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  1. I found a one paint from flightsim.to that seems to be working but anyway, it is good to know about where the problem is. Thank You both!
  2. Hi Dave! Yes - I think You are right.
  3. Ok - I found a solution. Throttle moving up/down default paint only. Very odd...
  4. I use WT 0.8.3 mod and it works very well but I found an odd problem. I can't move those Throttle via my CH Products Flight Sm Yoke or mouse. I can fly and Throttle respond the movement of the Yoke but I can't see those movement onto Pedestall. Speedbrake move with mouse without problem. Into Controls Panell all seem to be ok. Sorry - this is a little hard to explain but I hope that somebody understand about what I mean.
  5. Yes - I remenmber very well. Micro$oft hijacked Nokia with Stephen Elop.
  6. Ok - thank You again. I got this working now as I did it a correct way. I tryed change the ID number into Route Page before and not into MOD SET settings menu.
  7. Thank You but I did those trick before I asked here. I can't delete the wrong ID and I can't enter a new ID - that is the odd problem.
  8. I tryed search all files in Flight Simulator folders and found nothing - I deleted Working Title mod an re-start a computer and ran sim again and shut down FS. After that I re-installed Working Title mod and started sim. As I check a Route Page there is my Pilot ID a coordinates of the ESMS airport and I can't change it to correct SimBrief Pilot ID. It is some where in deep into sim. Any help? I have Steam version.
  9. Maybe GUBIN after DKD caused the CTD. But a new oroblem: Has anybody idea that about how I can delete on FMC -> Route Menu -> Wrong Pilot ID (SimBriefF)? Some reason it's gone totally wrong and I can't change it.
  10. First CTD. Mod version 0.8.3. Flight Plan loaded from SimBrief via FMS: ESMS SALLO M736 GALMA Z94 VAGAB Y231 AMOSA N869 ODEGU UN869 TEDGO T724 RILAX LSZH Flight Level 410 CTD happened just before I reached TOD. I used default livery because addon livery caused CTD after I pushed Fly Now. ESMS is from Orbx and LSZH from FSDream Team.
  11. Thank You for this update. ILS landing works perfect now. Rolf
  12. A simple solutions -> re-set all Yours sim settings and save them and re-start sim...
  13. Hi! May I ask that about where I can find FSUIPC 4974b? I have ver 4971 and use FSX SE. Rolf
  14. I use AivlaSoft EFB via RouteFinder to do a flight plan and save it to Flight Simulator X Files .pln formats. After that I open Maddog X Load Manager -> Fuel/Route Planner -> Load from Flight Simulator X Files plan I made with EFB and after that I save the plan to Maddog X Files/Routes folder and there it is .mdr format. Easy way and works very well IMO.
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