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  1. Mr. Sterling,In my experience from reading posts on this forum (and others that deal with FSX and it's add-ons), the most common reply to a bug report or problem is "reinstall", thus my use of the term "typical" to describe your response.I also used the word "frustrating", as I suspect from having seen this issue myself, that reintalling will not fix his/her problem. I feel frustrated myself when I solicit advice from support represenatives and thier advice does not resolve the issue. Thus my use of this term.I have posted but a few times here, as I rarely have an intelligent, factual response to the questions posed here. I lack the knowledge and experience that many of the others here possess, and am not imbued with a need for conflict.My previous post is in keeping with my usual limited trappings, with the sole purpose being to corrrect what I saw as a common response which would only lead to frustration when it failed to resolve the OP's question. It was in no way meant to impune you, your response, PMDG, nor the 747X product.I apologize for not being more clear in my previous post. Unfortunatly, the limitaions on text as a medium of communication, especially in conveying emotion (or lack therof) all to often leads to incorrect negative interpretations. Cearly, I could have spent more time in typing my response so as to have been better understood.There is some good however from your minor misinterpretation of my post. You mentioned something that jogged my feeble memory - DX10 in Vista.I indeed use FSX on a Vista machine. I used the DX10 Preview setting a few times, but ended up turning it off. If I remember correctly, I noticed that once I turned off the DX10 Preview, upon my next gaming session, the logo light problem had cleared up. I never went back and tested this to be sure however, and given the recent demise of my FSX computer (picture a 3 year old upsetting a bottle of water into said computer - the sparks - the smoke - NO!) I am unable to confirm this hypothesis myself at this time. I strongly suspect however that this is indeed the case.Then again, as my wife often attests, I am not of sound mind. Perhaps someone here with a bit more intelligence than this writer has (and a Vista / DX10 machine that is not in need of a intensive care unit) could confirm?Best Regards,Steven
  2. I've seen this happen in my gaming sessions as well, but with other re-paints - even the originals. Re-installing might help for a few sessions, but it's not a real solution.Unfortunatly, I don't have the answer as to why it does this. For me, it seems quite random, though I'm sure with some proper testing, the reason for it could be figured out by someone who found it bothersome enough (and smarter than I am!).Sorry I could not help you more, but maybe this confirmation of your issue will be better recieved than the typical, frustrating reply of just "reinstall".Steven
  3. In response to Kan-ichiro Fushihara,No, I've not had any problem with windowed mode, it's actually the way I usually run the flight sim. Our Systems are quite similar from what you've posted.Aside from the (all to obvious) "make sure your using the latest video driver" comment, I've no idea what would be preventing you from being able to use VC, Tower and Spot views while in windowed mode, sorry.Steven
  4. The PDF file you are looking for is in the "...PMDG747400Operating Manual" directory. File name is "02_Cruise_and_Fuel_Planning_747_400_V10.pdf".There is a fuel planning program in the Avsim library written by Pierre Chevallier. Do a search for "fuelplanner747_176824.zip". The install menus are all written in French, but the actual program is in English (but only uses kgs. as units, no lbs. option).Steven
  5. I have been using FS2004 and the "Queen" with Vista (Ultimate)for a couple months now and have had zero problems - runs great. I have FSX as well, and it runs fine, but since the PMDG 747 does not work in FSX, I rarely play it.I do not have the other two programs you mention, thus cannot comment on them. Enjoy your new system, and happy flying!(System: Intel Quad Core 2.4, Corsair 4gb ram, Nvidia 8800 GTX, Asus Striker Extreme mobo, WD Raptor hard drives)Steven
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