tail rotor, out of timing withthe video's FramesPerSecond ( FPS ), IS rotating. And we all know that the 2 rotors are interconnectedthrue a "gear box". . .Blue skies.
  10. Hi, virtual and real flyers. I flew in the russian almost copy ofthe 727, in 1991. Canada-Cuba-Canada. I had no choice. When I felt the way the engines pushed mein the back of my seat, at take off, I wasreassured ! ! B-)Blue skies.
  11. Hi, frustrated Vistanians ! B-)Mark wrote . . .> and legitimately buy a new Blue Ray title that will>not play on Vista. Can you not also just load Linux. . .> . . .It is an expensive option. . . Hmmmmm. . . I would not say that a $20.cc Mandrake Linux,including 4 CD-ROMs of stuff, is expensive. . .B-) I do most of my browsing under Linux, knowingit is MUCH safer than Win$loz. One day, in an IRC session, a friend tested both, and:1=Under Win$loz, ZoneAlarm, HE was controling my mouse ! ! { and that was from Belgium to Canada. }2= Under LINUX, PORTSENTRY he has NEVER been able to get in my system ! ! I have seen NT, and IT HAS the same file attributesas Linux, that are: RWX RWX RWX. I did not see Vista, but I would not be surprised that it is a poor imitation of Linux ! ;-)Blue skies.
  12. >Hi, Yellow.>and stayed a long time at the start location until it>disappeared (time out).>What could be the reason of this behaviour ? Check if your "waiting line" or *start location*is close enough to the runway. Blue skies.
  13. Hi, free scenery creators.A small group of us are deliberating about the same things. But, BUT ! What about the **OTHER** side of the medal ??? OF ALL those satellites/companies, photographing most everywhere,NONE of them have asked for OUR permission to photographOUR HOUSES ! ! ! And MANY of them **WILL** make money with that ! Blue skies.
  14. Hi again, Don. I may be partialy wrong and rightwith my previous answer. Now I remember: I DID succeed, using Airport-for-Windows,and its FLATTEN stuff. Good/better luck, this time ! B-) Blue skies.
  15. Hi Don.>tried to use AFCAD (1.4 for 2002) but>it won't move the runway. Any ideas? I DID succeed changing the height of airportswith AFCAD-2.21-for-FS2004, inside FS2002 sceneries. Maybe you missed some rectangles [] where youtype the height. There are MANY of thems, atmany different pull down menu places. If this is NOT your case, then I don't knowhow to help you. Good luck.Blue skies.
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