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  1. Here's an issue I have with the voice control... it rarely works for me when I'm in the sim. My computer's voice recognition is trained to recognize my voice. However, I think the problem is the extra sounds from the engines and other simulated cockpit fans in the sim and my computer microphone is picking up those sounds. When I have other windows open, such as vPilot, and have that window selected no sound from the sim is active through my computer speakers. It is at that point that the speech recognition accuracy gets significantly better and FS2Crew works as designed. Does anyone have any suggestions that will help?
  2. I tried using Voice Commands for the first time in a couple years tonight and it would not let me run the descent checklist. Whenever I would call for it, the speech recognition would think I'm saying "off schedule descent checklist" and do nothing, regardless of if my diction was clear or not.
  3. You are correct that I'm wanting to use what I've purchased. The P3D came into the mix from my oversight of mentioning originally which platform I'm flying it on. My OP was edited to reflect which platform. In my original post, I did mention and quote the reply from PMDG support.
  4. The installer is still in my orders list and I can still download the file. However, without a way to activate my product the file is useless. 😢
  5. Thanks for the apparent attempt to assist, Dave. I should have clarified the platform I'm using is FSX.
  6. Life gets in the way sometimes. I'm sure many people can understand this when it comes to our hobby passion for flying. Such is the case with me. I had purchased the PMDG MD-11 when it was first released. I was even one of the voices for FS2Crew's add-on for the aircraft. Sadly, I never took the time to dive into this beautiful example of aviation history. Now that I'm getting to the point in my life where I have more time to get back in the virtual skies, I would love to be able to use what I purchased. Unfortunately, I see it is no longer offered on the website and I understand that it doesn't make business sense to keep a product on the shelves if there's no demand for it. However, let's keep the legacy products going and support those who still have them in their order history. I had reached out to PMDG support in mid-August about the "License Not Found" issue and was informed by Chris Makris that "The MD11 activator is currently not working, We are aware of this and investigating but any solution will not be provided before the release of the 747-8 I am afraid." Well, it seems that the Queen's upgrade to the -8 has been completed. Should I have hopes of being able to fly the MD-11 in FSX?
  7. Where is the file located so I can make the shortcut (and install liveries)? I'm running FSX:SE. Disregard. I found my answer in another thread.
  8. That was the pill to cure my problem. Thanks guys.
  9. Can someone tell me if I'm missing fonts and that's the reason this is happening? If so, how do I correct it? Oh, btw, there's nothing showing up in the setup section (font wise) so I can't tell what I've got in the way of realistic alignment settings.
  10. Getting an account with Navigraph has been a highly invaluable resource for me. Plus, for terminal procedures that aren't covered by the new AIRAC cycles, check out Terry Yingling's http://www.planepath.comNote: some of the terminal proceedures on PlanePath will revert to an older, out of date AIRAC so be carefull. I use it for my LDS763 and FT EMB145.
  11. Ben,Thank you. That's just what the paint doctor ordered. :D
  12. Ben,Would you, by any chance, happen to have the link for the T7 repaint for American Airlines? Thanks in advance.
  13. Is there a place where I can get correct SID/STAR info for FS2Crew for the U.S. airports I fly out of? Also, is there a way to change the flight number FS2Crew uses? Example, (I know this idea has been suggested for the airline before) I'm flying AAL64 from KJFK to LZSH (Zurich, Switzerland). Yet, the voice sets still use Jetset 266 and the paperwork generated by the program doesn't have LZSH as the arrival point.
  14. rjornd

    Changing info

    Whenever I try to update my customer info on the PSS site, I get this:"Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e57' String or binary data would be truncated. /members/updateuser.asp, line 65"Just thought you should know. :)
  15. After reading Ryan's response the first thing that popped into my head was; "Everything is possible. However, everything is not always probable." In short, give up on the idea of any kind of C172. There's probably not much of a demand for it which would explain why only one developer out of all that are out there has actually tackled the project.I agree with the rest of the group, though. The biz jet and bush a/c have been neglected far too long. :)
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