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    I'm a geek and a scientist. I try to bring a scientific approach to building stuff in my sim, which has been one of my several hobbies for the last 8 years or so... I also run the virtual airline Virtual Blue1 - see www.blue1va.net
  1. In Windows7, there is no way to change the sound acceleration - it was dropped when they moved to DX11 (or perhaps even earlier). I see you are using an AMD graphics card - I am too, and with some drivers I am getting very similar ATC sound stutters... I rcommend you get RadeonPro. This may or may not help you, but the situation with my setup is this: Catalyst Drivers 13.1 and later without RadeonPro - Smooth sim but ATC sound stutter Catalyst Drivers 13.1 and later with RadeonPro - Flickering sim and no ATC sound stutter Catalyst Drivers 12.11.beta6 and earlier without RadeonPro - No flicker or sound corruption but awful FPS performance Catalyst Drivers 12.11.beta6 and earlier with RadeonPro - Very slightly 'stuttery' sim, reasonable FPS (20-30 on 8.19 million pixels resolution) and perfect sound. I have asked about all this on the ReadonPro forum, but the developer does not know why RP is helping here. However, it clearly has an effect. Based on that, I would give RadeonPro a shot. If you are lucky enough to not get the bad flickering, you can try the latest CCC drivers... EDIT: PS. In my case, I strongly doubt that it is an issue with having enough memory or 'grunt' on the processor. It pretty much has to be drivers at some level or another. Good Luck Geoff
  2. Cool topic. A319, A320, A321, A332, A343, AT43, AT45, AT72, AT75, B712*. B733, B734, B735, B737, B738, B752, B763, B77W, C172**, DC10,DC93, DC95, DH8C, DH8D, F27, F70, F100, E145, E170, E175, E190, E195, MD80, MD81, MD82, MD83, MD90, RJ85, RJ1H, SF34, SB20... ...as far as I can recall just now... not including any air show displays etc. * Ridden jumpseat ** Flown Geoff
  3. Ran into SweetFX back in mid November and posted about it in my ENB series thread but I guess it didn't get noticed. SweetFX has another added benefit for AMD graphics users which is that you can inject it with RadeonPro - I have found my system to be unstable with any d3d9.dll mods that go in the FS9 folder but with SweetFX injected with RP I am getting great results. (Everything in fullscreen mode) Geoff
  4. Hi,This is more a scenery tweaking question than a design one but I guess I'm posting in the right forum...I have a Freeware airport scenery which came as part of a larger package and I've been trying to isolate it (only for my own use of course) to gain better performance etc. I'm nearly there but it seems that the ground under the airport is not properly "hardened" and at two points when taxiways cross canals, the plane falls in! (actually, this also happened before I started trying to isolate stuff)I've tried adding an apron layer to the AFCAD file but that has no effect. Do you think I need to just make a flatten for the whole airport and modify the VTP layer to remove small sections of the canals or will I need to do more?Thanks for any advice,GeoffPS. The airport elevation is below sea level - don;t know if that makes a difference...
  5. Hi,Some time ago I ran into a problem with FSRepaint (the demo version) where it suddenly refused to work with a new graphics card - the solution was to uninstall and download the newest version from the Abacus site - that did the trick... Having said that, if Shockwave lights is also having issues finding FS then it might be that the registry entry for the FS path is wrong! I can't imagine why Microsoft Update would do that but then again who really knows what it does! I personally only use windows update after some serious issues with the newer MS update on my laptop.There is a "FSX/FS9 Registry Repair Tool" available from the Flight1 website which can correct the FS9 path for you - give it a go and see if the situation improves...Geoff
  6. Sometimes there ia a hint as to what happened in the event log (Control panel -> Administrative tools) but not always.With most FS problems (unless the culprit is really obvious), the only way to find out it to test and isolate scenarios until you know either how to solve the problem or at least how to avoid it. I know the irritation this brings since I've just spent most of a day doing exactly that }(Good luck!Geoff
  7. None whatsoever - or rather, I should say "unmeasurable" since there probably is a subtle change somewhere :)Note: I'm generally looking at airports with up to 100-150 AI planes. I've not really been out "testing" with really big airports but I doubt there is a difference there either.Geoff
  8. You have to edit the lights section of each aircraft. There is a thread further down this forum where this has already been discussed about a week ago. Also, for adding to AI, this link is very very useful :)http://shockwaveproductions.com/forum/view...ce642a456b05200Hope you like the lights - they certainly improved the look of my AI!Geoff
  9. All aircraft cfg and scenery bgl (including traffic) are read and the scenery database is modified if needed - if you have a lot of traffic / aircraft / scenery the load time will be long... that's just the ways it is!Geoff
  10. >Not to be discouraging, but I've NEVER been able to get>Shift+E+"pick a number" to ever work. Gave up a few years>ago. I don't know if it has something to do with my keyboard,>or what, but like you I always ended up with the doors just>opening as in a standard Shift+EThere are two solutions for this:1) Custom gauges that you integrate into your panel which "do" the key presses you want - some available here on avsim in fact2) (this is how I do it) Assign the key press sequence to an unused button on your controller (joystick/yoke/etc) using FSUIPCGeoff
  11. >Hi >>I did as you said but I cannot hear anything from out the>speakers even though I got the voice tab to the usb headset>and the audio tab to the sblive card, nothing works not even>the external programs, there is no sound from the computer>speakers.>>If I chose SBLive under the audio tab I cannot hear anything>out of the speakers not even any other programs>>However if I chose the USB headset then I can hear every thing>ok through the headset.>You also need to set the SBlive back to being the default sound device in windows. Furthermore, these changes (at least the ones in windows) are not applied to any one application (say FS) until that application is restarted...Geoff
  12. Ok, the best thing to do is to open your BIOS screen and have a look a the options available because it varies from one BIOS to another... The actual things you change are the same but they can be called slightly different things. The anandtech forum link is good as a guide of how to find the key maximum values and then the excel sheet allows you to optimise the overclock...To try an explain a little about what you cahnge:CPU = FSB x CPU Multi - That's the easiest bitHTT = FSB x HTT multi (can be 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 but is sometimes written as 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1000) - This bit is also easy, just keep it below 1020MHz and forget about itMemory = FSB x "ratio" - This bit is more complicated (at least to me). This ratio can be 1/1, 5/6, 2/3 or 1/2 but this is often written as 200,166,133,100 because the stock FSB for the 939 is usually 200MHzThe div in that excel sheet is not something you can set but is a consequence of the others... Memory = CPU / divSo, in the example you quote of CPU = 2550 with a RAM divider of 133MHz (ie the 2/3 ratio): you could get there with FSB = 232MHz and a multi of 11. In that case, you'd set the HTT multi to 4 to get a HTT of 928MHz. For the RAM, when you select the 133 divider, your RAM will run at 232 x (133 / 200) = 154.66 MHzAnother example, my machine is running FSB 250MHz, Multi of 12, a 1:1 (200MHz!) RAM divider and HTT Multi of 4 which gives 3000MHz CPU, 1000MHz HTT and 250MHz RAM (DDR500).Hope this is helpful. When I started doing this, I made a backup of my whole primary drive, disconnected the others and just played with settings (with a lot of internet reading on my laptop) until I had an idea of what things did...GeoffPS. If you start doing this, be prepared to re-set your BIOS a few times! Find out how you do this before you need to :)
  13. Hmmm, command rates eh? Well, as far as I know with an AMD S939 CPU, the general rule of thumb is "1T for 2 installed modules, 2T for 4 installed modules"... I also know that on my machine, I get 15~20% better memory bandwidth using 1T so that finished the argument for me :) I've read in a few places that in some cases, the 2T rate will give better overclocking results but I've not experienced this personally.If you'd like some further reading, go here: http://www.mushkin.com/doc/support/papers/latency.aspCheers,Geoff
  14. >I need desperate help. I want to put some stuff in my>airports using the object placer, so every time I go into slew>and minimize out of FS2004 to the object placer, I can't sync>the FS position. WHY? Everytime I use it, it won't let me sync>the FS position, the button is gray and unclickable. Help!I think you also need to have "pause on task switch" unchecked but I'm not 100% sure of that...Geoff
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