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  1. OK, Bryan and Manuel, After some testings with several planes and on multiple airports, I've found only one major issue : when switching languages (to get a french speaking ground team when going to a french airport, for example), UGCX takes a very loooooooong time to reload, as if it was scanning again the whole sim scenery. Is this normal, or maybe I am doing something wrong ?
  2. Thanks Bryan I've done the change you suggested and the loading times are a tad faster than before. Well done ! I'll be back to you after further tests. H.R
  3. I tried to load a scenario with the 1.2 version correctly installed (after having deleted the UCGX folder in my appdata, obviously). Stutters, very long scenery indexing time (fast method ???) and "Ultimate Ground Crew X loading data" message during 5 to 10 minutes each time I modify something in the options menu... Please give us back the 1.0 version ! Thanks.
  4. Yep... Words are not enough. No demo : no purchase, even with a 50% discount. For now, I just can see that the only real benefit for UGCX vs competitor is the elimination of the dreaded couatl.exe from my system. A big asset for me, must admit. Wait and see...
  5. Hello all ! I'm unable to access URP site. https://ultimaterealismpack.weebly.com Any clue ? Thanks
  6. No problem, Dave. But I don't understand ; NWWW com frequencies are indeed available in FSX/P3D original database (not checked in X-Plane). I'm able to contact tower, ground or whatever when in Noumea Tontouta. Anyway : not a big issue for me. Thanks again for this top-notch program. Henri
  7. I'm unable to make P2ATC v2 show the correct frequencies for my home airport NWWW (P3D3 and X-Plane 10.45). It gives me only the tower or ATIS frq from NWWM (the domestic airport 25 NM away). Any idea ? Thanks by advance... HR
  8. Thanks alot, Jim ! No problem at all and everything works OK. Henri R
  9. Hello Jim, I'm another poor 767 captain grounded by this stupid door problem... Could you please send me the keys... sorry, the link for your gauge, so that I'm able to take off ? Thank you very much by advance ! Henri R.
  10. Yes please, it would be perfect !Many thanks again for your superb work...Henri R
  11. Excellent guide indeed ! But how do you print it to make it usable ? I tried everything to do a pdf, but no way...Thanks anyway.Henri R
  12. Hello everybody,Just poppin' in to tell you that I don't know if the Maddog is the most complicated simulation in FS galaxy, but what I'm sure is that it's the most complicated to get one's hand on ! Purchased it last Friday, had to wait until monday just to get a download link. Then, I've waited 'til wednesday morning to get an unlocking key.So, I'm a happy camper and I launch the monster... direct CTD !Carefully consulted the forums : "problem is now solved, download the new exe file !"... Wilco (ooops, sorry !). Got the hole thing on my computer again through my asthmatic internet connection. And then... corrupted file. Re-redownload... corrupted file again ! Now, I'm waiting for Italy to wake up... This was my own experience. Never again with Leonardo ! You can't beat F1 wrapper system. Henri R
  13. Hi Carmine, Yes, you'd better be flying. Chris "Trebuchet" is a very well known simmer in the little french simming communities, and she's trully "impationned", like she says in her funny "frenglish". She has nothing to do with marketing, she's just a very kind women trying to plainly live her passion for flight simulation. There's nothing "between the lines", my friend : just somebody who wishes to share a very strong flight sim experience. Next time, just try to investigate before writing nonsenses...RegardsHenri (NWWW)
  14. Thanks alot, Mark ! In fact, the problem came from my default web navigator (Opera). For an unknown reason, it recognized the zip file as an exe file (?!?). Than I used IE, and voil
  15. Hello,Very confused now. I'm dowloading 744 F file for the second time. First time, I've got a 71 Mo .exe file and when I opened it, I just got a ms.dos style black window and nothing else. So I assumed the file was corrupted and I'm now downloading it again (speed : only 6 kb/s).I've read in another thread that the file should be a .zip one. So, my question is : .exe file or .zip file, and what is the exact size of it ?Thank you by advanceHenri
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