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  1. Reply to this topic Page 10 of 10 8 9 10 Back to The Level D 767 and PIC 767 Unofficial Forum · Next Unread Topic There have been 445 of your fellow community members and guests in the forums and elsewhere on AVSIM within the last 15 minutes! this windows clones for you m
  2. Clay, who had 4,700 hours in the air, and Polehinke, with 5,424. You are right about that. I withdraw my referance to the comair crash. But I stand by the point of the statement. I had a brief experience as an RJ captain and when a new hire FO asks why he can't find any "J Routes" and you see he is looking on a Low Chart you start to wonder. They pay these guys $20 an flight hour, (cheaper seats) who do they think they are going to get. Im not saying they are bad guys or bad pilots, they grabbed an oppurtunity any pilot might, but they are in over their heads. I had one guy let go of the controls as he was blowing through the localizer (IMC into DCA) and say "you got it!" (after letting go). I quit that job because it takes 2 guys to operate the airplane and that company is just ripe for a crash. Its not FS9. Its flying IMC into LaGuardia or Philadelphia on a friday evening with non stop radio communications going on and runway changes 10 miles from the airport, Descend, turn and slow while you reconfigure for approach and brief a new approach, Its busy busy busy and its takes teamwork and competance and it's so much fun. Unfortunately, it is cheaper to kill people every so often than to invest in quality pilots, flight attendants, mechanics etc...
  3. Stop claiming that passengers have the right to do this or be treated like that. Where do you think they get these rights from, did I miss something in the bill of rights about air travel?. You can choose whatever airline you like and if it does not work out go elsewhere. Airline passengers will not pay more for better service. They choose cheap seats. Period. "If employees don't feel duly compensated, others will be happy to step in."So you get what you pay for which is less experienced pilots (kentucky crash, many more to come), inability to absorb delays because crews are scheduled for longer days approaching limits, no more backup equipment, etc...It is bus travel. Passengers show up in cut off jeans and flip flops and expect concorde service. Charter a jet or sit down and shut up, cheapskates.
  4. this guy falsifies his fps for some reason, i guess he feels bad about blowinin all that money and only getting 15 to 25 fps. anyway i don't care what he does but don't use him as a guide for upgrade. see his post in screenshot forum.
  5. well, I think that if someone could develop an aircraft that did not display the extremely exagerated adverse yaw that is apparent on many of these models, we would be moving in a positive direction with regard to hand flying the aircraft on final. I see many references to rudder pedal inputs on these forums and I must say that rudder inputs on jet transports are for emergency use and crosswinds, most pilots feet go flat on the floor once safely accelerating clean and dont come back on till approach and then just to guard for engine failure or hardover and be ready to brake and for crosswind inputs. There is also a misconception that an airplane, at altitude, would use autopilot rudder inputs, via the yaw damper, to compensate for crosswinds. I can assure you that is not true but i here it even from check airmen. Apparent wind is straight on the nose with momentary variations that result from the laws of inertia, not aerodynamics. Any apparent "crab angle" only exists with regard to ground track and are transparent to the aircaft's aerodynamic awareness. And no one uses the rudder to sneak back to the localizer, no one.
  6. would have been polite to make that comment through e-mail, as it would have been for this one as well.
  7. I for one have always enjoyed reading about other enthusiasts' work on PIC and other products. It is the same spirit that led to PIC in the first place and to many of the mods and merges we all enjoy. The discouraging remarks of a few serve no interests at all. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!
  8. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=e...-8%26oe%3DUTF-8
  9. W it in the InterNet on the way is regular, will possibly already or other project after the slogan "I builds themselves mine own airbus" to have discovered. How however does this Freaks create it to realize distributed over several monitors, different points of view of the FS2002
  10. http://forums.avsim.com/user_files/22708.jpg
  11. Here now Lee Ponskey am what i ask! SO it is to patch up!!!
  12. Now the month of this is anniversal, so you say Hip Hip Hay!. My freinds to all you saying congratulations.. I Know! I have luck of nothing to finding file xxrotflmao. Cat 3? Cat 3? I say it "Cat 3"xxrotflmao.cat3 ? to be applied on Ponskey is not ok for the nose of the jet is gone 3 weeks now.
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