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  1. Thanks YoYo. Actually in that forum someone suggested how to solve the problem and seems to be working, at least for me. Just turn off the "'Enable Advanced Mouse Controls" option in P3D and everything is back to normality.
  2. Hello Keven, I have this kind of problem with all planes in P3Dv5 even when disabling Scroll Zoom. Do you have any tip about it? Many thanks.
  3. Thank you for the corrections in v.4.3b but to me those lights reflections are still weird and unnatural.
  4. Many thanks for your help. Kind regards. Alberto
  5. Hello, I noticed an unusual behavior of XPDR in the 35. When selecting zero as first digit of a code, my transponder remove it. I'm wondering if it's a problem only regarding me or if this is another issue in P3Dv5. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I wish to report also some excessive reflection of NAV lights and Beacon light in P3Dv5.
  7. QCaptain, sorry for confusing. My post was an answer to peppy about the MilViz Kingair 350. Thanks for your help though.
  8. peppy, I purchased the FSX version. I don't have P3D installed on my PC. Still enjoying FSX! ^_^
  9. Maybe Carenado could save their 550 by providing a different (optional) cockpit using old style avionics instead of current. They could replace that useless MFD with a fake radar instead and get rid of the FMS. If they also could fix the autopilot, it could become a flyable, more realistic, "old generation" Citation. Bad idea?
  10. peppy, I don't want to contraddict you but how do you explain, then, the great success of PMDG, A2A and Majestic planes? I am not so sure that most of simmers are basic untrained hobbyst. Furthermore Carenado people were aware of the "basic" level of the 550 and they shouldn't have priced it at a similar level of the Dash 8Q or the BAe 4100. Two days ago I purchased the Milviz Kingair 350 and even if still in a Beta stage is far better than the Citation and the price is very close.
  11. I do agree with both of you. Piston planes are quite good (even if nothing compared to A2A) but when they started with sophisticated turboprops and jets they totally failed. A true pity because I am (still) looking for a good quality private jet and now I am not anymore looking hopefully for the Hawker. :(
  12. Hello, since you asked for it I will tell you my (partial) experience with the 550. I am sorry to say but Carenado really disappointed me wit this addon. Considering the price I expect that PMDG will put their coming 747 v2 on the market at a price around $500... I will report here just a short list of the numerous bugs that I could notice during my first two flights: 1) FMS PWR/DIM button just turns ON and OFF the display. Does not switch the system nor reset it. 2) Pressing NAV button on the FMS turns the autopilot ON!!!!! :huh: 3) POS INIT page does not allow to insert the initial position ident. 4) I have not been able to insert airways into the FMS flight plan. 5) MSG, DATA, TUNE, NAV and VNAV buttons doesn't work. 6) MFD doesn't display the FMS route. 7) TCAS traffics are totally unrealistic and... weird. 8) On groud Wind Vector is displayed on HSI and MFD!!! 9) ILS: G/S captured before LOC. ILS totally unstable. 10) First Radio Altimeter call "5 Hundreds" instead of "25 Hundreds". 11) DTO (Direct TO) function on the FMS is not dispalyed on the HSI and the Autopilot doesn't follow it. I stopped taking notes of all the bugs. I will put this addon in the Hangar until Carenado will fix it (if they ever will). Pity, 45 dollars wasted. To me the plane today is at a freeware quality, apart for the VC graphics, I would strongly suggest you to wait with your purchase until it will be fixed. Hope will help
  13. I have them both. Farnborough is a little more fluid than Fairford but both are well done. Consider that Farnborough gives you also a normal airport and an FSX free update is expected.Buy one this month and the other on next as I did, so wifey won't complaint! ;-)
  14. This is all what I've read about. Don't know if may help.http://dev.fsinsider.com/freeflight/Pages/...ingShift-Z.aspx
  15. could be this http://www.visualflight.net/fairford/ or this http://www.visualflight.info/products/farnboroughhope will help.
  16. Hi all,I've seen in the library many addons to improve quality and FPS in FSX. Many of them are by Tom Knudsen.Do you use and would you recommend them? I also use a commercial texture booster program, could be any conflict between them?Many thanks for your answer.Alberto
  17. >Most likely a extreem wind shift pushed your aircraft in>overspeed or stall condition for just too long time period :-)>>>Regards, >>GerritNo, Gerrit. This is a common mistake, pardon me if i am correcting you. The wind in flight isn't the same you feel on ground. On ground you are stuck to the Earth and you feel the wind effect on yourself. In the air you are unchained and you move WITH the wind. What the wind affect is JUST your Ground Speed (GS). Your plane is like in a static box of air around itself and this box (air mass) is freely moving over the Earth. Noway to go in overspeed or stall due to the wind then...
  18. Hello,I think many of us will be interested about this.http://www.boeing.com/commercial/787family/787premiere.htmlMy best wishes to the Boeing family!!!Alberto
  19. Thank you for the help.No, I didn't change anything in the video card settings. It could be some addon aircraft that changed some textures maybe? I am not an expert but could be this problem related to alpha channel?
  20. Hey, give a look to this also.http://www.flightsim.com/cgi/kds?$=main/howto/ilstutor.htmHappy Landings!
  21. Hi all.Can someone help me to solve this problem that suddenly appeared in my FSX?As you can see the canopy glass is not transparent as it was before and this happen with most of my planes now...Many thanks for your help.Alberto
  22. Jim, Todd, thank you so much for your help!Jim was right, I had F1 view utility installed (probably installed along with another addon) and that was causing the problem. I cancelled and now everything is back to normal operations.Nice to meet friends who helps on here!Thanks all, wish you a nice weekend.Alberto
  23. No Jim, thank you for your answer but I don't have Flight1 view utility. :-(
  24. Hello, I hope someone will be able to help me.Suddenly (maybe after some new a/c installation) my mouse changed in VC. Before I could use the wheel to command knobs and switches in the cockpit, now when I use the wheel i just get zoom in or zoom out and I cannot command the switches anymore.Does someone know how to reset the mouse at it was before?Many thanks.Alberto
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