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  1. the bin is the place for this sim....believe me i have tried every fix,tweak tip,setting known to man including nhancer and it still runs like a pigeon walking.i have a super duper computer which runs fs9 loaded with add ons like a dream so i am sticking with that and bining fsx myself......
  2. John, Oops I think I have it sorted....Got a new computer a couple of weeks ago and reckon I forgot to install the second patch...So ran it again and the problem seems to be solved,,however I did notice on checking the spot view on landing that the speed brakes are not showing,but does not really bother me as the plane now stops before running out of runway...So I can now enjoy some lovely flights in this great plane...Thank you for all your help........... John C
  3. John, Have just landed the 777 but no spoilers deployed,still no brakes...I have the boxed version of the 777 with sp2 installed........ John C
  4. John,Yes the auto spoilers armed also....thank you for your help..John C
  5. yes, it is when using autobrake, i have just tried it with autobrake disarmed and the brakes are working again....any reasons why this should be??? thanks for your reply.
  6. i have noticed during my last few flights in the 777 that when i land and reverse thrust that i have no brakes,so the plane runs off the end of the runway......after the plane has stopped and i throttle up to go back to the airport the brakes work ok,as they do while taxing for take off...thought it may have been something to do with joystick settings,so i put on my old joystick,but it is still the same...all my other planes are fine,any ideas????
  7. thank you all for your replies....ok tried with fps locked at what you all suggested,but still no improvement...unlimited is definitely better.texture bandwith suggestion...........it is = 30since posting i got a tweak guide from the forum...i used this to lower sliders and make certain adjustments to fsx in game settings...i am now getting an average of 50 fps and higer,but still i am getting a lot of stuttering even with this seemingly high fps...i am beginning to wonder if there may be a problem with background programmes ie norton?i am really keen to move over to fsx,but as my fs9 is still running like a dream,i think it may be a while before i make the change,WHAT A PITY!!!
  8. after patching and tweaking an upgrading to 4 gig ram, i am now getting a steady 35fps,which reads well on the screen...but....fsx is still stuttering badly while claiming 35fps,any ideas ???
  9. Hello can someone tell me if running fsx in vista/dx10 will improve frame rates as well as graphics...I recently bought a dogs bo....of a computer to run fsx,but to me even with sp1 installed it is still fairly steppy.I suppose it is just bearable,but I dread to think what it would be like when i add a bit of traffic or an add on aircraft...I am still running fs 9 and am more than happy with it...So the question is....do i invest in vista and make the switch to fsx,i would dearly love to have it running at an acceptable level,so as i could get some enjoyment out of my investment.
  10. i went and forked out 5000 euro for an xps 720,twin video cards overclocked quad processor,4 gig ram ,watercooled ,basically the bees knees,oh ye and a 24 inch monitor...great machine.....for fs9 doom fear etc...but for fsx with its updated patch a complete disaster,still as steppy as ever,to the point of irritation...tried a lot of tweeks,but unless you bring fsx down to cartoon level it aint going to work...but having said that my fs9 with a heap of great add ons looks to me anyway a thousand times better and smoother than fsx...if anyone can give me some further tips that may bring fsx to a decent level of playability i am sure ready to listen,because i still long for the day i can fly my add ons in fsx..........
  11. ye have just seen them,thanks matthew..........
  12. have a strange one....for no apparent reason each time i run real world weather fs9 shuts down ...i have made no changes to the sim and have even done a system restore but to no avail...anyone any ideas ...thank you
  13. In reply to mattnw.Flew in to st m saved the flight loaded it up again , bingo st marteen no problem.....
  14. have not tried that.will let you know what happens
  15. thanks for your help dont fancy reinstalling fs9 so i think i will just fly into st marteen.thats enough of a challenge for me at the moment...again thank you all for your help
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