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  1. Thanks for the response guys! JD, expect a purchase in a month!Victor
  2. I plan to buy RC in about a month but after browsing the forums I realized that version 5 is in the works. Is there an expected time frame for the v5 release? And if I purchase v4.3 now, will my license carry over to v5?Victor
  3. I don't have the Alphasim T-6, but the .cab file should go into the panel folders directly and should not have the contents extracted. You can also put the .cab file in the "gauge" folder in the main FS9 directory so that all three panels can reference it. Did the airplane come with a readme?Victor
  4. >>I have the captain sim Hercules for FS9 (Just flight boxed>>version) and i can start the plane in the virtual cockpit,>and>>without using ctrl+E :-hmmm >>>well, that begs the question - can you start it using the 2D>panels??I have the C-130 and I can start the engines fine in 2D. Maybe the proper procedure was not followed? There's a very nice tutorial available here in the library.Victor
  5. I run FS9 on a laptop and blurries don't seem like a big problem unless I fly ridiculously fast. I bought the Mid-Atlantic package a while ago because I use to live in DC, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it since. My only gripe is that I cannot find any Dulles scenery that will align with it, so I'm stuck with Megascenery's default Dulles, which isn't that exciting. Anyone know of one that does? Freeware or payware?Victor
  6. I think the AC fan noise comes from the panel itself and not the aircraft sounds in the sounds folder. Look in the "Feelthere" folder in your main FS9 folder and see if you can find the fan sound there. You can then reduce the volume with a wav editor. Hope that helps.Victor
  7. Good finding! I'm glad you solved your problem.Victor
  8. Did you check in the panel.cfg file itself to see if the gauges are actually there? Unlikely, but maybe the file got corrupted during installation? Although the readme says otherwise, I installed the service pack over my old install and it seems fine.
  9. You mean the EFIS displays in VC? Mine seems fine here after SP3.Victor
  10. Did you turn "Terrain Extended Textures" on? What altitude are you flying?Victor
  11. Guys, I think you are confusing the FFG Saab with the FFS one. FFS was payware while FFG is freeware and does not come with panel or VC.Victor
  12. This might be what you are looking for:http://forum.va-interair.de/index.php?topic=3558.0Victor
  13. There's a merge by Cameron Dougall that works very well. Go here:http://www.flightsimworld.com/downloads/index.php?dlid=137Victor
  14. Hi, this is my first post!I was also having the same problem with high pitch on the Dreamwings ERJ. I ended up merging the FDE from Nick's ERJ to the Dreamwings model and it is now a lot easier to fly on approach, and the engine rpm aligns with my throttle setting in Bill's ERJ panel as well.Victor
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