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  1. Here is a sequence featuring the CLS 747 climbing away from JFK into a stormy night. Hope you enjoyed!
  2. Plainplane

    Getting back in the game

    Thank you everyone! My new rig came last week, and while I was waiting I had a lot of time to think and contemplate, it was a very tough decision indeed with all of the new developments in the flight sim world. I figured I'd start with what was familiar to me and so I got Prepar3D, and so far I purchased the CLS 747, DC-10, QW 757, and the REX airport texture pack. In the future I will be saving up some more and hopefully get some of PMDG's airplanes, X-Plane 11, and a proper flight control setup, but in the mean time it is quite exciting to be flying in the virtual skies again. I've posted some screenshots in the other subforum as well. Cheers!
  3. Plainplane

    TWA 757 JFK-MCO

    Today I did a flight from Kennedy to Orlando in Prepar3D with the QualityWings 757. Climbing away from New York. My flight plan kept me parallel to the east coast cruising at FL380. Fast forward to initial descent. Approaching from the north, to proceed on a downwind right base for 35R. Gentle touchdown. Taxi to the gate. Bonus: nostalgia and the modern era come together. Hope you enjoyed!
  4. Plainplane

    A Classic Scene

    I used to see these take off all the time at SFB 10 years ago. Gosh I miss it.
  5. Plainplane

    Taking To The Sky

    My first screenshot in a long long time, featuring the CLS 747 in Prepar3D. Enjoy!
  6. Plainplane

    Getting back in the game

    Hello all... it's been quite a long time since I've been on here and mingled with one of my favorite passions, but now I'm back and just about ready to take to the virtual skies again! After having gone years without my beloved flight simulator machine as I refocused my priorities on home and car ownership, developing personal and professional relationships, and all the while running around the Orlando airports photographing the local airplanes, I've saved up enough and just recently purchased myself a new high-end computer dedicated to flight simulation, and it will be landing at my door within a couple weeks! Since I originally registered on these forums, I have matured greatly and worked hard to overcome many obstacles that I have faced in my life thus far, and I hope for a warm reception as I continue my journey and get back into the virtual cockpit again! Cheers!
  7. Plainplane

    Conduit Malware

    Most of the times that people get Conduit or another malicious software, it is because the user is tricked into clicking a link or advertisement to an illegitimate website where you believe you are getting something that you want, i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Skype, but the software that is installed is actually packed with malware or viruses. In many of these cases, when someone does a search on Google or Yahoo, the ads or "sponsored links" appearing above or next to the legitimate search results titled with "download now latest version here free" etc actually go to the fake sites. Most likely that is how you got it. Sometimes the junk can easily be removed from Programs and Features in the control panel, other times however they dig in and really screw things up, making new illegitimate ads and popups appear, hijacking your home page settings, and attempting to steal your personal information. Often times these malicious software are also paired with viruses or change settings behind your back to make you more vulnerable to infection. Really despicable people behind this stuff. A really good utility to help you avoid dangerous websites is "Web of Trust", a free plugin which indicates which sites are good or bad. It is available for all browsers, Windows and Mac:
  8. Plainplane

    So, What Happened to AVSIM?

    Tom, Thank you for all the hard work that you and everyone on Team AVSIM have been performing to get everything back online.
  9. Plainplane

    Aircraft You Have Been On

    This thread is old but I will add mine:Boeing 757-200 - Delta, Song, ContinentalAirbus A320-232 - JetBlue AirwaysCessna 172Cessna 152
  10. I think this is an issue with Vista not recognizing that the application is trying to close and instead assuming that the program is not working correctly.FS2004 was designed and released well before Vista so I think it is a compatibility issue.