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  1. Hi Just a quick note for those who might get the following error as I did: DxtFixerX does not support Unicode (UTF) path names, therefore if you get the error make sure all folders within FSX have English name.In my case this was specifically related to Project Tupolev's documents which had the name like "ÐËÝ ÈÍÑ21". Thanks
  2. Hinice link.i found Elumens Vision Station which is exactly what i wanted.the price 20000 $.thank you
  3. Hi Geoff,as i said no problem with price.would you please name the company or model of that special projector? I didn't find anything which is commercially available!!touradg
  4. Hi jaapThanks for reply.No not like this it still needs three outputs (monitor or projector).things I am looking for is exactly in reverse order. You have three inputs and one out put which create a 180 degree picture.I mean instead of three monitor (in this case projector) we use one projector which creates a curved output. I don't know if I can explain well.touradg
  5. Hi friends,I would like to know if there are any kinds of projector which provide 180 degree of viewing angle. Normally we have to use 3 projectors for that. One for front, one for left and one for right.Can we have all of them in one projector. For example a projector with three VGA input which merge and produce one image with 180 degree angle?Something like what we have inside CAE simulators but commercially available for us.(price is not important)happy landingstouradg
  6. HiCloud shadow and volumetric fog and cloud are top in my list.touradg
  7. And something about DX10,As I said earlier in this post and as reply to Phil, some features inside fsx are not mandatory but they are in and some are mandatory but they are not. I do not want to blame the team but believe me or not I have seen lots of people who learned how to fly in Fs and now they are in heavy irons just because of FS, I have seen many of my friends who became solo in 2-5 hours just because of this simulator, so it is going to be a training tool rather than a game (I really get angry when someone says it is a game). In my country we have many simulation institutes or companies which use fs as their training tools. I believe that instead of paying attention to unnecessary elements in fsx (although very nice) which are not part of flight itself, adding things like cloud's shadow or dust or volumetric clouds which you actually get lost inside them or even better taxi light and many other elements which are part of real world flying and are not in fsx Would make it seem more a training tool than a game. I am not critic of missions, animals, road traffics and so on but I think they already have things more important than those to create or actually fix. You have added bloom, right? If it is too resource hungry we just turn it off. But at least it is there, it is inside the world of flight simulator. And something else I really don't want to blame the fs team as in my idea they have already created a miracle (thumbs up). I just want to make it better and more realistic because this simulator is part of my life :DThank youTouradg
  8. Hi NotASenatorI meant declared variables as they are actually updated continually. I have exactly the same idea and agree with you. And because of this I guess that it might be around millions. I myself tried to guess that by counting number of objects inside the area of simulation and also other factors such as weather, AI, ATC, Flight dynamic, Navigations and
  9. And any idea about the number of variables inside fsx?
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