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  1. Nice! Looks like FDS... Is it? I am debating whether to go all FDS. If it is or isn't how do you like or where did you get it?
  2. I believe it's all due to the fact that Ferd finally got ponderosa patched up when he applies it to projects of the new announcementy and now that weights match.... Ponsky's humming along nicely........As a result of all that..... Whatever hit a home run which scored Who from first What from second and I dunno from third.All due to the fact that Already next sim is the makes so i don't wait
  3. How in the heck are you able to grab the exact same location for the second shot as for the first? And I do mean exact down to the every detail and alignment cept for the sky variation. And the refelction of the sun on the water in the same location except there is no sun in the second shot.
  4. I'm on my way to the funny farm, where life is beatiful all the time, and I'll be happy to see those nice young in in their clean white suits. I'm on my way to the funny farm haha hoho heehee.........
  5. I have always used FSBuild for route planning. Gives you the option to save the plan in a wide variety of formats. Just tell it where your ASX is installed and then in ASX just import the plan and your done.
  6. I definitely would be willing to donate to help. I definitely value the updates and think others do too.Hank
  7. I purchased mine through Naturalpoint. At the time they had and I believe they still have a 30 day money back tryout. But......... after 5 minutes you'll forget about returning it. I use the clips on the hat and never have a problem. I use my headset alot and having something clipped to it I would worry about it breaking, especially when it is not in use. I wouldn't want to unmount it constantly either to keep it safe. The hat clip is durable and works great. Try it first as the clip is way overpriced I think and is not any more accurate.And yes it will fit fine on a laptop. You'll be surprised at how small it actually is.... and oh yea... like everyone says you won't ever fly a 2D cockpit again and will wonder why you waited so long!
  8. For you LD767 VC addicts ( me included) try setting your ( or really deselecting) the high resolution VC setting. I did this and gained a couple of FPS. Really helps at the busy airports. Until DX10 is out and I go to Vista and a new system with the lates Video cards. I don't try and push the limits with FSX or the LD763. I did not fly FSX after first trying it when it came out until the LD767 was ready. I flew the FS9 version online almost 95% of the time. The FSX version is as good as the FS9 version with the high res off I think and the new FMS and VNAV is truely realistic.
  9. Great !!!! Thanks Damian for the quick response. The reson I ask is that With ASX up and running on the client PC and X Graphics up and running on the server ASX says there is no X Graphics installed on the PC ( Which there isn't since it's on the server) I can't laucnh X GRaphics from the client but it does appear to have the Launch ( or enable) weather influenced Graphics button available on the server versio of X Graphics. I never was asked for a location of X Graphgics when installing ASX on the client which is really what makes me ask if it mattered.Thanks again for being #1 in both Aviation Simulation Add-ons and continued Worldwide support you guys provide for your line of products.Hank Adam
  10. Quick question If I have ASX installed on a client PC does it matter if I install X Graphics on the server or the client PC. What I am getting at is that my FSX PC ( server) is much faster than my client PC I have ASX installed on the client. Am iI ok with X Graphics being on the FSX PC and am I getting the weather infuenced Graphics from the client PC.ThankHank
  11. Thanks !! That did it, it also fixed my TrackIR4 that stopped functioning also.
  12. I am having te same problem with Track IR4 I'll give that a shot also. I assume I just copy and paste the line and edit it to local ( as it was originally I believe). Jim/Damian ... if that's the case maybe the doc's should readt to add a comm line and edit it to add in the global settng. That way this won't be an ongoing support question or issueThanks for being the "BEST" Support in the Universe. As a customer I hope I speak for everyone when I say I always feel like I am valued customer each and every time I have a question or problem ( which is very infrequent)Hank ADam
  13. Hey Guys !Coudn't wait till today and it's like Christmas. Networked install of the bundle went fine. Did a couple of quick flights and loved the graphics additions. Had to change to daytime as I couldn't wait till morning :). I use Track IR4, have Jeppesen Simcharts installed as well as EFBFSX and FSINN which are all accessed from the Add-Ons drop down Just noticed that since installing ASX and XG this evening I no longer have the drop down menu for Add-Ons.Just wondering if you guys have run into this during testing at all and if so what do I need to do? I am not even going to mess with anything tonight as it's late. Learned along time ago not to play with things when you start to get tired.BTW I Have ASX on a client PC while I have AG on the FSX PC. Comunications are fine BTWE between the two. The AI Traffic Test worked fine as well as Weather updates.Thanks a million for another Great Product !!!!! And BTW the way I think both are worth every penney if not more. If anyone thinks it's a little pricey. Take out a second mortgage or do whatever you have to do to get em. You won't regret it one second !!Thanks
  14. Just downloaded them today for LDS. I fly KATL a lot and will post back in a few days.Thanks
  15. I run FS9,FSBuild on my Wideserver and ASV65 and SB3 on my wideclient CP. Works fine so if your having problems just install FSBuild on your Wideserver and you'll have no problems. Just make usre that in the options in FSBuild you browse all the way down to the correct ASV65 folder so that you get windsaloft data for FSBuild for flight planning.
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