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  1. Hello there! I would like to know if Standby power system check is simulated, if I set the Standby Power switch to BAT (with all buses powered), I don't see BAT DISCH an/or BAT DISCH MAIN message in EICAS An another question Another question is the Flight deck access light switch simulated? (upper overhead panel) Paco
  2. Works like a charm!!! A couple of tips when assigning axis: For example, if you want to assign Roll Axis in ChasePlane, make sure you have only ticked that axis in TrackIR (profiles, Motion Adjustment), repeat the same with the rest of them. Forward/Back and zoom in/out axis in ChasePlane are the same, so what I did was only assing forward/back Second Tip! When VJoy is installed, by default creates its own assignments in FSX AXIS, make sure you delete them in FSX Settings, Controls, Control Axes...
  3. All my love and support from Spain for you and your family Tom.
  4. Dude that's Awesome !!!!, love it!
  5. Thanks a lot Bryan and all the team! my pleasure be a proud client and very happy fliying my birds with FS2Crew!
  6. Got it!!! Capatin's Pack! thanks a lot for this superb addon! testing tonight!
  7. Oh yeah, all of them are excited (and dared LOL) having a guy like me as PNF!!!! And yes, package received!!!! BIG THANKS!!!
  8. Sure, no problem. The Best Aviation and Simulation Forum in Spanish http://www.foroaviones.com/foro/simulacion/21430-emergency-ngx-2.html#post509792
  9. This is a big leap in simulation!!! Thanks for this Brian! My pleasure to be a proud owner of FS2Crew products and now, a part of them. Anytime you need my help, just contact me.
  10. Hi Bryan, I'm really interested in Spanish Accent Stuff, please contact me for details: chepacoche@hotmail.com Greetings from Spain Paco

  11. This is very curious, if I pronounce 'auto' properly (standard English accent) sometimes my F/O doesn't recognize it, but if I pronounce it with a strong Spanish accent, no problem at all, sure my F/O is well trained...
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