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  1. My sincerest condolences to Tom's family and friends. May you R.I.P Tom. Jim Birdsell
  2. Hey Dave,I just finished a test, and the following screens are what I
  3. >Bob, >>Would you mind posting a pic of that experiment? I just>curious what a super high rest texture would look like in the>sim and your experiment is interesting.>>TonyI believe the screens are in this thread.http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=search Cheers,Jim
  4. The way I understand it the max texture resolution for FS9 is 4.8m, and FSX shipped with 1.2m textures, giving a 16(X) increase.My question is, since the texture resolution slider in FSX goes to 7cm does that mean the 1.2m textures could be replaced with 7cm textures, and FSX would display them?Wouldn
  5. Thanks Tim,>>Accel also added new subsystems<<"Subsystems" helped a lot.:-beerchug Hopefully after CS 101 I'll catch on quicker. :+ Thanks again,Jim
  6. Thanks Jon,With the new functionality and content of Acceleration, I assumed it functioned in that manner, but I wanted to verify that I was getting my head wrapped around it properly. I already have Acceleration, I should have said that in my first post.Thanks again,Jim
  7. Look about half way down in this thread. It tells how to get the waves back.http://www.simforums.com/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=22037Hope this helps,Jim
  8. If a flight is recorded at one Autogen level (i.e. Sparse), can it then be played back, at a different Autogen level (i.e. Dense)? Or are all the scenery details preserved, and must be the ones played back?Cheers,Jim
  9. Thanks Paul,I appreciate the screen shot. Now, its just a matter of exploring the new possibilities.CheersJim
  10. How much disk space will Acceleration need?I tried searching, but couldn
  11. >Yes, you will. However pick-up-able objects only exist as>parts of missions currently. Several of the missions in>Acceleration require you to do just that.Thanks Brian,You got my full attention with that answer. Is it possible to design objects that are transportable, and detachable, in
  12. When using the winch on the helicopter will we be able to fly to point A, pick up object X, fly to point B, drop-off object X (completely detach from it), then fly-off into the sunset, with object X remaining where it was placed?Cheers,Jim
  13. "The F-18 is using many new systems that can be applied to any modern military jet."How will this work with 3rd party developers?For example: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=130541)Will they need to build 2 aircraft? a)FSX-SP1 b)FSX-SP1-Acceleration2)If they only need to build 1 aircraft
  14. Hey Gary,I think you are probably right about the mesh, and mesh resolution settings, having done about as much good as they can. As you stated they smooth in some areas, and generate bumps in others, as determined by the surrounding terrain.Although my computer skills are limited, I feel it may be
  15. If I have 76m mesh installed, but set the mesh resolution to 10m, does FSX use the 76m as is, or does it interpolate because of the 10m setting? Thanks,Jim
  16. Hey Manny,Try this, open the panel.cfg, for that aircraft. Look for this line (render_3d_window=0), change it to (render_3d_window=1).Hope this helps,Jim
  17. I have reinstalled 4 times without having to call Microsoft.Cheers,Jim
  18. >I haven't found it either>>clicking + and - only changes the zoom, not the actual>distance. If you zoom too far out you get that wide angle>lens effect, where straight lines "bend." While holding down the Ctrl key, hold down the + or - key.Hope this helps,Jim
  19. Hey Airbus,Try using "Ctrl + (+)" and "Ctrl + (-)", to change the view distance.Hope this helps,Jim
  20. Hey Jim,Thanks for getting back to me. I used disk 1 to uninstall FSX, then I used the following procedure to remove the folder that it was in. --(right click)Start / (left click)Explore / Program Files / Microsoft Games / Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Delete).After doing the above, I did not find any folders in the other locations. However, when I followed the same procedure when removing FS9, there were folders in the other locations, that still needed, to be removed.I did notice that the FSX folder that I removed seemed to be fairly small. So, ether the uninstaller does a good job of uninstalling, or I am just not finding everything.If you would recommend a procedure, I'll reinstall, to see if it seems to do a fuller uninstall, then I one that I used.Thank you,Jim
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