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  1. Well, I don't think there's anything in my last post that indicates I'm a rw pilot?I was talking about feeling, not knowing. I would be happy to hear the opinion of a rw chopper pilot on this topic. But in fact I've heared many opinion if people claiming to be rw pilots and since they were very diffrent it didn't really help me decide what's real. So I decided what feels real for me. I'm sorry, should have stated this more clearly in my las post. :-rotor
  2. I share astrodaves view.It took me almost a year to master FS9 helis at 100% realism settings, but it's real fun if can fly those birds. FSX defauls helis are unresponsive and hover like a zeppelin. But you can add a line to the aircraft.cfg to bring back the FS9 feel. I think in the default FSX Bell there are three lines called something like "Yaw_Stability=1.0" "Pitch_Stability=1.0" ... thats not exactly what they are called, but there should be something like that (I'm still sicking with FS9). Change the number to 0.3 and you have FS9 like chopper feel. Still not realistic, but more responsive and challenging.GreetingsDocNobby
  3. Yeeeeeeeha! I've been waiting so long for the VC version.Thank you very much for your hard work giving us such a great aircraft! :DGreetings: DocNobby
  4. Wow! Thats the first "fix" giving me a significant increase in FPS (tried all that texture compression and cfg tweaking stuff)!I installed it over Framework 1.0 (didn't have the 2.0 Framework installed) and then uninstalled the 1.0 Framework.In FSX my Frames increased from about 9 to 18 FPS and in FS9 from 12 to 19. Thats guessed average FPS but I can say it defenetly feels alot smoother in both sims and I don't really care about numbers if the feeling's right! :-cool
  5. Hmmm...Very intresting question! That way it would be possible to create aircraft like the ospray and harrier with proper FD. It would even be possible to create zeppelins or to add a module witch gives us propper orbital physics for LEO stuff! :-ufo2 Anyway with the new possibilities of FSX I'm sure we'll see some funny stuff in the next few years! :-hah
  6. Intresting...Hope they'll find a way to give us "real" orbital physics (like in orbiter). Would be nice if they included the ISS, so you have a place to rest in orbit. :-hah Anyway, they'll need to create alot of new gauges like space nav tools and stuff! The easy way would be to develop a reentry only sim, but I wouldn't care about an addon like that! :-luke
  7. docnobby

    Drunken pilot

    This forum censores the word "d@mn"?!! Oh cmon guys, what's that? Other people might think I used the bad "f word" or something... :-boom
  8. docnobby

    Drunken pilot

    ####... I really thought I was the only one flying like that!!! :-eek :-jumpy
  9. Right, there's really no need to freak out! :-bluegrab There are enough people who changed their hardware and only few of em had problems. Btw. there is a """""PATCH"""""", but it's not from MS! ;)
  10. Usually there's a readme in the aircraft packages about where to place the files. With some aircraft you need to relocate the gauge files in the FSXGauges folder.
  11. I remember having seen that option too!But thats quite some time ago!
  12. Yeah!Can we have a little review on the new FlyByWire stuff please? !:-jumpy
  13. >A line needs to be drawn somewhere...Well, I could't agree more! :-hah But what are the restrictions? In fact the restrictions are defined by two factors:- Development time- Hardware requirementsSince there are alot of creative and open minded free/payware developers, development time will be the minor problem. Hardeware will always be a personal question depending on how much money one can / wants to spend. But you will always be able to draw your personal line! You don't want to fly with passengers? Don't buy fspassengers! You don't like the new ground traffic in FSX? Turn it off. And im shure, even if some kind of career mode would be included in following FS versions, you will always be able to just start a free flight if you like it that way! :-smooch
  14. Well you could say why do we have external views while in the air?!THIS is extremly unrealistic and has nothing to do with simulation! But it's still fun and I like the external views. :-roll In fact I think a FPS view while grounded is the only realistic view for a pilot to see his aircraft from the outside. :-hah
  15. Love the idea!It's gamish indeed! But hey, I liked the first person feature in Active Camera. Just give me a flashlight for the night inspection! :(
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