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  1. Hi Just a quick note for those who might get the following error as I did: DxtFixerX does not support Unicode (UTF) path names, therefore if you get the error make sure all folders within FSX have English name.In my case this was specifically related to Project Tupolev's documents which had the name like "ÐËÝ ÈÍÑ21". Thanks
  2. Looks like the whole site has gone! All my bookmarked links are now returning 404!
  3. Excellent news.All your works are really appreciated.By the way why not using more capable content management softwares such as Drupal or Joomla?
  4. The best one I have seen so far is for L39C Albatrus from lotus Sim.It really looks fantastic:
  5. Touradg

    any irainians here

    +1.Welcome :(good job danial on IRVA
  6. Touradg

    FS11 Wish List

    HiCloud shadow, volumetric cloud, Real life taxi light which illuminates the ground instead of just a light coating, better AI,ATC with more options like emergencies, sloping runways, more realistic night effect are in the top of my list.Plus all the things we currently have ;)
  7. Hinice link.i found Elumens Vision Station which is exactly what i wanted.the price 20000 $.thank you
  8. Hi Geoff,as i said no problem with price.would you please name the company or model of that special projector? I didn't find anything which is commercially available!!touradg
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