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  1. Hey guys. A member of IVAO (Diego Alvarez Hernandez) made this post on the IVAO forum. In accordance to him - it should work. I have not tried it myself as i have no problems. "Try this.. Locate and Delete these 5 folders, They will Generate again when you launch Prepar3D, This will remove any Previous settings or corrupt files Right Click and Delete the 5 folders, Documents ► Prepar3D v3 Add-ons Documents ► Prepar3D v3 files Local Disk (C:) ► ProgramData ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► You ► AppData ► Roaming ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 Local Disk (C:) ► Users ► You ► AppData ► Local ► Lockheed Martin ► Prepar3D v3 After that, Navigate to your core Prepar3D folder, Right Click on Prepar3D.exe and "Run as administrator" (Important)" He did not mentioned anything about FSX-SE. You can try it at your own risk.... as i´ve said, i have not tried it myself. Kind regards.
  2. The MD-11 will be released both for FS9 and FSX. Thats what they have said - so no doubt about that. The big question is just which one first and when - right now i guess they are busy making fixes and updates for the newly released 747, so unfortunately i guess it still takes quite a long time until we see it flying.
  3. 1# I agree that FSX is no failure at all.2# I really do hope that your not right on that one. Almost 3 years ago they announced the arrival of the MD-11 for FS9. Then it came to the release of FSX and they announced that the MD-11 only would be available for the FSX. Oriented like that I bought the FSX and upgraded my computer to be ready. Next i realized that they decided that the MD-11 even though should be available for the FS9 - and now you say that it possibly will be the first one they release - I just don
  4. >Anders->>hahahahahahah>>Tell you what- since i'm always being criticized for not>responding to customer feedback- I'm going to put your idea>into motion immediately. >>Anyone willing to put up $400,000,000 for their copy of the>MD-11 will be provided with our estimated release date, and if>we miss that date we will gladly refund your money to you at>the rate of $250,000/week. :-p>>You know- this "being agreeable" thing is really starting to>agree with me. :-)>>Hi Robert.Nice to see that you
  5. >Hey Robert. Take your time. I agree with your policy about no>release days. FS'ers are the worst group when it comes to>complaining about not meeting release dates. I mean I bet>Singapore Airlines probably never complained as much when they>never got their A380 as much as FS enthusiasts so. Keep up the>good work!>JackAs far as I know the A380 was delayed for about 18 months - and I believe that Singapore Airlines got some kind of compensation for their patience - I have now waited more than 30 months for the MD-11 so maybe i get some kind of compensation to.Before you all going berserk because of this reply i must say that I
  6. >>Because it wouldn't have the appearance that you were>attempting to decieve anybody.>>Steve Kurth.This is imo a completely ridiculous accusation. PMDG deliver top products, maybe the best of the market. Their products are worth every penny whether it is in dollars or euroes. Their prices are visible to everybody - so how can you say that they trying to deceive people ???It almost borders on defamation - to say something like this
  7. MPH568

    PMDG MD11

    >>The MD-11 is a fading means of transport, I do hope it comes>while there's still a few left in service?So do I Dave - it makes it more realistic - otherwise we just have to keep it alive in our community. Maybe we have to establish some kind of a MD-11 virtual airline :-wave Kind regards
  8. MPH568

    PMDG MD11

    >>Don't hold your breath. :-)> If I want to experience the MD-11 I guess i better not.....LOL :-)
  9. MPH568

    PMDG MD11

    Hi Markus.Thx. for your explanation of why PMDG are making the early announcement - I just never thought about it that way. But of course your right. So instead of expecting the release of the MD-11 each and every day - I will just look forward to the big day when it
  10. MPH568

    PMDG MD11

    Hi Ryan.Thx. for your nice answer which explain a lot. I was just getting a little bit annoyed since i have been checking your website for a long time - just to get this aircraft - and each time just to realize that nothing happens. Now that i know whats going on i can just cool down and wait - sorry if i sounded inpolite it was
  11. MPH568

    PMDG MD11

    I fully understand that PMDG have to be sure that everything works perfectly well. But why don
  12. I have been waiting for this bird since i saw it announced for the first time for more than 2 1/2 years ago. I just wonder will it ever become real or do i just have to wait for another 2 1/2 years.
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