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    5000hrs commercial flying real world in mostly GA planes- PA31, PA23, C206, C208B, C401&402, BE55&58, EMB110...most flying done in Zambia and southern Africa, some 775hrs in NZ.
  1. onetoavi8

    How the trailer was made

    I find it quite amusing and somewhat scary at the same time, how many of the simming community, particularly our US friends seem to grovel at the feet of Microsoft and LM, one of the biggest benefactors of the US war machine... Just another conspiracy I hear many of you saying...sadly if I want to flight sim I have to swallow my pride and be a hypocrite... DOG help us Russ.
  2. onetoavi8

    Farewell FSW

    Sad to see the killing off of FSW but hard to compete against billion dollar corporations in the business of killing!!!
  3. onetoavi8

    any scenery.cfg editor for P3D?

    You can also click on 'Edit' and select 'Preferences' and then put a tick in 'User Defined' then select the folder path P3D. cheers Russ
  4. My 747 was causing fs to crash...turns out it is FS2Crew which saves me the agro of doing a re-install.I see an up-date is available but will this fix the problem...if only I could get on their web site, does anyone know if they are having a problem with it!Has anyone else had this problem of it causing fs to crash...seems it was working fine after I installed it??? Do tell!cheers,Russ.
  5. onetoavi8

    747 crashing fs9

    requesting help from the PMDG 747 which has sat idle for several months is now causing fs9 to crash with the following message: The instruction at "0x0ba5000" referenced memory at"0x00000000".The memory could not be written.My PMDG 747F is functioning normallyBecause it is several months since I last used it I have installed quite a few different aircraft etc so don't know if it is related to this...I have tried all of PMDG's faq advise to no avail.Appreciate any advise!Russell Shaw