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  1. Actually I was hoping for something like that. I personally do not need the B744, I just wanted the B748, hence I did not buy the B744 yet. Still I'm thinking of buying both just for the sake of having the B748 at some point.
  2. Hi,I've flown on:A300-600R (Lufthansa)A319-100 (Air Berlin)A320-200 (Air Berlin)A321-100 (Lufthansa)B737-400 (SkyAirlines)B737-800 (Air Berlin, HapagFly (today TuiFly), Air Europa)CRJ700 (LH Cityline)BAe146-300 (Eurowings)MD82 (MNG Airlines)Tu154M (Siberia Airlines (today S7)And some other old Russian turboprops, but I was to small to remeber.Next ones (I haven't flown with yet): CRJ900 (Eurowings), B777-300, B747-400 (both British Airways)
  3. Hi,well, I know my ICQ number, both of my cell phone numbers, my parents' cell phone numbers, my giro account number and even the serial key of my (not anymore used) Windows XP setup - I guess that's not better? :(
  4. Hi,yeah - today my very first credit card arrived! And it's ready^^ Unfortunately I'm not at home this weekend, but I hope I can test the voice commander by next week.
  5. Hi,I have two buttons on my joystick, which I didn't use (gear and kneeboard).
  6. Hello,ok, thanks. Hope there will be something in near future ;)
  7. Hello,any news on it? The PMDG744X and FS2Crew for it is already released, so are there any plans to do a Cargo-Update to FS9-Version?
  8. Hello,great News, I look forward to fly this baby in FSX - but this will take a few months, because my computer ist'n even strong enough, to fly with PMDG744 in FS9 at all sliders on max.So my question: the 50% discount is valid until 31. dec. - so I want to buy the Jumbo before next year, but I can't really use it. So I would like to know, what the FS9 Tweaks for the 744 are and how they will in-/decrease the performance.Thanks and sorry for my English^^Regards,Dimitri
  9. Hello Bryan,thanks for the answer.The failures in FSPassengers are engine fails, flameouts, gear doesn't go down or up, decrease of pressure (sorry, if this sounds a bit strange, my English is not perfect) and many others. I wanted to know if I can manage it witzh FS2Crew, for example when I have a engine flameout. What would the copilot say or what about the options in FS2Crew?Sorry, I don't really know much about FS2Crew (I just read a review about the ATR version, but it sounded very interesting).Regards,Dimitri Alymowhttp://virtual.planepictures.net/search.cgi?dalymow@yahoo.de
  10. Hello,the screenshots look very cool, I'm very intrested in FS2Crew for the 747. But one question: is it compatible with FSPassengers, especially with the failures?Thanks for answering.Regards,Dimitri Alymowhttp://virtual.planepictures.net/search.cgi?dalymow@yahoo.de
  11. Hello>p.s. i am very interested on the 757, much more than on the CS>or Lvld one! me too :)
  12. Hello together,wow, this cockpit looks amazing!but i've got a question to the models: will there be a cargo-version of the 757, too?thanks for answering.DimitriP.S. sorry, my english is not so very good.
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