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  1. Different priorities indeed. I would have bought a car that's actually capable of turning and providing an enjoyable driving experience versus something obnoxious that I can take to the country club and brag about to my golfing buddies about. At any rate, I took Jetline's entry level computer and built it myself on Newegg using whatever was available, not searching for any extraordinary deals. $850 to build it myself versus the $1650 that Jetline charges. Lol. I'm sure I could bring that down even more if I tried shopping around even the tiniest bit on the components. Draw your own conclusions. You mean sort of like this thread which has devolved into us comparing incomes and bragging about how important we are such that we don't have the time to do the silly things peasants do, like build computers? I built my first computer in four hours. You're telling me you're so busy that you can't carve four hours out of a Saturday afternoon to do something you enjoy? Nonsense. -chester mcgonigle
  2. You know your company better than I do obviously, but I think a business case could be made for a "lite" model of a business jet if you plan on marketing a DC6 which can't have any more interest than a proper business jet would. I'd love to see a Challenger myself. The company I work for has 5 of them and every once in a while I get to ride on one. :D -john paul
  3. I see what you're saying. The lines on the PMDG are smoother like they should be, whereas the iFly lines are more squared off and angled. -john paul
  4. That depends. I'm looking at building a system right now, a 2500K actually, and I've cross shopped both NewEgg and Microcenter. While Microcenter does beat Newegg on price with certain components, they still charge sales tax in my state, whereas NewEgg doesn't. For a $1200+ system, that equals a $115 difference between the two, such that NewEgg is actually significantly cheaper than Microcenter is for the same system. Plus, NewEgg has a better selection, I couldn't get exactly what I wanted from Microcenter, where I could with NewEgg. -john paul
  5. UPS has 744Fs scheduled for delivery, and a 744F technically is a 744.Fictional liveries have never stopped PMDG before so it's a moot point. I'm looking forward to a FedEx or a UPS livery.
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