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  1. aeolus

    Odd engine RPM Behavior

    Thanks, guys! This gives me great peace of mind and has been very informative at the same time.:)Regards, -Robert.
  2. aeolus

    Odd engine RPM Behavior

    >I never performed a takeoff with a real life airplane and>fixed pitch prop at sea-level, but I can tell you that a fixed>pitch prop and engine capable of 2700 rpm will only achieve>around 2300 at our 4600' msl. airport on the takeoff roll.>>A fixed pitch prop is usually a compromise between>takeoff/climb thrust & cruise settings. A C/S prop's governor>can be set to achieve much higher rpms on takeoff, using fine>pitch, and they will increase as you've mentioned. >>Generally, the full redline RPM will never be reached during a>static (non-moving) runup. These props are adjusted for full>RPM (redline) while at level flight, and prop control pushed>full forward.>>L.AdamsonThanks for your response and what you have said makes perfect sense.I'm beginning to doubt my memory on what I used to get in the sim, but if you were to load up the default c172 (or the RealAir c172) at KSEA, give it full throttle, and on the take off roll, would you achieve around 2600 RPM (red line)? At best I'm only able to get around 2200 to 2300 RPM, and I might get 2400rpm by the time I get to 2000 feet. Is this normal for the sim?
  3. aeolus

    Odd engine RPM Behavior

    >Not on all aircraft? Anyway, be sure controls sensitivities>sliders for joystick (CH yoke) throttle axis is full right for>sensitivity and full left for null zone.Thanks. I've checked the axis's for Throttle, prop, and mixture within the sim and through FSUIPC (I use this for calibrating the yoke) and there all fine. I've also deleted and had the sim rebuild the FS9.cfg file, -no joy! I've noticed that on constant speed prop aircraft, on take off, I can reach full MP no problem, but the last quarter of max prop RPM is acheived slowly, bearly in time to meet rotation speed. What ever this problem is, it seems to be effecting all of my aircraft. :-(
  4. I'm no longer getting full engine RPM on take off in just about all of my non constant prop RPM single engine aircraft (default c172, DF ArcherIII, etc...). I am using the default flight at KSEA, so altitude is not a problem. I'm using a old tried and true CH Yoke of which I have checked the calibration. This problem hasen't occured in any other type of aircraft in the sim. I am at a loss as to what would cause this. Anyone have a clue?Thanks, -R.
  5. aeolus

    BEST freeware Virtual Cockpit?

    Lots of good stuff listed here so far, but I wanted to add the NAMC YS-11 v2.7 by AFG. It's a COMPLETE package -excellent sounds, flight model, visual model, and panels. The VC is very flyable with excellent gauge refresh and superb lighting. Give it a try: in the file library. Regards, Robert
  6. aeolus

    Looking for defunct airlines (AI)

    for flight schedules, check out the Retro AI group: for aircraft, check out AI Aardvark @!