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  1. Some guys at FSLabs forum reported increasing VAS usage after NVIDIA driver update. At first, FSLabs update was blamed for VAS increase. But later they found out NVIDIA latest drivers were the cumprit I do not know if I can post the link here, but... http://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/11263-vas-usage-insane-after-update/.
  2. +1 here. I have only FSX:SE... over a clean W10 installation. FSX:SE co-existence flag is zero in registry.
  3. If I remember well, I had to insert manualy 2 or 3 point between entry and exit points of the DME ARC. Points in the place/bearing/distance format (or something like that). Duran.
  4. Have you noticed if this happens when you have the horizon into view? whether at low or high altitude? Try this and note the FPS... 1. Sky - ocean into view. 2. Just sky into view. 3. Just water into view. If just #1 had a FPS drop, specially at high altitude, then try reducing water shader slide to Water High 1.x and see whether FPS drop or not.
  5. Hi again, Steve. Maybe the clouds' artifacts are related to FSX camera's settings. Take a look at the screenshots bellow. 1- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Pq5EQeDYFiT25hUEwtTkN6Wms 2- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Pq5EQeDYFiTmxwRFY4TTg2WTQ 3- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Pq5EQeDYFiRE9pZGdZNlFEa0E #1 and #2 are tower and flyby cameras. #2 is a locked spot camera. Artifacts in #1 and #2 occur only at zoom levels less than 0.4... as there was a mask concealing higher clouds layer. There is no artifact at #3, no matter the zoom factor. Looking at cameras.cfg file... Tower and Flyby - Clip mode = Tower Locked Spot - Clip mode = Spot If this is the case, the artifacts are not related to the fixer, indeed. Regards, Duran [Edited #1] I changed Flyby camera's clip mode to Spot and ... https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3Pq5EQeDYFiYWZFZjB6TmFBcVU ... the artifact (mask?) is gone... Why does this happen??? Have no idea. Duran. [Edited #2] Download the images to your computer, so you can see them correctly.
  6. Hi Steve. Sorry, no weather engine running... just the fair weather theme. I just set the aircraft at the gate (EGKK for instance) and go to tower view. Then, as EZDOK's tower view moves away, clouds artifacts take place. Duran.
  7. Hi. Same problem here. My cloud settings: Disable MSAA OFF Cloud clip ON Cloud cull OFF Discard fogged ON Missing texture fix OFF Duran.
  8. Hi aceridgey. I had the same issue you have reported.. While I was looking for a solution at HiFi´s forum, I found this (copy & paste from there)... "Have you actually navigated to the plan at least once from within ASN itself?? Until you do (that), ASN won't know where the plans are that it should be loading. This is only necessary when using ASN in a networked environment and you only have to do it once after installing ASN on that client machine." -- by Andydigital. This have solved it for me.... hope it helps you too. Regards, Duran.
  9. Hi Guenter.Please, disregard my post. I've just realized I had a typo in the file... :fool:Everything is work now!!!Thanks anyway. Duran.
  10. Hi Guenter.Could you tell me anything about the problem described at post #273 ????Thanks, Duran.
  11. Hi Guenseli.I have a little problem with XPND code below...function NGX_XPND_MODE_inc () ipc.control(70432, 16384) NGX_XPND_MODE_show ()endfunction NGX_XPND_MODE_dec () ipc.control(70432, 8192) NGX_XPND_MODE_show ()endfunction NGX_XPND_MODE_cycle () if ipc.readLvar('ngx_switch_800_a') < 40 then NGX_XPND_MODE_inc () else ipc.control(70432, 8192) ipc.control(70432, 8192) ipc.control(70432, 8192) NGX_XPND_MODE_dec () endendIf I had xpnd on standby, it doesn´t go up to TA/RA, seeming NGX_XPND_MODE_inc function is wrong...But if I set the xpnd manualy on TA/RA, I can put it on standby with NGX_XPND_MODE_cycle function.Could you please check this? I am using 1.6 NGX module.Thanks.Duran.
  12. >Hello>>Same here..deinstalled reinstalled still same error.>>Regards>>YvesI
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