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  1. I have a 5600x and a 3070, so a bit down on your specs. I run it 4K with everything at Ultra (apart from changing supersampling to 4x4) , everything seems great. The only time things seem to lag is when panning around in outside views at busy airports/cities. Don't even bother with obsessing over frame rates! My previous rig used to run at single figure frames in FSX-SE approaching Heathrow in the PMDG 777 - after that MSFS is a whole new world.
  2. I've noticed that too Ricardo. I usually end up amending the weights in the sim to match the simbrief ZFW
  3. Thanks Kyle, I don't know what EMT is so probably aren't using it! I'll submit a ticket.
  4. I downloaded the installer from the PMDG commerce site, but when I run it I always get the following error message. Component Ops centre File<FOLDER_SIM2>\ Error: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. Any ideas?
  5. Steve, I recently installed the fixer, but without ticking the ASN box. ( I too have AS16) I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but didn't get the option box. How do I activate the ASN? Regards Dave
  6. Thanks Jim for your excellent support, as I said earlier I fear this is going to be tough one to figure out, mainly because it happens so randomly. I'll have a read of the CTD guide again and get back to you with any observations.
  7. Thanks Charlie, though the problem happens so randomly i fear it will be impossible to track down the cause. I repeated the flight today and it all went without a hitch.
  8. I have been having an intermittent problem, where FSX-SE freezes its graphics completely yet the sound carries on playing (engines, environment etc). It is not the 8 min 15 freeze as it doesn't unfreeze and the only way to close FS is via Task manager. I run FSX-SE in windowed mode and the mouse curser does not show over the FS window, only over the desktop part of the screen and the windows taskbar. I have Orbx Global, Vector, Europe LC and England installed. Using W10. I also use ASN, Rex Direct + Soft Clouds, Radar Contact, AI Smooth and AISeperation, and also AirTraffic Manager to limit AI to 100 aircraft. There is no problem with OOM as I had more than 1GB free when it happened today, and a similar amount on the other occasions. It has happened with ConcordeX (twice), the Wilco Airbus and also the Wilco E-Jet 190. When it happened with Concorde it seemed to be almost in the same place on both occasions, somewhere just after the decel point over the Bristol Channel which made me think it may have been something to do with scenery loading. However it happened again using the Airbus on taxi out at UK2000 Heathrow. I googled possible causes and read about a possible problem with FS Realtime, so I stopped using that after that lock up. After that I had done about 18 flights with no problems (varying from sub 1 hour flights up to 4+ hours) until today, when it froze again just as I was reaching cruising altitude of FL360 over the English Channel en route to Malaga from Stansted, which leads me to think it possibly isn't a scenery problem either. There is no entry for FSX-SE in the Event Viewer, only application hangs for AISmooth and RC, and in Task manager the Processes Tab shows FS as normal with slight variations in CPU and memory usage as if the program was running as normal. However, the details tab showed FSX as Not Responding. I have a 1 year old PC - i5-4690 quad core 3.5Mhz, GTX750 Ti (2GB), 8GB RAM, runs FS at 30 FPS (locked) no problem away from UK2000 EGLL/EGKK where it can drop to about 15-20. Anyone got any ideas/suggestions?
  9. Hi Andy, I downloaded an internal textures file, but I can't remember where from! I'll e-mail you it if you leave your address.Dave
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