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  1. Mario, That was a fantastic and detailed review and many thanks for posting it. It maybe the primer that gets me back into simming as I've been away and burned out on MSFS for several years now. Regards, Blake
  2. Rest in peace Tom and thank you for giving us this wonderful place
  3. Psolk, You'll be missed bud as I've enjoyed your posts over the years. I understand how you're feeling. Take care bud and keep the blue side up.
  4. I know exactly how you feel and gave up on Posky's 763 a long time ago. The difference between it and the LDS 763 FDE is night and day. The moment I first hand flew the approach in the LDS bird, I was amazed how vastly different it felt. Just my opinion.
  5. Hey all,I'm looking to see if anyone would be interested in painting the Vistaliners 737-400 in the Alaska Airlines "Salmon-Thirty-Salmon" paintscheme? The aircraft has always been a favorite of mine and the colors are really wonderful. I've only been able to find this particular scheme for payware aircraft to include the FT/Wilco 734 and 50 North models.Here is a link to the aircraft and many more photos available at airliners.net. http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1147079/L/The Vistaliners model can be found at Eastern VA's web address. http://www.eastern-va.com/vistaliners/downloads2.htmThank you guys for your consideration! BlakeOlympia, WA
  6. Jason,It's still up, I just showed "Mandy" to a coworker of mine about 15 minutes or so ago.
  7. Wonderful little video and very well done! :)
  8. Alrighty. Where's that bag of popcorn? :)
  9. Absolutely agreed BC and I too am very disappointed in the responses from both parties. I think you just wrote what I've been feeling all day in regards to this particular topic. Blake
  10. My system is very similar to yours Rob as I'm also curious about the frame rates and smoothness. Boy, once they get that VC added I'll definitely pick up the MD06. Blake
  11. Holger,Many thanks for putting this together. A huge congrats to you and the other team members!Blake
  12. There's a new payware KATL coming out shortly. If you go to fsdeveloper.com/forums/coffeehouse/developer's showroom, there is a post by sparkchaser with development screenshots of KATL. Look pretty darned good IMO. SHOULD be out shortly. My advice is to pass on the Simflyer's KATL version as it'll eat your FPS for lunch.
  13. Again, I went to the link and like Ricardo said, suddenly the comment is gone. Poof...Un-friggin-believable...
  14. I just went to that link. Man...you've got to be kidding me...
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