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  1. romoni

    Load manager issue

    I use AivlaSoft EFB via RouteFinder to do a flight plan and save it to Flight Simulator X Files .pln formats. After that I open Maddog X Load Manager -> Fuel/Route Planner -> Load from Flight Simulator X Files plan I made with EFB and after that I save the plan to Maddog X Files/Routes folder and there it is .mdr format. Easy way and works very well IMO.
  2. romoni

    Maddog X weights

    Thank You Dave. I planned put those values to Topcat. Rolf
  3. Hello! FSX SE version - a one question. Are these number of the weights correect: DOW = 38175 kg MZFW = 55338 kg MTOW = 67812 kg MLW = 58967 kg Passanger = 166 Cargo Capasity = 6892 kg Fuel Capasity = 16755 kg Thank You Rolf
  4. romoni

    GSX Airplane Config

    Hi again Barth! Well done - thank You very much for Yours help! Rolf
  5. romoni

    GSX Airplane Config

    Hi Barth! Thank You very much Yours help! Rolf
  6. romoni

    GSX Airplane Config

    As I said my first post - I tryed to do a airplane customization by my self but all went wrong.
  7. romoni

    GSX Airplane Config

    Yes - I did. I asked this first from FSDT forum without help a few weeks ago. I don't need GSX push back function necessarily but I would like use those other function like cargo loading and mayby a fuel truck or de-ice function. That's why I asked help from this forum because there is very helpfully people. If somebody could help me I would be very happy. Rolf
  8. Well - I tryed to do a airplane customization by my self but all went wrong. Could somebody professional help with these PMDG DC-6A and DC-6B, please? Rolf
  9. romoni

    Simple DC-6 Checklist

    Thank You! Rolf
  10. romoni

    Simple DC-6 Checklist

    Hi Gary! Yes - It would be nice if You could post the Checklist via PM to me, too. Thank You Rolf
  11. romoni

    A Screen go black

    Hello! Thank You Roberto, Ronald and Kyle! I followed a Checklist and set a pressurization as I normally has been done. Before I bought this addon I watched a few videos to learn this aircraft. Then I RTFM but obviosly I missed something but thank You Roberto. You made things very clear to me and I'll follow Yours advise in future. Kyle - yeah, but I just tryed to tell what and where I lost my cognition (mayby a wrong words) and it happened after 15 500 feet. Rolf
  12. romoni

    A Screen go black

    Hello! Today I tryed to fly PAEN-PAJN -> FL170 two times and after I reached about FL155 my screen go little by little black. I can hear engines running and via AivlaSoft EFB I can see that aircraft moving higher and this point I canselled the flight. Very odd situation Any idea about what could cause this problem? First I think about that this is some extra feature and it's affilate to pressure or my computer is going broken... Earlier flight are gone very well without problem and what new is I started using F1 GTN 650 yestarday. Rolf FSX SE - Windows 10 64 bit
  13. romoni

    Update v. 170528

    Ok - Thank You!
  14. Hello! I uninstalled 170526 before installed version 170528 and I found that all floats and ski aircraft was missing in Aircraft menu. Any solutions? FSX SE
  15. Hello! I have a friend who has a problem with FSGenesih Europen mesh bundle pack. As he try to install it he get message like this: "Could not create uninstall data folder: FSGDocs\Uninstall" and installer stops. He asked this from FSGenesis support without any answere. He checked that Windows Register is ok and tryed to install a antivirus off. He has Windows 7 and FS 9.1 Any idea? Rolf Niemi