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  1. Hi Bert, In regard to the above, I have access to real world navdata (US data) and would like to replace my Garmin "worldwide.bin" file. Would you please send me what is needed to make this update occure? Thank you, Bert. Best regards, Russ Tucker
  2. Hi gaab, The fuel booster pumps are located inside each of the front main fuel tanks. Individual booster pump switches found on the left subpanel activate the electric fuel booster pumps. They supply fuel under pressure to the carburetors for priming and engine starting as well supplement the engine driven pumps for take-offs and landings. In addition, during engine start, the primer switch will momentarily activate the fuel booster pumps so that pressure is available for priming even though the booster pump switch may not have been turned ON.
  3. Hi Bill, Once again your knowledge and talent has provided us with a C-90B that brings flying this King Air near complete reality. Thank you, Bill. Russ Tucker
  4. This may be an elevation problem as I have the same type problem as Rob for KLGA when the default, add-on or payware of KLAG is installed. It seems to be rare and I have not been able to find a cure yet, so holding off on this Imaginesim version hoping Rob finds a cure. I have seen elevation problems corrected in the forums for other airports, but not for KLAG. Orbx is neither on my PC nor any other add-on land class, just default FSX.
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