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  1. I use FSGenesis because you can get almost the entire FS9 world covered for one reasonable price; FSGenesis is arguably the most popular mesh product- it looks and works fantastic; and the developer's support of the product is excellent.-Brandon
  2. Well as for the absolutely easiest way to add real AI aircraft-- it's probably to buy Ultimate Traffic or a similar program. I've had TTools for a number of years but have never used it. I've downloaded dozens of AI aircraft but I always install them through UT.
  3. They just hit the S key a few times.:-lol
  4. Smart choice to go with XP over Vista. I have Vista on my new laptop and I HATE IT!:-grr What a piece of crap.
  5. I just flew Anchorage to Valdez tonight. Half an hour or so depending upon your aircraft. I love flying in and out of Valdez. Beautiful and dangerous.:-)
  6. Your question was legitimate and there's no way you would have known how sensitive an issue your topic seems to be around here. It's perfectly legal (at least in the U.S.) to make backup copies and there are many legitimate reasons to do so. You shouldn't have to buy the same program twice as insurance against losing or damaging your cd. With that said, I can understand those who do not want to inadvertantly assist someone to steal software. It's a shame that software piracy has lead to virtually complete censorship of any discussion of your topic.
  7. I've had the Wilco/FT CRJ-200 (as well as the 700/900) for a year or so and I like it. I have no idea how accurate the flight dynamics are but it doesn't seem any worse to me than any other payware sim. There are a few limitations in the FMC but I find that as long as I'm not altering the flightplan enroute it works fine. There's more work to flying an RJ without an autothrottle but that may be a plus for some. Once your comfortable with the climb schedule and get a feel for the power settings for what you're trying to do it's enjoyable to fly, IMO. I agree that the FT support could be better but I don't think this product has any major issues at this point.Brandon
  8. Every time I select the US Air Express Dash 8 livery it causes FS9 to crash. The other liveries work fine. I think this started after I changed the flight number. The cfg file looks okay to me, as far as I can tell. I've never modified the textures in any way. Any problems with manually changing the cfg file to modify flight number, airline, etc? Any ideas to fix this issue or should I just reinstall the program?
  9. I'll just add that the panel is truly a work of art. I've never seen a panel which has such a realistic three-dimensional quality to it. The night lighting is also just stunning, imho. I should point out that the virtual cockpit, although also very pleasing eye candy, is not really functional. Still, I definitely recommend it. It's a very enjoyable change from the big jets.Brandon
  10. Ready For Pushback. $35 a few weeks ago. Now free. I think that averages out to about $20.:-lol
  11. FSDiscover has an amazing amount of detail when you enable geographic names (I think that's the name of the feature). I've discovered places within miles of my house that I never knew existed. You can fly over the Grand Canyon and learn the name of every cliff, butte, valley, etc. I don't know of any other product, inside or outside of FS, that can give you this much information, especially on a global scale.
  12. I just had a similar problem with my CH pedals in that the brakes were sticking on. Now that I read your post I realize that the settings too were on "Simple" when I'm sure I had previously set them up in "Advanced" mode. I'm not sure if it's fixed yet but I suspect the problem started when I unplugged them from the computer to use the usb port for something else. Forgot to plug them back in and probably went back into FS9 without them connected. So now I bought an adapter with additional usb ports so I don't have to unplug them any more than is necessary.
  13. Well I can answer one of your questions. FE is amazing. Sunrises and sunsets are spectacular. I sit there with my mouth agape, drool running down my chin, stunned at the beauty that is FE. Okay, maybe I close my mouth before I drool, but it's hard to overstate how gorgeous the sky can be with FE. Day and night textures are also incredible and the default water textures are much improved. There are hundreds of combinations of sky, water, and cloud textures. It's highly customizable and very easy to use. I've taken hundred of screen shots since getting it. Some of the textures may be over the top for some, but it's easy to tone them down to your liking. The only downside is that it completely distracts me from flying. I cannot, however, compare it to AS as I don't have AS yet.
  14. Okay, I'm sold. It will be my next add-on. Thanks for the replies.
  15. I'm using Flight Environment along with the default FS9 weather. I've thought about buying AS for years but I always end up spending my money on a new aircraft or another utility. My question is, if I use AS to generate the weather but continue to use the FE textures, will I notice anything different visually? I'm strictly talking about the appearance of the weather itself. For example, will I see fronts building or different weather patterns that I'm not seeing now?By the way, I've searched other threads but haven't found the answer to this exact question.
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