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  1. Yes that is very true, I should've said the sepia mask looked horrendous practically everywhere but particularly bad at attitude.
  2. The sepia mask looked horrendous at high altitude, the low level lighting was good. Therefore they should increase light rendering distance with altitude not just change a hard coded variable and say "we've fixed it". Come on, a bit more intelligence is needed here instead of reading down the feedback wish list, picking off the low hanging fruit then calling it done.
  3. I'm curious about the items marked as not started yet have implementation dates (patch number) assigned to them.
  4. The selected altitude (top right of PFD) would show the selected altitude +/- the calculated feet as baro was changed, but only did it with autopilot disengaged. I just jumped in and checked it appears to have been fixed which is fantastic.
  5. I spotted an issue the last time I flew the Caravan, not sure if it's been fixed since: With the autopilot disengaged, select an altitude. Now adjust baro. The selected altitude should NOT change, but it does.
  6. Yep, I noticed autogen had some changes in the previous patch too, lots of buildings have been replaced with ones that look objectively worse/incorrect and oriented differently to those at launch. Possibly via blackshark or OSM? It's impossible to tell as Asobo don't list everything in the changelog.
  7. Photogrammetry (the technology) can be as high fidelity as required for any given application. The problem here is that the application was light-weight mapping software. These assets were never created with such close inspection in mind. Flight sim specific photogrammetry will come with time as it becomes more widespread. Indeed, anyone with a camera, the right software and some knowhow can make use of this technology, to any level of complexity they deem appropriate.
  8. Isn't this why directStorage is being developed? The new consoles are pretty much using nvme drives for this very purpose. It's not as quick as dedicated vram but it enables the GPU direct access to vast amounts of reasonable rapid (by comparison) storage.
  9. Also let's not forget, the default performance data already matches POH.
  10. A lot of the praise needs to be put into perspective here. Asobo are without a shadow of a doubt putting the bulk of their resources into fixing/expanding the core simulation, and yes that includes creating soon to be released paid for DLCs. These world updates (4-6 per year) are mostly updated Bing assets and AI (blackshark) improvements which we've known from the start will be added as and when available, the hand crafted objects are mostly sub-contracted (Gaya in this instance) POIs and airports. It's not about team sizes or skill sets, anyone (and I say that with obvious caveats) can make 3D assets and landing challenges, which is why the dev team are not doing the bulk the work here. They have much bigger fish to fry.
  11. They had open testing for over a year and still didnt/couldn't address all of the problems before pushing the 'go' button.
  12. There is no update, it's just a poorly worded notice apparently. It is basically highlighting that when a mandatory update is available, you need to relaunch to apply it.
  13. The simple answer is don't contact them in the first place, or if you have contacted them, change the frequency.
  14. I'm guessing the 10.39 hour 'longest flight' mentioned in the tweet included at least one mid-air refuel? 😋
  15. I thought your signature was part of the post for a second. 😵
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