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  1. Some guys at FSLabs forum reported increasing VAS usage after NVIDIA driver update. At first, FSLabs update was blamed for VAS increase. But later they found out NVIDIA latest drivers were the cumprit I do not know if I can post the link here, but...
  2. msduran

    fsx_se.cfg file not found

    + 1. Thanks!
  3. msduran

    fsx_se.cfg file not found

    +1 here. I have only FSX:SE... over a clean W10 installation. FSX:SE co-existence flag is zero in registry.
  4. msduran

    Feelthere Ejets and DME Arcs

    If I remember well, I had to insert manualy 2 or 3 point between entry and exit points of the DME ARC. Points in the place/bearing/distance format (or something like that). Duran.
  5. msduran

    FPS drop over oceans..

    Have you noticed if this happens when you have the horizon into view? whether at low or high altitude? Try this and note the FPS... 1. Sky - ocean into view. 2. Just sky into view. 3. Just water into view. If just #1 had a FPS drop, specially at high altitude, then try reducing water shader slide to Water High 1.x and see whether FPS drop or not.
  6. Hi Steve. More info about performance loss and the ocean-sky horizon and water effects 2.x... 1. Actually, SGSS IS the culprit for the FPS drop when an ocean-sky horizon is into view. You are right! 2. This performance drop also occurs with DX9 and SGSS. For some reason, however, it is barely noticeable. 3. DX10 seems to aggravate this performace drop with SGSS. It happens with water shaders on OR off. Why this condition (an ocean-sky horizon) has such an impact in frame rate remains to be explained. A pity I can't achieve the same image quality of 4xSGSS (NVI) using only the AA modes available in fixer, in some aircrafts (737 NGX, for example). But overall balance with DX10 and fixer is positive, for sure. Best regards, Duran.
  7. Hi Pe11e. Those files are 1,336 KB on my disk... nothing special. Thanks for the advice. Duran.
  8. Hi Steve. 1. I'll try disbling water shader and see what happens. 2. This issue has NO relation to cloud density or coverage. The test scenario I've described above can be replicated with ANY weather theme and condition... Tried "Clear Skies" and the issue keeps happening. 3. If it is just a matter of cloud density, how could we explain the difference in performance seen with a sky-ocean horizon in relation to land-ocean horizon, considering cloud density was the same in both situations? Futhermore, sky-ocean horizon would have very little to process (single landclass, simple terrain mesh, no autogen), in contrast to a sky-land horizon (different landclasses, complex terrain mesh and some autogen), so we would expect a better perfornance when facing a sky-ocean horizon than a sky-land one. Best regards, Duran.
  9. Hi Steve. I've been playing around with Fixer 2.9... overall results are very good. Thanks for the development. However, I noticed an issue while flying over the ocean yesterday. I took off from TBPB and during the climb my FPS was around 30 below 10,000 ft when looking outside from the cockpit, or from an outside camera (Spot, Locked spot). When I was above 20,000 ft, my FPS gradually decresed until I established 38,000 ft and my FPS was around 18. Oddly, this performance lost ONLY occurred if I had an ocean-sky horizon in my field of view. if I looked slighty up (so I'd see just sky) ou slightly down (so I could see only land or water), my FPS got back to 30!!! Then, during the descent, bellow 10,000 my FPS got back to normal around 30, no matter where I looked at. The links bellow can illustrated the issue... 1. ocean-sky into field of view - low FPS 2. looking down, water still visible - normal FPS 3. during descent bellow 10,000 ft, sky-ocean ino view (clouds play no role in this issue) - normal FPS again I set up a test scenario to find a workaround for this issue: 1. Launch the simulator at an airport near the coast (SBRJ rwy 20L, for example). 2. Slew the aircraft (anyone, it doesn't matter) upward with FPS counter on the screen. 3. Watch the FPS count and altitude... the issue appears at or above 15,000 ft. 4. Look backwards to the land... FPS go normal. After that, I played with every single option in the fixer, but i didn't succeed. But then, I realized that I could try changing Water Effects inside FSX and voilà... Water Effects 1.x - Normal FPS and performance above 15,000 ft with ocean-sky horizon. Water Effects 2.x - Poor FPS and performance above 15,000 ft with ocean-sky horizon. According to FSX manuals... 1.x has no reflections: · The lowest 1.x level does the basic shader. · The mid 1.x level adds an animated detail texture. · The highest 1.x level adds some specular effects (like sun) 2.x adds a 2nd pass to get reflections · 2.low reflects only the clouds and has a little more complicated shader – it can be a good compromise · adds scenery, eg terrain and custom objects · 2.hi adds Autogen (trees, generic objects ) and basically reflects the entire scene, which costs a lot I must emphasize that this issue doesn't occur with land-sky horizon in the field of view, or just land, ocean or sky... you must have ocean-sky horizon at or above 15,000 ft. Since my Water Effects was set to Low 2.x, I had this issue at every flight neat a coast line. Steve, have you notice this before??? Is this an expected behavior??? Is there any workaround, but moving sliders? Best regards, Duran.
  10. Hi again, Steve. Maybe the clouds' artifacts are related to FSX camera's settings. Take a look at the screenshots bellow. 1- 2- 3- #1 and #2 are tower and flyby cameras. #2 is a locked spot camera. Artifacts in #1 and #2 occur only at zoom levels less than 0.4... as there was a mask concealing higher clouds layer. There is no artifact at #3, no matter the zoom factor. Looking at cameras.cfg file... Tower and Flyby - Clip mode = Tower Locked Spot - Clip mode = Spot If this is the case, the artifacts are not related to the fixer, indeed. Regards, Duran [Edited #1] I changed Flyby camera's clip mode to Spot and ... ... the artifact (mask?) is gone... Why does this happen??? Have no idea. Duran. [Edited #2] Download the images to your computer, so you can see them correctly.
  11. Hi Steve. Sorry, no weather engine running... just the fair weather theme. I just set the aircraft at the gate (EGKK for instance) and go to tower view. Then, as EZDOK's tower view moves away, clouds artifacts take place. Duran.
  12. Hi. Same problem here. My cloud settings: Disable MSAA OFF Cloud clip ON Cloud cull OFF Discard fogged ON Missing texture fix OFF Duran.
  13. msduran

    A treat to watch for Airbus A320 simmers

    My worderful city Rio de Janeiro!!! This flight is from SBGL to SBSP. This video is really worth watching.
  14. Have you already checked the VATSIM Training Departmnent at ? There you can find a list of Authorized Training Organizations (ATOs) at . See if your division has one. Marcelo Duran.
  15. msduran

    Must See! REX Soft Clouds

    Have the same question here. Duran.